New story, Hidden In Plain Sight.

New story just published yesterday on Amazon. My first story that’s *gasp* actually for sale! Shure.. its .99c but you probably have more than that rattleing around in your sofa. So why not turn up the heat and cash in your spair change for a sexy new story. Bdsm, exhibitionism, sex, and delishious kinky control awaits!

🤦‍♂️ oh man.. that was bad.. wasn’t it. I am so bad at self promotion. But giveing it my best effort. And the story really is good. So if your stuck inside and want to curl up under a blanket with something sexy it’s an exelent way to pass the time.

There is the link or you can just look it up under Amazon books by searching my name. “Hansa Bosbach”

Best wishes-SirHanz

Through his eyes.

Her fingers stroked his cheek as he drifted into dreams. He lay curled against her, his fingers twined in her hair. Slowly his face relaxed and his eyes began to flicker.
 She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her thoughts turned inwards.. searching in the darkness, looking for the strand of moonlight that would lead her into the citadel of his mind. Diveing deeper she swam in the sea of emotion,  a flash of silver among the glittering stars of thoughts. There! The strand grew larger, becoming a river. She let the current pull her under, carried down.. down..
 That cant be right she thought as she looked into her own eyes. He was dreaming of her? Is this how he saw her in his dreams? Her smile was warm, her eyes.. deep walls of complex emotions that were fascinating and seemed to draw attention like gravity into their fractal patterns.  Her skin glistened with the blush of life, each line and scar unique and beautiful in the stories that it held. The knowledge gained and pain overcome. She/he loved her. There were no imperfections,  just the evidence of life refining her beauty.  And they desired her.. not just for her beauty, but for intelligence and kindness within. He/she wanted more than anything to be recognized.. loved.. by her. They felt foolish to aspire to such heights, but she was worth the risk. Her hand moved in a blink skipping the intervening space as dreams often do. Her hand was pressed to the back of his/her neck. She pulled him forward and their lips touched.
 The shock of relief, love, pleasure, gratitude and lust was overwhelming.  Her eyes shot open with a shuddering breath.  Her heart was pounding. Her skin felt feverish, her lips tingled as the embers of fireworks drifted in the darkness of her mind. She groaned softly, squeezing her legs together as moisture collected between her thighs. She turned and looked down at him sleeping beside her. He was smiling, serine and peaceful. She bent and brushed her lips across his. His hand was still in her hair as he dreamed. In his sleep he pulled her down into a passionate kiss plunging her once again into his dreaming mind.
 Her vains were on fire. She was siting astride him/her, the painful pleasure of the hardness between their legs was pressed against the silken softness of her thigh. She traced his lips with her tongue playfull kisses danced across his cheek as the fullness of her breasts pressed against his/her heated skin. She whispered in their ear.. “you are beautiful, and I love you…”
 Again the surge of emotion was almost blinding. Her eyes shot open as she pulled away from his kiss and filled desperate lungs with air. Her breath came quick and heavy,  a bead of sweat rolled slowly down her neck in the cool air of her bedroom.  More… she thought… I need more… I want all of it. She could feel the hard lump against her leg twitch as he dreamed…
 Gently pressing on his shoulder as not to wake him she rolled him onto his back. Her legs shook as she straddled his hips. In the dim light she could see his lips parted and still glistening with the remnants of their kiss. His chest rose and fell in the shallow rhythm of sleep. She couldn’t wait.. who knows what she was already missing. She pressed down…
 She/he  could feel the heat of her desire as her muscles clenched around them. They saw her.. back arched.. head thrown back.. her hair floating in an invisible wind. Defuse light danced around them as pleasure and love boiled like molten metal in their chest.  She was glowing from within, her light soaking into him/her with every thrust and gasping breath. It coiled around their spine and clawed it’s way along her/his nerves like a wild animal. It was too intense,  too much..
 Suddenly the scene shifted, now they sat in a cafe. The walls were decorated with photos of her smileing and in various states of undress. They looked across the table expecting to see herself sitting across from, but there was no one. Then she/he felt it.. soft wet warmth sliding slowly around their flesh under the table.  They enjoyed how the people

Looked on with envious eyes. Yes…. the people marveled at her beauty on the walls and  watched with desire etched on their faces as she worked her mouth up and down the length of her/his shaft. Her touch was magic.. and the tounge that spoke with such power and emotion now like a velvet glove teased and sent shocks of pleasure through them. They groaned and leaned back in the chair their eyes rolling.. completely ignoring the onlookers to focus entirely on the insanely hot woman between their knees. It wasn’t hard.. or rather.. it was.. but it was soo easy to get lost in her touch.
 Again the scene shifted. Her laughing face was again above them as they rolled together across a blanket spread over the grass. She was radiant in the sunshine. The dappled shadows of leaves played apon her skin as they kissed gently beneath the tree. He/she was so grateful and happy to be spending time with her like this. They felt unworthy of her affection but lovingly embraced every small look or gesture.  Her voice was soft as she spoke, they couldn’t make out the words through the shifting mist of dream but she/he knew it was her inviting him to spend the night. His/her heart almost stoped as she/he gazed up at her and could do nothing but nod their acceptance.
 Now the room was dark.. wait.. room? Oh yes, of course.. the dream had skipped again. They looked up from where she/he stood beside the bed. She wore black lace like a second skin. It followed her curves and accented her shape perfectly.  She knelt apon the bed looking back at him over her shoulder.  Lust blazed in her gorgeous eyes as her lips moved.. mouthing the words.. “do it.” They looked down at the rope in his/hers hands. She wanted this.. she/he could feel it rolling off her skin like sweet perfume. Again the dream seemed to skip, rope bit flesh.. their lips kissing her scars.. the crack of leather…  lines of pink glowing against the black lace that teased him/her with the shape of her ass… cries of pain and need.. overflowing moans wrenched from the bottom of her soul. Then they were inside her. Her arms were pulled back and tied, a blindfold hid her sight. She/he grabbed her arms like a handle and lifted her as they thrust hard against her from behind. They pulled her close, arching her backwards so their lips could meet in a blazeing kiss. She is perfect.. they thought catching a glimpse of her and them in the mirror across the room. Harder.. faster.. her hips bucked against her/him as she came.. once.. and again. Her pleasure rolled through them like a thunderstorm.  Wind howled in his/her lungs, lightning burned paths of incendiary destruction across their skin. Her body tensed as again she cried out. Her/his thighs were soaked with her wetness as they plunged into her tightening heat. They would not last much longer.. he/she knew the goddess bound hand and knee before him wanted it as badly as they did.
 It was explosive.  One moment she/he felt the rush of orgasum filling their vision with stars as they poured their love and devotion into her beautiful body.. the next she was in the dark looking down at his smirking face and open eyes. She tasted blood and her lip hurt.. she must have bitten it. Still.. she grinned and asked in her most innocent voice “good dream?” He smiled and her heart melted. It was the same way she had smiled as him in the dream when he thought of how incredible she was. He looked down at her legs still clenched around his hips. She could feel the warm wetness slowly trickle down the inside of her leg. He shruged.. grinning ear to ear,  “you know it was.”

Best wishes -SirHanz

The return of gentleman fall

“Tell me a story” she says.. watching me with her liquid gaze. “Alright little flower” I say with a smile. “What kind of a story would you like?” “Something romantic… and naughty..” she says as she hides her blush under the blanket, her eyes peeking out from under the covers. I chuckle and agree.. I never could deny her…

Once apon a time… you see, all great stories must start with once apon a time. But they never say what time it was… strange no? Well.. I will not be falling for any such foolishness. And this story is all about time.
 Once apon a time… as the long days of summer were comeing to a close. In a house made with love but filled with winters chill, lived a goddess of summer. She worked hard tending to the needs of the house she loved, cleaning and fixing things that needed fixing. She cooked delicious food.. “what kind of food?” My flower asked. “Shhh.. dont interrupt.. but she cooked a lot of different things. Winter liked meat so she cooked that for him. But she was a goddess of summer and would eat only the bounty of harvest. Now be quiet and let me finish my story or I will not bend you over my knee later.” I said with a grin and a chuckle. 
 Now… where was i.. ah.. the house.. summer did not have a bad life with winter. But you see.. she was not happy. For winter was cold. And did not fill her with the warmth and desire that a goddess of summer needed.  But this story is not about winter.. for as the seasons changed summer found a gift apon her doorstep.  A warm scarf ment to comfort her and shield her from winters chill. She knew who it was from, for there was a note attached in the form of a poem with a rather bawdy ending. “It was from fall wasn’t it!” My flower chimed in. “Naughty girl… what did I tell you about interrupting?” I scowled playfully down at her.
  Summer wraped herself in the scarf, it hugged her neck and draped gently across her chest. It felt soft and warm. Summer knew that fall loved her, she could feel the care and love woven into the fabric.  She wanted to… no… needed to.. feel it more. So she left the house that she cared for, though it was hard and painful to let go of a place she had put so much of herself into. She would miss much about the home.. but not the chill and neglect. 
 Summer set her eyes forward and followed the path to where she knew fall would be. Just as she guessed, she could see him sitting quietly and waiting among the trees of red and gold. Fall had not noticed her aproch, so lost in thought he was. Summer felt her heart quicken and she hid herself, pressing her back against the rough bark of a tree. She knew fall loved her.. but she was a goddess of summer… and her blood was heat. She wanted him to desire her…. her fingers slipped beneath the straps of her sundress of flowers and light and let it fall to the leaves beneath her feet.

 With steady steps she approached fall wearing nothing but the scarf that felt so good against her skin. Gentlemen fall looked up when he heard the crunch of her footfalls apon the path that lead to him. His eyes widened, there was summer.. whom he loved dearly and never dared to hope would return that love, standing before him In nothing but his gift. Summer spoke of her need and feelings for him, opening her heart in ways she never dreamed she could. She spoke of her pain, her loneliness and grief.  And fall loved her. She spoke of frustration and fear. And fall loved her. She spoke of hope and dreams.  And fall kissed her.
 They made love beneath the shadows of the falling leaves, summer burning hot and fall the cool warmth that filled her. Summer’s body was passion and flame, but just as her season would always give way to his.. fall pressed her down. He held her firmly, summer could smell the clove and spiced apples apon his breath as chill teeth nipped at her tanned skin. She surrendered to fall, giving herself completely into his love as she cried out her pleasure.  The warm rain of july fell between her thighs as fall caressed her full breasts. Fall held summer close, the friction of skin on skin a beautiful melody of gasping lust…. fading into the leaves of the trees as fall took all that summer had to give and returned it with acceptance and love.
 They spent their day like that.. wraped in one another, first before the sun and then under the stars. I looked down at my flower as I felt her shudder. Her eyes where squeezed tight and I could see her hand moving beneath the blanket. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips glistening with moisture.  “Naughty little minx.. ” I said as I placed my erection against those full lips and felt her tounge draw me greedily into her mouth.  She moaned, her hand moving faster as she sensually slid her tounge across the head of my cock and tightened her lips around me. I pulled back the blanket, exposing her body. Her legs were spread wide, her hips grinding against the palm of her hand as her fingers worked frantically in and out of her pussy. She was exquisite. 
 I reached down and twisted her nipple between my fingers, her cry of pleasure was muffled as she sucked harder and faster. Her eyes opened and found mine, I could see the pleasure and need shining in their depths. She squeezed her legs together around her hand, her whole body beginning to shake. I growled my satisfaction,  one hand on her breast and the other in her hair as I pumped my cum into her waiting mouth. Her body went ridged and I felt the long deep moan vibrate around me as she came with droplet of pearl liquid spilling from the corner of her mouth.
 I smiled as we lay together in bed relaxing in the afterglow. She looked up at me and as I admired her beauty I could see the scarf.. in tones of red brown and gold hung with care across the headboard of our bed…

The end.

Best wishes…. Sirhanz.

4 years

Holy crap… has it been that long? I am usually not good at remembering dates but there are a few I remember. My birthday (usually), the week that we often get our first cool weather after the brutal summer. And the last time I had sex.. yup… 4 years ago tomorrow. Its amazing how time just seems to slip by. There were times when 4 days without sex seemed like way too long.. it’s not the longest I have gone without.. after (she who shall not be named) I pretty much retreated from the world for about 6 years and was celibate through that time. Though it was not by choice, frankly at that point in my life I was fairly broken emotionally and I knew it. I knew I couldn’t deal with the risk of being hurt any more so I hid. I barely saw my family, and pretty much my only contact with people was work and my brother. It took me a long time to come back from that.. but eventually I did. At least this time i came out of the relationship more or less intact though with a few extra scars.

Hmm… was just thinking that Instead of mourning and bemoaning my lack of intemicy tomorrow… maybe I will buy a cake. With four candles that I can laughingly blow out and wish there will not be a fifth. Have a little party and appreciate how sweet it will be when I once again get to experience that joy and passion.

Best wishes -sirhanz


Lusting eyes,

Mouth hungers,

Parted lips,

Wet pressure,

Pulling me deeper,

Tounge traceing,

The vains of my cock,



Hard and warm,

Hair tangled,

In my fist,

You are mine…

Gasping breath,

Forced deeper,


Pushed back,

Thrusting hips,

Nails rake,

Across my back,

Turned over,

Forced down,

Pussy slick,


With lust,

Pried open,

Thighs meet,

Grinding deep,

Tight heat,

Need growing,

Good girl…



Trembling moan,

Dont stop…

Hand on clit,




Grip my cock,



Dirty girl..

Cum for me…

Glistening skin,



Forced down,

Sliding between,

Thighs pressed tight,

Cum for me..

Feel me..


In my pleasure…


Deep inside,

Muscles clench,

Head pulled back,

Cum on my cock…

Climax torn,

From your core,


Pulling me in,


Liquid fire,

Racing upward,

Hips pressed tight,

Soft folds,

Drag at my skin,

A low moan,

Pussy squeezing,

Milking my cock,

Say it…

Tell me what you are..

Deep down..

As you writhe and twist..

Pleading for more..


Yes… you are..

Hands clawing sheets,


With every spurt,

Of liquid life,

Mouth agape,

Lost in ecstasy,

As I leave you,




Good girl..

A teaseing kiss,

Nipping at your collar,

You did well..

Now rest..

Best wishes -SirHanz

Remember to Breathe

In this hot humid summer it can feel difficult to breathe sometimes. We get used to it and it becomes almost normal. We forget what it felt like to breathe. What it felt like to feel like we are alive instead of just surviving.

And then fall arives.. and with the first chill morning we step outside and fill our lungs.. with life. It feels achingly good just to breathe, to lay in the sun… to feel cool grass beneath your feet… to smell that first whiff of wood smoke that reminds you of home.

It is on such a morning that our story begins. We find our lady of interest siting on a porch, wraped in a blanket. She is thinking how much it feels like being loved, being wrapped in warmth while the exhilarating chill kisses her cheeks.

Her hair frames her face, braided locks falling just behind her ears and disappearing into the blanket. The sun peaks up over the horizon, reflecting in her eyes. Ah.. such eyes.. some would call them soulful or doe eyes, people commented often on them. But to Morgan they just looked brown.

Morgan smiled as she heard a stirring from inside. Gregory must be awake she thought. She could hear him put a kettle on the stove and laughed to herself at how he was so old fashioned. The smell of jasmine drifted on the currents of crisp air, slowly warming with the riseing sun.

Gregory opened the door and leaned on the door jam, “I’m makeing tea, would you like some love?” Morgan smiled, thinking oh my god.. he called me love! She held up the can of bang energy drink “I think I am covered, thanks.” Gregory chuckled looking at her wraped up in the blanket. “Alright” he smirked “you know.. if you wanted a bang in the morning….” he let his voice trail off as he dipped back inside laughing.

Morgan blushed thinking about the previous night… she had done things she had never even considered before. It had been so naughty and raw she thought, feeling the heat rising between her legs. She shifted beneath the blanket, her hips were sore.. her ass still had a tingling glow.. and she could feel the bite marks on the insides of her thighs. Morgan groaned, remembering the intense pain of those bites. She had never thought that pain like that right at the moment of orgasm would feel so good.

Gregory walked back outside holding his cup of tea, “you feeling alright? Your looking a bit flushed. I was a bit worried last night when you passed out.” Consern and care showed in his eyes framed by thin glasses. “I feel good actually” Morgan said. “Sorry I worried you. I didnt even know it was possible to… well… you know…” Gregory grinned “cum so hard you completely lose consciousness? ” Morgan felt the blush riseing again, “yah… that.”

Gregory knelt next to her chair, slipping his hand under the blanket to hold hers. “I have never seen anything more beautiful than you completely lost in the throws of passion.” Morgan smiled thinking he doesn’t say much.. but when he does… he speaks from the heart.

They stayed like that for a while, his hand in hers. Just watching the world and feeling the closeness. Birds hoping and chirping on the feeder. Morning chill slowly giving way to the warmth of day. At last their drinks were empty and they knew they had to start the day.

Morgan streched, she hated to let go of his hand but knew they couldn’t stay like that all day. “Do you have to work today?” She asked as Gregory stood and set his cup on the table. “Yes, but my schedule is flexible. Right now though…” he licked his lips and scooped her up blanket and all. “I am takeing you back to bed.. ” Morgan sighed laying her head against his shoulder as he carried her inside. His arms felt good, supporting her and holding her to his chest. Again she felt the heat between her thighs as she said “yes sir..”

Gregory layed her gently apon the large four poster bed, there was a post near Morgan’s head and she looked up past the curling dark wood at the ceiling. Then her vision was filled with eyes of dark blue, like storm clouds ready to bring howling winds and rain. Their lips touched and Morgan closed her eyes, her body relaxing as the magic of his kiss sent memories of pleasure to cloud her mind. She loved that moment, when all thoughts disappeared like clearing mist, leaving behind only feeling and sensation.

Gregory stepped back, unfolding the blanket like he was unwrapping a perfectly ripe pear from a gift basket. Carefully, but filled with anticipation and hunger. Morgan lay exposed before him. The adorable freckles on her legs drawing his eyes upward to feast apon the lace of black lingerie. He stood there for a moment, drinking in and filling himself with the vision of her supine apon the blanket, the off white contrasting with her tanned skin makeing it impossible to look anywhere else.

Morgan held out her arms, inviting.. tempting.. beseeching. His strong hands wrapped around her delicate fingers. With soft pressure he turned her, leaving her head to hang from the side of the bed. Morgan swallowed with anticipation, she knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and reached up to find the knot on his robe. She pulled apon the cord, feeling the cloth fall open at her touch.

Soft warmth pressed against her lips. Morgan opened her mouth and drew him inside, she felt him swell against the wet heat of her tounge. She smelled cypress and cedar from the soap of his shower as Gregory took hold of her braids and used them to pin her head back against the side of the bed. Giddy excitement ran through her as she felt him fully hard gliding slowly back and forth across her lips.

Morgan shivered, her mouth watered and she groaned with need. Her lips tightened trying to pull him deeper.

Gregory pulled back just enough to leave the tip of his shaft glistening against her lips. He placed the cord from his robe into her hands and spoke. “I’m going to fuck your throat. If it’s too much.. let go of the cord.” Then again using her braids to pin her head down he thrust forward.

Morgan swallowed, she tried not to gag. He pressed deeper.. she instinctively tryed to pull away but her head was held fast against the sheets. She griped the cord tightly as she felt her neck swell with his thickness. It felt raw.. primal.. to be used for his pleasure. Saliva pooled in her mouth and dripped from her lips. Her eyes watered and tears left wet paths apon her face.

Gregory saw her struggling, he glanced at the cord and saw her white knuckles gripping it tight. He withdrew for a moment, letting her gasp for breath. Then once again pressing past the back of her mouth and into the tightness of her throat. He held himself there, she looked stunning with her chin pressed against his skin. He decided to push her.. force her to let go of the cord. Slowly her face began to turn pink, she swallowed involuntary as her chest began to heave for breath and she began to choke. The sensation as she struggled felt amazing. She was a goddess, pinned to the bed by his cock. Convulsing on his shaft as her body demanded air and her mind demanded pleasure.

Morgan could barely think, her whole world had collapsed to focus on only him. To others.. this rough treatment would look like abuse. But in that moment.. when he placed the cord in her hand, it was a challenge. Without speaking a word he had said ” hold on if you can… I will break you… and force you to submit. ” she held on.. she desperately wanted to prove him wrong, to show him how strong she was. She wanted to win, to succeed.. she needed it. Just as much as she needed him to force her to submit. The overwhelming feeling of relief that came with giving all you have.. struggling with all your might… and then losing. Knowing without a doubt.. that he could brake her… but chooses not to.

Morgan’s back arched, Gregory could see her legs shaking as her face turned red. He felt her body shake as it tryed to draw an impossible breath. Then she let go. The cord feel as if in slow motion. She gasped as he withdrew her eyes opened wide uncaring of the tears and drool. She lay there sucking in great lungfulls of air as Gregory walked calmly around to the other side of the bed.

He grabbed her ankles as she swam in the haze of subspace and pulled her to the side of the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, her thighs were coated in her arousal as he leaned over her and cradled her head in his palm. Gregory gently lifted her head, her eyes were unfocused but he knew she could see him. Morgan’s lips trembled as he kissed her. Pulling back slightly he propped her head up with a pillow so she was looking down the length of her body.

Morgan moaned seeing her spread legs and how close to her he was. Inch by inch.. with agonizing slowness she watched in rapped fascination as his shaft disappeared like a slow motion magic trick. She was so wet there was almost no resistance as he buried himself inside of her. His fingers traced the bite marks on her thigh as he twisted his hips to grind against her.

It was too much, her breathing came in shallow gasps as ecstasy clawed at her spine. Her hips bucked against him, guttural cries escaped her lips as she came. Her body slowly relaxed after the intensity of the orgasum. She didnt even realize she had her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Morgen felt him pick up speed, the slapping of flesh sending jolts of pain and pleasure up through the core of her. Morgan’s eyes shot open as she felt his hands apon her breasts. He had hooked his forefinger across the top of her nipple and using his thumb below was both pinching her nipple and using her breasts like handles to thrust harder into her. When had he even gotten her bra off?

Gregory was sweating with the exertion of holding himself back, he wanted to see her come again. He could tell by the way she clenched around him she was close. A growl rumbled deep in his chest as again she threw herself apon him and began to shake. Just as she began to calm he thrust hard against her and dug his thumbnails into her nipples as in great pulses he spent himself deep within her.

Morgan’s mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasum returned with a vengeance. pain warped and twisted through her chest. Pleasure roared through her like a wildfire, leaving her a scorched ruin at is passing. She didnt know how she had gotten wrapped again in the blanket. Gregory was siting on the bed leaning against the headboard gently running his fingers through her damp hair. He smiled down at her as she realized her head was supported on his thigh. “Welcome back love.” He said. Morgan looked up at him sheepishly “I did it again didnt i?” He bent forward and kissed her forehead “yes.. you were… incandescent.” She closed her eyes and relaxed against him enjoying the feel of him playing with her hair. “Didnt you have to work?” She could feel his body shake as he chuckled. “I called in… apparently… the love of my life passed out.. and I needed to stay home to take care of her.”

Morgan burst out laughing. “You didnt…” his voice quivered as he tryed to contain his mirth “oh.. I totally did. Expect some people asking after your health at the next work picnic.”

She playfully slapped his chest, “you.. are a bad… bad.. man.”

Gregory again bent forward and whispered directly into her ear “and you are a naughty little minx that keeps me from working because I am enraptured by your beauty.”

Best wishes -SirHanz


The quiet refrains of piano drifting through the morning stillness entangle my wakeing thoughts. I strech.. seeking relief from the lethargy of sleep. Oh… right… I flex my hands feeling the soreness in my wrists. I am still tied to the headboard. The warmth at my hip draws my eyes downward. She is still sleeping.. curled against me with her face pressed against my side. Her warm breath teases the skin above my ribs.

I want to brush the hair from her face. Trace the lines of her jaw. Kiss moistened lips… but I can only look.. unable to touch. I can feel the rope still circling my legs, not too tight.. but looping upwards to above the knee. Holding secure and comforting me with its presence.

I am hers.. my sleeping flower.. to bind or release. I can feel her care in the knots, where it not for her careful touch I am shure my hands would be long past numb. I watch the rise and fall of her chest beneath the blanket. The smell of her perfume still lingers on my chest.

Slowly her eyes open.. she stretches like a cat… rubbing her lithe form against me. Her smooth legs feel warm and soft agenst mine through the rope. “Mmmm.. good morning..” her voice sends a little thrill up my spine. “Good morning my love.” My own voice sounds weak compared to her sultry tones. Her hand brushes against the stiffness under the blanket. “Oh.. what do we have here?” I blush and look away.. “I’m sorry.. you were just so beautiful when you were sleeping.” She throws a leg over mine and sits up apon my thighs. I can feel the heat pressed against my legs and it makes me harder.

She takes my chin in her hands, turning my face to hers. “You… will… look at me.” I cant help but follow her command. She is radiant. Her chest exposed.. her laughing eyes.. oh yes.. she is enjoying this. She slowly slides down my legs biteing her lip in pleasure as the knotted rope runs between her legs. “Since you have been so kind as to prepare it.. I will not waste a bit…. of brakefast.” My eyes widen and blush deepens as her head dips lower. I can feel the soft weight of her chest apon me. She stops… inches away and licks hungry lips. Her eyes find mine.. the anticipation is too much… I moan softly and struggle not to look away. “Please… ” the word feels torn from my chest.. set free with a breath. “Please what?” Her voice is soft.. but unyielding. I know my face must be filled with longing. “Please.. I want to be inside you..” I blush deeper as the thought leaves my lips. She says nothing.. just enjoying the lust and want rolling within me. Her head suddenly drops, and I am engulfed in wet warmth. I groan… trying to push my hips upward.. pulling at my bonds. So good.. again I struggle not to close my eyes. Her hands press down apon my hips, hair brushes like silk across my skin. I can see her eyes through her hair.. watching me.. enjoying my pleasure. She slowly presses deeper. The pleasure becomes unbearable as she takes me into the tightness of her throat. I cant stop myself.. eyes close.. head thrown back.. arms straining against the rope.. I am lost..

Somewhere behind the pleasure I know I will be punished for my lapse. But it is too much.. too good.. she moves faster, delicate tounge rolling around me. I gasp feeling my hips tighten. She feels it to.. again I feel the tightness of her throat. Her hands slip beneath me, holding me to her. I can do nothing but give her what she is demanding, I shudder as I spill my soul into her. I can feel her swallowing around me. The movement sending shocks of almost painful pleasure racing to my brain.

I can feel the coolness of the air as she leaves me. The headboard shakes and I feel her legs apon my shoulders. A soft wetness rubs across my chin. “Now it’s your turn.. to eat.” I open my eyes to look upward past the expanse of her her belly and chest to find her face. I catch only a glimpse of a smile before my head is pulled forward into her. I open and devour the offering of flesh and honey. Take time.. make it last.. I tell myself. I start slow, working my way upwards..Teaseing the tiny pearl hidden within. Her breath is becoming short.. her hips grind against my lips.

I responded to her need and move faster, pushing deeper within her. I can hear her groaning as her legs begin to shake. Side to side.. up and down.. in and out.. a steady rythem, kissing her lips with mine. Suddenly her legs wrap around me, hands lock behind my head pressing me hard into her.

I cant breathe.. and she knows it. And it makes me hard once more as lips and tounge work frantically. I try to gasp, try to find air.. and my struggles send her over the edge. I feel the warm rush against my lips as she cries out and shakes, her nails digging into the back of my head.

And then there is light.. and air.. and life.. rushing inward to fill me once more. But she is far from done with me.. hunger even more intense than before burns in her cheeks and eyes. Without a pause I am thrust between her slick thighs and into the deepest parts of her sex. Now we both are gasping. I raise my bound knees behind her offering my legs as a backrest. She leans back.. thrusting out her chest and throwing back her head. Rocking.. grinding.. it is hot inside her.

Sweat glitters on the skin of her neck.. if only I could reach it..

Faster.. harder.. she throws her legs wide trying to take me ever deeper. She is close.. I can see it on her face.. I relax and let the pleasure take me. She leans forward pushing my head to the side.. sinking teeth into my neck. Pushing back hard agenst me as she growls out her orgasm into my flesh. Hotter.. tighter.. teeth.. it is more than enough to throw me moaning from the cliff. Again.. I fill her.. straining against my bonds, her mouth burning my neck.

Oh yes.. I am hers.. without a doubt. She rises, a contented smile touching her lips. She is gorgeous.. and glowing. I can still feel her griping me within her as she arches an eyebrow and grins. “Coffee?” I cant help but laugh with joy. This beautiful creature.. she is a treasure. “Tea for me. No sugar.” I say, my voice still a little unsteady.

She hops up and walks into the kitchen. I can hear the coffee machine warming up. “Um… the rope? I am still tied up here..”

There is a giggle from the kitchen… “I know…” her words are as much a statement as a promise… I grin.. she is not done with me… never done with me…….

Best wishes -SirHanz


Down.. deep down… at the base of your spine..

Curls the pressure and heat..

Clawing upward it makes you twist and whine..

Gripping and pushing.. plucking the strings.. not missing a beat..

Arch your back to escape.. to beg for more..

A gasping breath.. legs pull tight..

Hands pull me close.. your eyes implore..

A tender kiss in the morning light..

The world becomes dim.. only pleasure remains..

Burning and boiling up through your vains..

A cry! Exaltent! Torn from your lips..

A spreading warmth deep in your hips..

The softest smile in a tangle of sheets..

Relaxed in the dawn.. listening to heart beats.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The longest week

Let me introduce you to the main person this story revolves around… we will call her “L” …

L lived in a house.. it was a nice house much like any other on her street. It had a yard with dogs that played, a big closet that she vary much liked. And a small box.. hidden in a drawer. Now L herself if you were to ask her neighbors.. was a vary nice and respectable lady. She dressed nicely and took vary good care of her garden. But L had a secret that no one knew.. not the postman.. not the elderly couple next door.. and definitely not the kids that played outside in the street.

L… in her own words.. unspoken of course because she was a lady after all.. “needed a good hard.. ruin the sheets..wake the dogs.. fucking.” Ahem.. but as I said.. she was a lady and would never say so.

And that brings us to today. Today L was on the phone.. legs spread.. dress hiked up.. with her fingers deep inside herself… right in the middle of her kitchen table. You see L had a *cough* friend… that helped her to as she put it .. “take the edge off”. This friend.. we will call him… “Sir” had given her a task for the week. Every day that week she was to answer the phone when he called and go to the box in the drawer. She was to open the box and choose a toy of the adult variety and then proceed to use it apon herself while they talked on the phone. But there was a catch. She was not allowed to cum for a whole week.

” Alass.. poor L. ” she thought to herself..What would she do? Sir called.. she played with herself oh.. that part was good.. he was ever so caring.. and gave her many naughty thoughts while she rubbed this toy or that inside and around.. oh! But she wanted it soo badly! Worse than the time she had wanted a pony for her birthday as a teen.

But wait! It was sunday! The week was done! Sir was telling her to do such naughty things to please herself.. she liked to pretend that she didn’t like it. But L knew deep down that sir’s voice made her heart tremble.. and she would do anything.. if only for one more word..

L did as inspired by the gentle voice through the phone.. faster.. harder.. the table was slick with her juices, the dark cherry finish looking like walnut in the dim light. Suddenly Sir’s voice.. barely a whisper.. but with the weight of hours apon hours spoke directly into her ear. “Cum for me L”..

Little L looked like a rag doll being shaken by doberman. Her arms flailed her legs locked around the rounded edges of the table. Her cries of pleasure probably woke the elderly couple next door Sir thought in amusement. After a full five minutes L was finaly able to pick up the phone from where she had dropped it. “Same time tomorrow? ” she asked hopefully..

There was a laugh on the other end of the connection.. “why you little minx.. I will be home from work In a few hours.. we can play then.”

Best wishes.. -Sir*cough*Hanz.

Dinner in summer

The sun was still high as he showed her to the table on the patio..

She walked out the door a half step behind him, the heat hit her like a wave…

The vary air seemed to sizzle. Above the metal grate of the table the air rippled like water..

Without a word he pulled out the seat for her, she slid into the seat wincing as her naked thighs beneath the sundress touched the hot metal…

A bead of sweat began a slow journey down her neck..

Smiling, he sat across from her and pulled away the cloth covering their food.

She eyed his bowl… ice cream.. of course it was…

Now openly grinning he spoke as he retrieved his spoon.”shall we enjoy our meal?”

Her eyes turned downward.. excited.. dreading… chilli..

The smell of peppers and cumin wraped around her her thoughts focused on his dancing eyes.. damm him.. and I bet he made it spicey too…

Determined to not show weakness she primly lifted her spoon and casually popped a bite in her mouth..

His grin widened as sweat began to bead on her brow.. here it comes… she chewed, swallowed, and smiled at him.. “it’s good sir.. thank……” she lunged for the glass of water..

Hot! Too hot! Why? Why was the water not helping? She looked at the frosty glass.. glass… the God dammed glass was frosted! The water was hot!

She could almost hear the leaves on the tree beside them crisping in the heat..

Sweat rolled between her breasts.. darkening her sundress with salty moisture..

He watched her over his spoon loaded with vanilla sweet cream… her hand shook..

She set her spoon carefully down beside the bowl.. “it’s too hot sir… ” she knew she was disobeying.. finding excuses..

His spoon clinked loudly agenst the bowl, startling her and drawing her attention to him…

“Eat .. your.. dinner.” He was no longer smileing… she was trying to take control… and he would have none of it.

He rose from his chair, moving to stand behind her..

What was he doing? She dared not look… her mouth still felt like she had swallowed burning coals..

Leather touched her bare sholder.. just resting there.. she could smell the oil that kept it supple, and just barely see it from the corner of here eye..

The belt… he had taken off his belt.. the realization hit her like an out of control bus…he had known it was too hot.. he had planned this..

And the thought made her want for more… he had been in control.. from the vary first moment.

Her shoulders slumped.. she hung her head..

His voice whispered in her ear… “will you eat what I have so lovingly prepared for you?”

There could be only one answer.. and she knew it… she shook her head no..

He slipped the belt around her neck, pulling upward.. she scrambled to rise so as not to choke…

He could see her curves beneath the light fabric as it clung to her damp skin..

She wore nothing underneath..

She was held there.. the leather biteing into her neck for only a moment.. it felt like forever..

“Naughty girls..” with a flick of his hand he slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders…

“Get punished..” gripping the back of her dress he yanked downward.. flowers strewn across fabric cascaded in a flurry to rest around her feet…

She could feel the heat of the sun beat down apon her pale flesh… exposed.. but only for him…

He walked around the table, still holding the belt and with a jerk pulled her forward bending her over the hot metal of the table..

Her thighs touched the rim of the table and she had to bite back a yelp.. dear maker that was hot!

She pulled testingly at the belt as he tied the belt to a table leg… she was bent at the waist and had just enough room to not touch the hot metal if she kept vary still…

Her breath became rapid as she strained to hold the position.. the heat radiating off the table made her whole body flush.. she could smell the hot iron inches below her..

While she was distracted by her predicament he again slipped behind her and scooped an ice cube from his water…

Sweat dripped from her now.. droplets falling from her chin and belly..

Heat begun to radiate from within her as well.. it was not only salt that slicked her thighs..

She cried out and jerked as the ice shocked the skin in the small of her back… her hips touched.. her nipples touched… heat seared tender flesh…

She pushed herself backward.. desperate.. frantic to escape the burning pain… and impaled herself on his waiting member..

Again she cried out.. a moaning lust filled noise of desperation and need..

He smirked as she threw herself backward apon him.. wrapping her hair around his hand he pulled her face up and away from the blazing table..

He bent and lips still chilled from his frozen treat kissed the back of her neck..

She felt herself give way as he pushed deeper.. and his lips.. when they touched her.. they became… everything…

He could feel the moment when she let go.. giving herself to him.. wanting him.. to take..

His hand rested on the middle of her back between her shoulders.. she was chaos.. frantically pressing back against him… he was control.. steady, but giving no rest..

His hand pressed down..

She felt the pressure in the midst of dream like pleasures.. she knew what it ment.. he would not have to force her.. she wanted it.. needed it.. she would show him her submission..

She let go.. her body went limp..

The table shook.. she screamed out her orgasum as belly and chest and hips exploded with pain… and pleasure.. and something that was more without even a name..

His mind reeled.. she had.. willingly.. for him..

He threw back his head.. convuseing within her.. she was his.. without any dought..

The hot breeze smelled of fresh cut grass and dried out wood..

He lifted her.. undoing the belt.. holding her cradled in his arms..

Her face was wet.. tears and sweat mixed apon her cheeks.. he gently kissed the red marks apon her chest..

She moaned.. still shaken.. still shakeing.. where was she.. it didnt matter.. she was with him..

He sat on the couch inside.. still holding her… letting her bask in the cool dry air.. “you did well. I am proud of you, and I accept your gift in the spirit with which it was given.”

Fresh tears welled in her eyes.. not from pain or ecstasy, but gratitude and love..

He held her like that.. slowly giving her cool water.. running gentle fingers across the diamond shaped marks on her belly..

Each time his calloused hands touched her… she would remember… she snuggled closer..

remembering the moment she became his…

Best wishes -SirHanz