Loveing destruction

Eyes unfocused,
Feeling her need,
As she takes the lead,
Jerking the leash,
Leather bites,
Pulling me close,
Invisible chains,
Binding my ghost,
Offered freely,
Taken darkly,
The holy fire,
Chokeing the shadows,
In me,
As she,
Rips down my walls,
Brick by brick,
The whip falls,
Burning the forest,
In my mind,
Leavening me naked,
Lost in submission…
One more push,
Embarrassing her will,
Would crush,
The fragile soul,
Then her breath,
Tender and loveing,
Charished devotion,
Wraped in warmth,
Joy and pain,
Blending in my tears,
Soft lips,
Consuming pleasure,
Devouring sanity,
With a cry,
From two souls,
Collapsing light,
Into velvet night,
Two glass hearts,
Fused in the fire,
Glow softly,
In the ashes,
Of loveing destruction.

Best wishes -SirHanz


It was a hole in the wall kind of place,
Tables and booths,
Not much space,
Where I sat beside her,
And gently caressed her face,
Her smile was teaseing,
Inviting me to taste,
I wanted those lips,
With not a moment to waste,
Her kiss was passion,
Sensual grace,
Hungering for more,
I matched her pace,
Hard yet gentle,
Tounges dance and chase,
Deeper.. growing.. never enough,
Two hearts together race,
I could feel her heat,
Through our embrace,
Drawing me in,
Nothing would ever replace,
The desire in that kiss..

Best wishes -SirHanz

Pain and pleasure

The mixture of pain and pleasure all steeped like dark tea in the cocktail of endorphins can be a wonderful and heady brew. In reading another blog today I got to thinking about our body’s ability to adapt and our brains ability to normalize pain.
 First let’s look at the body. Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. In the context of pain it is the early warning system that teaches our brain to avoid damage. When just starting out in bdsm you may look at more experienced people and think “oh gawd.. there is no way I would enjoy that! That must hurt like crazy!” But the way their brain processes pain is different.  When the skin feels pain the brain is sent a damage signal and somewhere deep in our subconscious we think “death imanant! Run away!”. But when repeated many times over and no lasting harm or death occurs… something changes in our brain. We start to ignore it. Oh.. you still feel it. But the brain has shut down many of the nerve endings and the sharp intensity you once felt is no longer there. And so in order to recapture that feeling we may choose to use the cane instead of the crop. Or the paddle instead of the hand. The change in sensation to one the brain has not learned is “ok” puts you right back in that “danger! Damage imanant!” Mode that triggers the wonderful rush of endorphins. 

 Now let’s look at the mind, and how pain is processed.  I touched on that a bit with the skin mind connection but there is a lot more going on up there than the subconscious responses.  When pain and pleasure are mixed it forms a mental connection between the two over time.  Pain in certain areas becomes a trigger to evoke memories of pleasure.  Getting a slap on the ass goes from “ouch!” To “mmmmmmmm”. 
 The memory of pleasure overrides the momentary sting.  Once that link has been made the mind seeks out that intense feeling once more. And when it becomes a desire.. we crave it. The human brain is a marvel, its ability to adapt to just about anything has made us the dominant species on the planet.  And in bdsm we exploit that adaptability. Each time we experience that rush of openness and complete vulnerability often referred to as subspace our brain begins to see it as more and more normal. And thus it is easyer to slip back into. Our use of pain and pleasure combined while enjoyable is merely the key that unlocks that part of our mind. I dont speak from personal experience as I have not been in subspace before. Though I look forward to it. I spent quite a bit of time observing and learning about it through a combination of anatomy, psychology,  and talking to the submissives I have worked with in the past.
 I hope you have enjoyed my little diversion into the topic.
  Best wishes  -SirHanz

Will you…

Hello little flower,
Do you need a hand?
If I help you stand,
Will you fall to your knees?
And beg me please..
To show you the way,
To twist and caress,
Under your dress…
If I give my touch,
That you want so much,
Across your skin,
Wet with sin,
Will you draw me in?
With your crimson lips,
And fingertips,
Your moaning breath,
Apon my ear,
The little death,
That makes it clear,
You feel me near,
Greedy girl,
Wanting more,
Grinding the pearl,
Against the dock,
I bet you thought,
That was a euphemism for cock,
I know your reading,
Wanting me inside,
So keep on feeling,
And spread yourself wide,
It’s a hell of a ride..
Go on if you must,
Let your fingers thrust,
As you imagine my lust,
You wont stop I trust,
Till the vary last line,
Moving faster with the words,
And keeping time,
With the lightning building,
At the base of your spine,
Let go your control,
As you imagine the pole,
That skewers your soul,
Feel the streach,
As nector flows,
Let the pleasure etch,
My desire with prose,
Into your mind,
And across your ass,
Responding in kind,
By comeing at last,
With shakeing thighs,
And glittering eyes,
Your submission buys,
You a chance to rise,
And feel the warmth,
Within your mouth,
For all the work,
You did down south.

You know you want to… 😏 -SirHanz

Just a drink.

Disclaimer: poet is not responsible for desire magnified by things written while drunk.

Feel the burn,
liquid fire,
Removeing all inhibition,
Leting words flow free…
Comfortable languid desire,
Warm fuzzy smiles,
Moistened lips,
Beginning to be tasted
Let down your hair,
That it may tangle in my hands,
Bedroom eyes,
Tease my heart
Drink your courage,
Shot and glass,
Tell me your secret thoughts,
Your hidden fantasy
Imagination running free,
Shot and chaser,
Imagination becomes reality,
Breath lingers on skin
Contented sigh,
Synchronized heartbeats,
Cool water soothes,
Poured from my lips
Sleepy gaze,
Captured emotion,
Sleep postponed,
For gentle pleasure
Falling asleep,
Pressed close,
Against your back,
And still inside you.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Even as I rise,
I fall,
My heart flies,
Like a shawl,
To wrap you in my love,
As you wake from fevered sleep,
It fits you like a glove,
Lifting you from the deep
Streach your sensuous body,
Laying still beneath the sheet,
Feel a little naughty,
As into you my words creep,
A distraction to be shure,
Your hand apon your breast,
It’s not the best of cure,
But your already.. undressed,
So as you fingers play,
Deep between your thighs,
Let echos of me stay,
In the fire behind your eyes,
And when you bite your lip,
And legs begin to shake,
Feel the words slip,
With every breath you take,
“I love you“.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Dirty girl…
Dripping with anticipation,
Filled with elation,
Spreading yourself,
Begging to be used,
Ridden hard and brused,
Look at that face…
Keep your ass in place,
Wordless carnal need,
Filled with greed,
It’s written in your eyes,
Take your prize,
filthy doll…
Up against the bathroom stall,
Beautiful slut,
I’ll spank that butt,
While your fingers thrust,
Between your thighs,
I will muffle your cries,
With a cock in your throat,
A flesh garrote,
On which to choke,
While your body shakes,
And your mind quakes,
While you have your crushing,

Best wishes-SirHanz


Lusting eyes,

Mouth hungers,

Parted lips,

Wet pressure,

Pulling me deeper,

Tounge traceing,

The vains of my cock,



Hard and warm,

Hair tangled,

In my fist,

You are mine…

Gasping breath,

Forced deeper,


Pushed back,

Thrusting hips,

Nails rake,

Across my back,

Turned over,

Forced down,

Pussy slick,


With lust,

Pried open,

Thighs meet,

Grinding deep,

Tight heat,

Need growing,

Good girl…



Trembling moan,

Dont stop…

Hand on clit,




Grip my cock,



Dirty girl..

Cum for me…

Glistening skin,



Forced down,

Sliding between,

Thighs pressed tight,

Cum for me..

Feel me..


In my pleasure…


Deep inside,

Muscles clench,

Head pulled back,

Cum on my cock…

Climax torn,

From your core,


Pulling me in,


Liquid fire,

Racing upward,

Hips pressed tight,

Soft folds,

Drag at my skin,

A low moan,

Pussy squeezing,

Milking my cock,

Say it…

Tell me what you are..

Deep down..

As you writhe and twist..

Pleading for more..


Yes… you are..

Hands clawing sheets,


With every spurt,

Of liquid life,

Mouth agape,

Lost in ecstasy,

As I leave you,




Good girl..

A teaseing kiss,

Nipping at your collar,

You did well..

Now rest..

Best wishes -SirHanz

New old pants.

Just found a pair of old pants that I thought I had lost in the back of a drawer. Not just any pants.. these are one of my favorites. Raw silk that ties at the waist. They wrap around your legs and are wonderfully cool in summer.

Ahh.. relaxing after a hard day and all clean from the shower. Perfect time to wear them.

Oh.. and if you pull the knot at the back the whole front falls open. Yup.. just one little slip knot between you and the fun bits. Tempting… isn’t it? Because they wrap around the legs they have a gap at the side all the way up to the hip. Sexy.. comfortable.. what more could you ask for? Oh? You want to see? Well…. maybe just a peek.


Dark Sweet fragrance,

Drawing you closer,

Desiring more,

Arms enfold supple waist,

Hands trace lower,

Rough fingers tease,

Beneath your skirt,

A strong arm,

Holds you from falling,

As legs begin to shake,

Deeper inside slick heat,

Palm pressed gently,

Dragging slowly,

Across your clit,

Lay back against me,

I will not let you fall,

And as you cry out,

I shall taste,

Delicate lips,

Amidst the fragrance,

Dark and sweet.

Sensual wishes -SirHanz