Remember to Breathe

In this hot humid summer it can feel difficult to breathe sometimes. We get used to it and it becomes almost normal. We forget what it felt like to breathe. What it felt like to feel like we are alive instead of just surviving.

And then fall arives.. and with the first chill morning we step outside and fill our lungs.. with life. It feels achingly good just to breathe, to lay in the sun… to feel cool grass beneath your feet… to smell that first whiff of wood smoke that reminds you of home.

It is on such a morning that our story begins. We find our lady of interest siting on a porch, wraped in a blanket. She is thinking how much it feels like being loved, being wrapped in warmth while the exhilarating chill kisses her cheeks.

Her hair frames her face, braided locks falling just behind her ears and disappearing into the blanket. The sun peaks up over the horizon, reflecting in her eyes. Ah.. such eyes.. some would call them soulful or doe eyes, people commented often on them. But to Morgan they just looked brown.

Morgan smiled as she heard a stirring from inside. Gregory must be awake she thought. She could hear him put a kettle on the stove and laughed to herself at how he was so old fashioned. The smell of jasmine drifted on the currents of crisp air, slowly warming with the riseing sun.

Gregory opened the door and leaned on the door jam, “I’m makeing tea, would you like some love?” Morgan smiled, thinking oh my god.. he called me love! She held up the can of bang energy drink “I think I am covered, thanks.” Gregory chuckled looking at her wraped up in the blanket. “Alright” he smirked “you know.. if you wanted a bang in the morning….” he let his voice trail off as he dipped back inside laughing.

Morgan blushed thinking about the previous night… she had done things she had never even considered before. It had been so naughty and raw she thought, feeling the heat rising between her legs. She shifted beneath the blanket, her hips were sore.. her ass still had a tingling glow.. and she could feel the bite marks on the insides of her thighs. Morgan groaned, remembering the intense pain of those bites. She had never thought that pain like that right at the moment of orgasm would feel so good.

Gregory walked back outside holding his cup of tea, “you feeling alright? Your looking a bit flushed. I was a bit worried last night when you passed out.” Consern and care showed in his eyes framed by thin glasses. “I feel good actually” Morgan said. “Sorry I worried you. I didnt even know it was possible to… well… you know…” Gregory grinned “cum so hard you completely lose consciousness? ” Morgan felt the blush riseing again, “yah… that.”

Gregory knelt next to her chair, slipping his hand under the blanket to hold hers. “I have never seen anything more beautiful than you completely lost in the throws of passion.” Morgan smiled thinking he doesn’t say much.. but when he does… he speaks from the heart.

They stayed like that for a while, his hand in hers. Just watching the world and feeling the closeness. Birds hoping and chirping on the feeder. Morning chill slowly giving way to the warmth of day. At last their drinks were empty and they knew they had to start the day.

Morgan streched, she hated to let go of his hand but knew they couldn’t stay like that all day. “Do you have to work today?” She asked as Gregory stood and set his cup on the table. “Yes, but my schedule is flexible. Right now though…” he licked his lips and scooped her up blanket and all. “I am takeing you back to bed.. ” Morgan sighed laying her head against his shoulder as he carried her inside. His arms felt good, supporting her and holding her to his chest. Again she felt the heat between her thighs as she said “yes sir..”

Gregory layed her gently apon the large four poster bed, there was a post near Morgan’s head and she looked up past the curling dark wood at the ceiling. Then her vision was filled with eyes of dark blue, like storm clouds ready to bring howling winds and rain. Their lips touched and Morgan closed her eyes, her body relaxing as the magic of his kiss sent memories of pleasure to cloud her mind. She loved that moment, when all thoughts disappeared like clearing mist, leaving behind only feeling and sensation.

Gregory stepped back, unfolding the blanket like he was unwrapping a perfectly ripe pear from a gift basket. Carefully, but filled with anticipation and hunger. Morgan lay exposed before him. The adorable freckles on her legs drawing his eyes upward to feast apon the lace of black lingerie. He stood there for a moment, drinking in and filling himself with the vision of her supine apon the blanket, the off white contrasting with her tanned skin makeing it impossible to look anywhere else.

Morgan held out her arms, inviting.. tempting.. beseeching. His strong hands wrapped around her delicate fingers. With soft pressure he turned her, leaving her head to hang from the side of the bed. Morgan swallowed with anticipation, she knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and reached up to find the knot on his robe. She pulled apon the cord, feeling the cloth fall open at her touch.

Soft warmth pressed against her lips. Morgan opened her mouth and drew him inside, she felt him swell against the wet heat of her tounge. She smelled cypress and cedar from the soap of his shower as Gregory took hold of her braids and used them to pin her head back against the side of the bed. Giddy excitement ran through her as she felt him fully hard gliding slowly back and forth across her lips.

Morgan shivered, her mouth watered and she groaned with need. Her lips tightened trying to pull him deeper.

Gregory pulled back just enough to leave the tip of his shaft glistening against her lips. He placed the cord from his robe into her hands and spoke. “I’m going to fuck your throat. If it’s too much.. let go of the cord.” Then again using her braids to pin her head down he thrust forward.

Morgan swallowed, she tried not to gag. He pressed deeper.. she instinctively tryed to pull away but her head was held fast against the sheets. She griped the cord tightly as she felt her neck swell with his thickness. It felt raw.. primal.. to be used for his pleasure. Saliva pooled in her mouth and dripped from her lips. Her eyes watered and tears left wet paths apon her face.

Gregory saw her struggling, he glanced at the cord and saw her white knuckles gripping it tight. He withdrew for a moment, letting her gasp for breath. Then once again pressing past the back of her mouth and into the tightness of her throat. He held himself there, she looked stunning with her chin pressed against his skin. He decided to push her.. force her to let go of the cord. Slowly her face began to turn pink, she swallowed involuntary as her chest began to heave for breath and she began to choke. The sensation as she struggled felt amazing. She was a goddess, pinned to the bed by his cock. Convulsing on his shaft as her body demanded air and her mind demanded pleasure.

Morgan could barely think, her whole world had collapsed to focus on only him. To others.. this rough treatment would look like abuse. But in that moment.. when he placed the cord in her hand, it was a challenge. Without speaking a word he had said ” hold on if you can… I will break you… and force you to submit. ” she held on.. she desperately wanted to prove him wrong, to show him how strong she was. She wanted to win, to succeed.. she needed it. Just as much as she needed him to force her to submit. The overwhelming feeling of relief that came with giving all you have.. struggling with all your might… and then losing. Knowing without a doubt.. that he could brake her… but chooses not to.

Morgan’s back arched, Gregory could see her legs shaking as her face turned red. He felt her body shake as it tryed to draw an impossible breath. Then she let go. The cord feel as if in slow motion. She gasped as he withdrew her eyes opened wide uncaring of the tears and drool. She lay there sucking in great lungfulls of air as Gregory walked calmly around to the other side of the bed.

He grabbed her ankles as she swam in the haze of subspace and pulled her to the side of the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, her thighs were coated in her arousal as he leaned over her and cradled her head in his palm. Gregory gently lifted her head, her eyes were unfocused but he knew she could see him. Morgan’s lips trembled as he kissed her. Pulling back slightly he propped her head up with a pillow so she was looking down the length of her body.

Morgan moaned seeing her spread legs and how close to her he was. Inch by inch.. with agonizing slowness she watched in rapped fascination as his shaft disappeared like a slow motion magic trick. She was so wet there was almost no resistance as he buried himself inside of her. His fingers traced the bite marks on her thigh as he twisted his hips to grind against her.

It was too much, her breathing came in shallow gasps as ecstasy clawed at her spine. Her hips bucked against him, guttural cries escaped her lips as she came. Her body slowly relaxed after the intensity of the orgasum. She didnt even realize she had her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Morgen felt him pick up speed, the slapping of flesh sending jolts of pain and pleasure up through the core of her. Morgan’s eyes shot open as she felt his hands apon her breasts. He had hooked his forefinger across the top of her nipple and using his thumb below was both pinching her nipple and using her breasts like handles to thrust harder into her. When had he even gotten her bra off?

Gregory was sweating with the exertion of holding himself back, he wanted to see her come again. He could tell by the way she clenched around him she was close. A growl rumbled deep in his chest as again she threw herself apon him and began to shake. Just as she began to calm he thrust hard against her and dug his thumbnails into her nipples as in great pulses he spent himself deep within her.

Morgan’s mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasum returned with a vengeance. pain warped and twisted through her chest. Pleasure roared through her like a wildfire, leaving her a scorched ruin at is passing. She didnt know how she had gotten wrapped again in the blanket. Gregory was siting on the bed leaning against the headboard gently running his fingers through her damp hair. He smiled down at her as she realized her head was supported on his thigh. “Welcome back love.” He said. Morgan looked up at him sheepishly “I did it again didnt i?” He bent forward and kissed her forehead “yes.. you were… incandescent.” She closed her eyes and relaxed against him enjoying the feel of him playing with her hair. “Didnt you have to work?” She could feel his body shake as he chuckled. “I called in… apparently… the love of my life passed out.. and I needed to stay home to take care of her.”

Morgan burst out laughing. “You didnt…” his voice quivered as he tryed to contain his mirth “oh.. I totally did. Expect some people asking after your health at the next work picnic.”

She playfully slapped his chest, “you.. are a bad… bad.. man.”

Gregory again bent forward and whispered directly into her ear “and you are a naughty little minx that keeps me from working because I am enraptured by your beauty.”

Best wishes -SirHanz

The hawk

The crested hawk circles, the air is cool high above the ground. Currents of invisible ether lift and buffet wings like knives that cut the air. A tilt of the head and sharp eyes focus apon the earth below. Tiny moments draw attention, a mouse… thinking itself hidden chewing tiny seeds. One beat.. then two.. wings snap inward and head dips low. Air roars in the ears quieted by tiny fethers just enough to prevent damage. Faster.. the mouse is unaware. The shadow of a cloud covers the sinking sun.

Wings extend by effort of will faster still as the hawk skims the ground. Talons stretch, glittering black in the last rays of day. Each curved dagger of bone honed over thousands of years of evolution just for this moment. A tiny squeak and a patch of fur amidst the grass. The mouse is gone.

The hawk climbs once again, food for hungry bundles of fluff tucked beneath it. A tiny droplet of red falls from its pray. Downward… a ruby against the fiery blossom of sunset. Past the glimmering towers of glass, tumbling in the tumultuous twilight breeze. Down.. into the alley filled with the sounds of cars and carnal lust.

The lady pressed her hands agenst the dark granite of the wall. She could see the fading colors of the sky as the man in the coat behind her grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head backwards causing her to arch her back. The lady’s mouth opened, her cries of pleasure lost amidst the echoes of the city. He was inside her, filling… pressing.. grinding..the lady’s arms began to shake.

The man in the coat’s breath heaved in his chest like a great bellows. He held nothing back, giving this goddess any less felt like some kind of dark sin. The lady’s arms gave out and he pressed her firmly but gently into the cold stone wall.

The lady’s exposed chest pressed apon the chill of glass like stone. She layed her cheek apon it, feeling her sensitive flesh rubbing hard against it with each deep thrust. She could see the man from the corner of her eye, his coat open to reveal firm muscle that rolled with tension as his hands dug into her hips through her hiked up skirt.

The lady reached back her arms, spreading herself.. wanting him deeper. She gasped as the man hooked his forearms under her thighs and lifted her off of him. For a moment she felt fear, then exhilaration as her legs fell forward over his shoulders. She hung suspended apon him as she felt his mouth cease apon her his tounge delving velvet soft inside her. Pleasure gripped her, her head was spinning. The world hung suspended above her, and pressed just beneath her chin was the throbbing shaft still slick with her juices.

The lady felt droplets of her overflowing wetness land on the underside of her chest as she slid him past her lips. The man moaned, the vibration sending her over the edge, her thighs gripped the sides of his head pressing him against her as every muscle tensed. She felt him swallow as she flooded his mouth with her lust. She sucked hard, tightening her lips around him. The man groaned and twitched agenst her tounge, she knew he was close. He cried out his pleasure between her thighs, each movement of his mouth sending little shocks of ecstasy up her spine.

She wraped her arms around his legs pulling him into her, she felt the mans legs harden and shake beneath her hands. She tasted his salty treat spill into her thick and warm in the heat of her mouth.

Neither noticed the tiny droplet of liquid rose land softly next to them in the dust. High above them the hawk landed on the edge of the building where it had built its nest. Three pairs of golden eyes opened to see their mother for the first time. Hungrily they opened their mouths for their feist. Far below.. a man in a coat and a lady in a white blouse and wrinkled skirt walked grinning and laughing out of an alley. Holding hands as they were once again folded into the noise and flow of the city.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Second date

The first date had gone well, tea and passionate kisses in the parking lot. This time he wanted to do something special for her. He had invited her to dinner as he left her last at her door. She had agreed, but on the condition that he cook.

He smiled.. remembering the moment as he removed the fresh bread from the oven. He had teased her.. “you just want to get me alone and take advantage of me.” He chuckled as he set the bread to cool. She had kissed his cheek and opened the door, just before it closed he heard her say “maybe I do.”

He grinned remembering how he had been left blushing on her doorstep. The pot at the back of the stove was heating and he poured in the soup base of tomato blended smooth with cream and parmesan. He looked at the clock, she would be here soon. He set the table and arranged the flowers in a vase just left of the table center. He lit the candles and set out a bottle of chilled white wine.

There was a knock on the door. He froze. He thought he had more time! Looking at his reflection in the window he saw he was still wearing the flower covered “kiss the cook” apron with an arrow pointing at his waistline. “One moment! Be right there!” He called as he tore the apron off and tossed it under the sink. He reached the door with his heart pounding, telling himself over and over to calm down.

He opened the door, light streamed in from the setting sun. Standing in profile in the glare was what he could only assume was some form of angelic spirit come to fulfill his every fantasy. As he stood slackjawed she walked past him and looked around “so this is where you hide yourself from the world huh?” She said glancing at the room.

He turned, slowly shutting the door. She was dressed in a lose white dress that gave the impression that if the light was just right.. you could see through it. A black corset cinched her waistline into a mind altering hourglass. Black heels like gravity drew the eye to the shapely curve of her legs. Yes… his thought was correct when he opened the door. She was stunning.

Snapping out of his revelry he stumbled to answer “oh.. yah.. it’s not much but its home.” A thought struck him “crap! The soup!” Dashing into the kitchen he quickly stirred the bubbling pot and turned down the heat.

She was behind him… he felt her softness against is back. Her hand slid under his arm and across his chest “smells good… what are you makeing me?” Her voice was close.. he could feel her breath on his ear. She is going to kill me he thought. Yup.. heart about to explode and ruin the soup. He chuckled looking back over his shoulder “horny?” Now they both laughed. He grinned and said “and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.” She gaped.. “wait.. I tell you to cook me dinner… and you.. a chef… make me grilled cheese?” He looked at her.. desperately trying to figure out if she was teasing or she was offended. Fuck it he thought.. go for broke. “Yup. It’s a lot like me.. simple.. but made in a complex way. Looks normal on the outside, but one taste.. and you will crave it forever.” She actually took a step back almost falling into the seat at the table. She was shaken… he could tell, but she was trying not to show it. A smile slowly crept onto the corners of her mouth. “Alright then chef.. let’s do this thing.” She said, trying not to grin. He bowed, flourishing his spoon. ” I go forth and shall return with my spoon or on it.” Now it was just too much, she burst out laughing as he cut the bread into thick slabs. “I promise, you will like this.” He said. Again she laughed “oh.. I have heard that line before.” She smirked “sometimes they were right.”

His hand shook slightly as he sliced the cheese, good gawd the way she said that was hot. He heard the cork pop from the bottle as she poured herself a glass of wine. “So tell me what makes this grilled cheese so good.” She said, takeing a sip from her glass. He gently placed the first sandwich into the cast iron pan. There was a sizzle and the smell of toasted fresh bread filled the room. “Well ma’lady.. it’s not the dish That’s important, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the loveing care in the handling…. even simple meals can have unexpected and extraordinary flavors. ” she sipped her wine thinking about what he had said as he poured the soup into bowls.

He flipped the sandwich and brought the soup to the table. “Anything special about the soup?” She asked looking up at him teasingly. He grined, “yes… it’s tomato and your wearing white. Should you spill any we would have to quickly undress you to get that marvelous dress in the wash before the stain sets.” She blushed as he pulled the first sandwich out of the pan and popped it in the oven replacing it with another. Again the smell of bread and butter filled the air.

He heard the chair creak as she stood and her heals click on the floor. She stood beside him holding a glass of wine “I cant be the only one enjoying this fine wine..” she said. He smiled takeing the glass “oh? Is it good?” She nodded, “I think so.. but you be the judge.” She took another sip and grabbed him by the collar pressing her lips to his.

His mind stoped. Sweet wine spilled into his mouth… he swallowed, a droplet spilling from his lips to slide down his chin. She quickly stepped back and raised an eyebrow. “Good?” He groaned softly.. ” quite… good. ” he knew he would never again taste that wine without the memory of her lips.

Shaken but smiling he pulled the sandwich off the stove and turned off the heat. Grabbing the one out of the oven he placed them both on the cutting board and sliced them Into quarters. He slid the sandwiches directly onto their plates and sat down across from her at the table.

“Thank you for coming to dinner. I hope my humble offerings are worthy of such beauty. Please.. eat while it’s hot. It’s best when at just the right temperature. ” he said. Picking up a slice she smiled “most things in life are.” She dipped it in the soup and bit into the golden wedge. He sipped his wine, watching.. wait for it… just a little more..

He saw it.. she tried to hide the surprise but her whole body seemed to just relax. She reached for the wine and he knew she was his. She sipped… her eyes went wide as the taste of perfect toasted bread and cheese mixed with the flavors of the wine. She moaned softly as she swallowed, her eyes takeing on a far away glassy look. He said nothing.. just watching as one by one the slices disappeared.

He knew what she was feeling.. he had spent a decade perfecting the perfect combination. Fresh baked bread with just the right amount of honey, cheese from Switzerland aged for exactly two and a fourth years. Butter from Ireland with just the right amount of cream and salt. Cast iron seasoned with sunflower oil at just the right heat. Soup made with the perfect proportion of tomato, cream and a touch of rye flower to bring out the flavors in the bread. Wine choosen for its unique sweetness and just the right dry aftertaste to complement and contrast with the slight char of the bread. It was a labor of love. And every bite was filled with warmth and joy.

Slowly her eyes again began to focus. She was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling in quick breaths. Her hands still shook as she placed her palms flat on the table and stood. Her eyes had taken on a hard determined look. “So… did you like it?” He asked smileing over his glass. She said nothing, picking up the half empty bowl of soup she looked directly into his eyes.

And slowly poured the rich red across the white of her chest. “Oops.. oh.. dear.. this will definitely stain… I need it washed… now.” He could no longer form rational thought and stammered “of course! Yes.. yes… the bathroom is right through… the……. bed…….. room.” She smiled a predatory grin and walked past him into the bedroom.

He gaped… what had just happened. His mind swirled with thoughts and possibilities. That was definitely deliberate.. she had just poured it on herself. What do I do now? Do I follow? Should I be a gentleman and get her a change of cloaths? Yes! That’s it. I should do that. He hurried into the bedroom and rummaged through his clothes for something that may fit her. Comeing up with a t shirt and some drawing house pants he turned toward the bathroom and stoped.

The shower was running, and laying outside the door was the stained dress. He gulped.. blushing slightly as he picked up the dress and hurried to put it in the wash. Returning with the cloaths he knelt to lay them outside the door as the shower had stoped. The door opened…. she stood before him in white lace lingerie.. and she had put back on the corset. She smiled at his look of astonishment. “Are you just going to sit there?” Her eyes were laughing and playful as she spoke. He stood slowly, afraid to shatter the moment. He reached out his had to caress her cheek, stepping forward he was so close he could feel the heat from the shower radiating from her skin.

Their lips touched, brushing softly like silk on velvet. He kissed the corner of her mouth, wrapping and arm around her and pulling her to him. Stepping backwards as his kiss deepened he drew her with him to the big four post bed against the wall. His knees bumped the edge and he fell backwards pulling her down atop him.

She pulled back from their passionate kiss breathing rapidly, “you sir… are wearing far to many cloaths.” Her voice quaverd with need as her hands undid the buttons on his shirt. His hands rested on her thighs as she sat atop him running her fingers across his chest. The last light of day illuminated her face as she undid his belt.

She was radiant. Her skin seemed to glow golden beneath the white lace clinging to her like a second skin. He stoped her hands as she reached for his zipper. She gave a little moan of frustration mixed with anticipation. “Not yet… let me just look at you.. I want to remember this moment forever.” Her face relaxed as his voice washed through her. She sat back on her heels and smiled looking down at him. “I like it when you look.” He lay back and gazed at her, his breath was shallow and his heartbeat fast. He was afraid to tell her that he was in love for fear she would reject him, it was too soon.. to quick.. but he felt it. Deep within him was a flame that had been there since the moment she hadn’t let go of his hand in the parking lot. Oh yes… he had it bad… and now here she was… a goddess of the sunset, exquisite and intense.

She leaned forward, laying across his chest and snuggling into the crook of his neck “have you seen enough? ” her voice was like honey in his ear. “Never enough, but enough for now.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Good” she purred into his neck kissing it and rolling to the side to unzip his jeans.

He lifted his hips allowing her to slide his pants off and exposing what she was longing for. She did not waste a second and had him deep in her mouth before he could say a word. He groaned and felt her hair… so soft.. slide through his fingers. Her tounge felt like it had a life of it’s own as it curled around him rubbing and teaseing his most sensitive arias.

Her nails left little scratches on his chest as she streched like a cat while her lips dripped lust down his dick. He was shakeing with tension like a plucked string, head thrown back and mouth open as he gasped for breath. He felt her mouth leave him and shuddered at the silken softness of her skin as she crawled up his body. His eyes opened to stare directly into hers. “I know that you love me” she said as she reached between them and pulled aside the lace between her legs. “You didnt need to tell me.. I knew as soon as you opened the door.” She whisperd in his ear. He felt the slippery heat against the head of his member and groaned, his head was spinning with pleasure and amazement. She grabbed his chin in her hand and turned his face to look directly at her.

“Look at me… and say it.” Her voice was like a pleading command. His hands found the perfect curve of her waist and held her. “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU” he said, and drove himself upwards impaling her apon him. She arched her back and cried out in satisfaction, griping him tightly within her.

He knew he would not last long as she began twisting her hips and pressing against his hips with her thighs. He sat up and pulled her against him. Chest to chest they rocked looking at each other. He could feel everything, “you love me too” he said. And kissed her. His tounge teased along her lips as she shuddered in orgasum. Her legs locked around his back a she leaned back pulling him atop her. “Do it hard beloved” she whispered, pulling him into her with her legs. He gave her what she asked for, holding her corseted waist he pounded against her. Again she came, clenching around him and squeezing him with her thighs.

And then he felt her hands close around his neck. She knew that would drive him over the edge. She released him as he felt pulse after pulse of white hot pleasure released inside her.

Exhausted they both collapsed in a tangle of blankets and pillows. They lay quietly, sweat cooling on their bodies. He reached up and brushed the hair from her face, twisting it around his finger. They both spoke at the same time, their soft voices each an echo and harmony of the other.. “beloved”…. they smiled and held each other close. Tonight.. they would not dream alone.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Campfire storytime

Its story time again.. so gather round the campfire. Everyone take a seat.. no pushing.. there is enough time for everyone to hear.

In a post a bit ago I talked about the more taboo side of bdsm. Edgeplay. And in that post I mentioned that I had a bit of experience.. with bloodplay.. and that I may share that.

Tonight.. I am telling the story.

It starts long ago.. in london.. with the transport of a box…

Wait.. no.. that’s Dracula. 😆 but that’s what you were expecting right? Sorry.. the closest I have ever been to a vampire is my 3rd edition printing of Dracula.

Nope.. no vampires in this story, but I was fascinated by the legends as a child and young adult. I like most legends and myths. But there was something powerful.. about blood. And the connection that was formed between vampires in myths and their donors or victims. So like anything I am interested in.. I learned. I read everything I could get my hands on, from folk tales to ann rice. I wasn’t as much interested in the whole “I’m an immortal undead” aspect of the mythology but the act of giving and takeing the vary life essence of another person and in the process forming a bond with that person I found beautiful.

And then I found bdsm. And I found a submissive girl who was as interested in bloodplay as I was. I will call her “one” because she was my first submissive. It took a while before we ever discussed it as we were both unshure of how the other would react when we brought it up. I forget who broached the subject but once the cat was out of the bag.. we planed a session.

I still remember that night. It was Saturday, at the time I was still an active member of the bondage show and was performing that night. It was a good show, one watched as I flogged a submissive tied to a cross… upside down. The crowd was thinner than usual and I remember thinking they were going to be sorry they missed that night. Halfway through the flogging the poor girl was a mess.. gasping and grinding against the cross, thighs slick, doe eyes spilling black mascara tears down her cheeks. She had a safe word and hadn’t used it. Before the show we had talked and she asked me to push her. She wanted to be pushed to the edge and forced to admit she could take no more. I was hesitant at first but with One’s blessing I agreed.

So I pushed her. First a heavy flogger. Then a chain flogger. She was in rare form. Moaning and crying with need. Every time I saw her legs start to shake building toward an orgasm I would back off. Switching to gentle touches and whispering words of encouragement over the music.

I was loveing it. I do have a sadistic streak after all. Every five minutes I would turn the cross so she wouldn’t pass out from the rush of blood to her head. I drew it out.. made her beg for more. The crowd was eating it up but it was now just me and her in our own little world. She was getting close again and again I stopped. By now she was deep in subspace and the shame of being flogged on stage was just pushing her deeper. I decided it was time to give her the final push she wanted. I brought out the single tail. An inch wide at the base tapered to a 1/8 inch tail over the 5 feet of leather.

She was still begging for more when I let it fly to kiss her ass. Her voice cut off with a gasp. There was a bright pink line slowly swelling on her white skin. It was a full second before what had happened registered. She inhaled.. I knew she was about to scream. The second strike traced across the backs of her thighs just before she opened her mouth.

She screamed. And came. Shuddering and shakeing agenst the smooth wood of the cross. Finaly she moaned.. “red”. I helped her down with the cheers of the crowd echoing off the back of the stage. One of the male subs helped her off the stage and into the back room. I had set up her requested aftercare items there and she had requested to be left by herself after to recover in quiet.

I left a note for her praising her wonderful performance and thanking her for allowing me to show the crowd what a great sub she was. Then I grabbed One and dragged her out the back. We were both turned on and wanted to play. She pressed against me and whispered up into my ear “let’s go home, tonight.. you will taste my life.”

The cab home was a blur of groping hands and frenzied kisses. She ran upstairs as soon as we got to the apartment. I paid for the cab, got my gear from the trunk and slowly approached the door. It swung open to reveal a trail of candles and rose petals leading down the hall. She had been preparing this. I put down my gear and closed the door. Soft cello music drifted from the back room. She knew my tastes and used them to create just the right atmosphere.

I followed the dim candlelight down the hall, drawing it in and letting the excitement build. As I entered the room the dark smell of jasmine and amber incense drifted past my face. One was in the center of the room. Kneeling and blindfolded. In front of her were her white leather cuffs. Her hands were clasped as if in prayer, holding a blade between them. It’s cold steel a beautiful contrast as it nestled between her breasts. She wore a garter belt with stockings and a black g string, and nothing else. I had wondered what she was hiding under her long dress at the club. She had prepared indeed.

I knelt before her and spoke directly into her ear so she could feel the warm breath with my words. “Do you concent to this?” One nodded slowly. I spoke again “say it.” Her voice was steady as she answered “I concent. Use me sir.” That was what I needed. Chains of self control and locks of will crumbled, I said nothing but in my head I could hear the howling of darkness getting closer. Her desire was palpable, filling the air and feeding my own with every breath.

I clasped my hand around hers and twisted the blade handle between her palms. I’m sure she could now feel the edges against the soft flesh of her breasts. Slowly I pulled her hands apart and took the handle of the blade. It was thin… a needle point stiletto with a clear handle and brass guard. “Sit on your hands.” I spoke quietly but I knew she would understand what was coming. She slipped her hands beneath her and waited.. I made her wait for it. I leaned close, breathing in her perfume and feeling her heartbeat quickening as I kissed her neck. I knew the blade in my hand, it was mine after all. I had sharpened it myself and you could shave with it. The edge caught the candlelight as I dragged it slowly downward. One held her breath, shakeing slightly as it bit into the tender skin between her breasts. Two thin red lines appeared after the blade was free. Ruby droplets of life glittering like gems in the soft light. I caught a droplet on my finger and one took a gasping breath. “Please… more.”

I lifted my finger and painted the blood across her lips. She looked so erotic. Crimson looking almost black in the dim light glistening wet apon her lips. I kissed her. Clove, copper and iron. I will never forget the pure erotic bliss of that kiss as she moaned into my mouth. I layed her backwards onto the carpet drawing her hands up above her head. The white leather wrapped around her wrists and I tied them to one of the feet of the bed allowing her to stretch out her legs.

I laid the blade against her collar, touching with just the tip. “Dont move.” I said surprised at the excitement in my voice. “Yes sir” one said, her voice was thick with arousal. I dragged the needle tip down across and around the outside of her breast. Her breath became shallow as it traced across her belly.. lower.. past her garter.

I carefully slid the edge between her skin and the garter belt. A twist and the lace parted. I rolled down the black stockings exposing the soft skin of her legs. I left her like that as I went to the kitchen and got a bowl filled with ice. I placed the blade in the ice and returned to the room. One was flushed with anticipation, not knowing why I left the room. I kneeled between her legs and lifted the knife. The flat of the blade slid across her hip and under the string of her panties. The cold was a shock, she jerked thinking I had cut her hip. I flicked the edge sideways slicing the string and let her feel that there was no pain. I pulled aside the fabric covering her sex and It was then that she realized what I had done. “Oh.. you basta” One’s voice cut off as I thrust two fingers into her dripping wetness.

Her hips bucked as she groaned softly, I layed my shin across her thighs and held her down as I worked my fingers slowly in and out. Each time makeing her shake as my thumb brushed her clit. She came quickly but i was not nearly done with her. I pulled my fingers from her and stood leaving the knife in the ice. I undressed, peeling myself out of the leather pants and loose shirt I wore to the show. I kneeled between her legs and let my hardness rest against the cleft of wet heat.

I lifted the blade from the bowl and chuckled as she squirmed trying to get me inside her. I placed the chilled blade in the curve between her neck and shoulder, holding her chin with my other hand to keep her still. She moaned and suckled at one of my fingers as the edge made a shallow cut about two inches long. Blood beaded in the cut, welling upward with steady pressure.

I removed my hand from her chin and slid the blindfold off, I wanted her to see. Her eyes were rolling with lust and need and it took a few seconds for her to focus on me in the low light. When I was shure she was watching I spoke “life for life” and ran the blade across my forearm. The cut burned like fire, her eyes widened as blood dripped onto her chest. I could see her eyes follow the droplets as they fell.

One was so engaged with seeing my blood she must have forgotten the position she was in. I lowered my arm to her greedy lips and bent to run my tongue along the cut between neck and shoulder. As I felt the burn of her mouth on my arm I thrust inside her. The anticipation and taste of life coursing through my mind was heat and pain and pleasure all at once. She locked her legs around my hips pulling me into her with animal need.

My self control deserted me as the beast within came to the fore. Growling with carnal lust I yanked my arm from her lips and pressed my bloody mouth to hers. The thought of our life essence mixing in passionate kiss was to much for us both. The feeling of intimacy and connection alsmot burned. The pleasure was a storm of erotic feelings as we both came.

I will skip the boring clean up, shower and band aids, a bandage for my arm. Giggling as we scrubbed the carpet to get the stains before they set. Laughing about how we should buy red towels.

It was one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life.

I hope you have enjoyed the story, now its bed time.. go to bed and sleep now that you are all pent up. 😏 yup.. I may be a switch now but that doesn’t mean I am not still a sadist.

Best wishes -SirHanz

A switch in dream.

It was cold… I shivered as her silk gloved hand dragged the icecube down my chest. I could feel the slight wetness left behind by its passage. I shivered.. not at the chill, but at her warm breath traceing the same path.

It is dark behind the strip of cloth that has taken my sight. I wish I could see her.. is she smiling? I can smell the amber sent of her.. she must be close. I can feel the ache slowly spreading in my shoulders, the rope biteing my skin. My hands are pulled behind me and tied, the rope running beneath the chair. There is another strip of cloth around my neck, securing my head to the high back of the chair. I can feel her fingers.. caressing.. teaseing.. move along the line of my collar of cloth.

I could feel the drag of rope along my thigh.. the pressure as it was pulled tight. First one.. then the other.. my legs pulled apart.. she must have pulled it beneath the chair. I can feel the added tension in my wrists.

I smiled, looking down at her. Her legs spread.. her back arched as her arms were held behind the chair… gorgeous. I kneeled before her, takeing her ankle into my hand… positioning it next to the chair leg. I worked quickly, the loops of jute seeming to fly from my fingertips. A steady pull..a jerk as knots held her fast to the oak. Stepping back I examined my handiwork. The chair was positioned exactly two feet from the bed, the spacing was important for what I had in mind.

What a work of art.. her mouth just slightly open.. her pulse quick in the hollow of her throat… the swell of her bust laid bare.. the blush that was creeping up her neck to her cheeks..

I could feel the blush riseing, what would she do? All the possibilities stretched out before me.. each more tantalizing than the.. wait.. her hand was apon my chest. A shove and I was falling backwards in darkness. The world seems to twist and spin. Falling.. I was falling! Muscles clench as I brace for the impact. Fear fills my brain telling me to run, to get away.. but there is no impact. No sudden pain, only the soft catch of the edge of the bed. I can feel the coolness of the sheets beneath the back of my head.

I try to relax but my hummingbird heart is haveing none of it. I can feel the chair shift as she moves apon the bed. Again.. the amber.. she is close. Her lips touch mine.. I can feel her softness, she tastes like coffee. Then she is gone, leaving lingering warmth. Her lips touch my ear..

I whisper “I am going to use you.” I can feel the heat run through her as I cup her chin in my hand. I kneel above her, my thumb resting at the corner of her mouth. Shadows cast by candle light play and dance across her. Yes.. I want her. Her body.. yes.. but more.. I want her heart. With firm pressure I open her mouth. She is breathing faster knowing what is to come.. but I make her wait. Let her feel the hardness of me resting against her lips. Slowly.. yes.. ever so slowly.. I sink past her lips. The chair glistens between her thighs. She moans, trying to pull me deeper. With a sudden thrust…

I push my tounge deeper. I cannot see.. and cannot hear with her thighs clamped tight to the sides of my head. I want to struggle.. to grab her and pull her to me. But my bonds are tight. She presses down, grinding herself apon me. I am for her.. to use for her pleasure. Unspoken words ring loudly in my head as I feel the wetness flood my mouth.

She is not done.. even as she shudders against me her hands are firm apon my shoulders.. needing.. demanding.. more..

I could only try to give her what she demanded. She pushed herself downward once again, rocking back and forth.. her delicate lips filling my mouth with sweet nectar.

I was hard once more as I slowly drew myself up and away.. a Groan of longing spilled from her as I left her warmth. A tiny thread of saliva dripped from her chin to land glittering apon her chest. I moved to stand before the chair and slowly started to undo the bindings. I worked upward, traceing my fingertips across the marks left apon her skin. “Please… I need you…” her soft voice seemed to fill the whole of my reality. But I would not be rushed. As I freed her wrists her arms came up to encircle me, pulling me down into her waiting lips. Her kiss was fire.. firce.. filled with pent up longing and need. With a gentle push I freed myself from the all consuming blaze. I cut the rope running beneath the chair, leaving the binding around her thighs.

Lastly I retrieved my gift from the drawer at the bedside. Laying it flat apon my hand I held it before her and with a deft twist removed the blindfold.

I could see.. my body was sore.. and burning with need. I blinked.. trying to adjust to the dim light. My eyes found hers.. I drank her in like a man on the verge of death. And then she lifted her gift into my view. Longing, lust, love, frustration, acceptance.. spilled slowly down my cheeks as I looked at the collar she held. It was simple.. yet complex.. all at the same time. Like me… I thought.

The floodgates opened. My heart unfolded into her hands. I tore at the cloth that still held my neck to the chair and fell to my knees before her. My eyes blurred with emotion, she lifted my chin to look at her. She knelt.. fastening the collar around my neck. A single tear like a falling star flowed down her perfect face.

And that’s when she saw it.. a collar.. identical to the one I had just clasped around her. Graced my own neck. It was too much… she threw herself into my arms, weeping and kissing my face. She pushed me back apon the bed, rolling over and pulling me into her as she kissed me. We were both lost. She clenched around me, wrapping her legs around my ass to pull me deeper. She jerked and twisted, clawing at my back…. her breath was short… her chest heaved… we rolled..

She grabs my face, pulling it to her breast as she rides me.. we dance.. finding the steps as we go. Each movement without thought leading to the next. I have lost track of her orgasms…3..8? It doesn’t matter. She sucks with greedy abandon apon my fingers as our rythem gains speed. Pulling her down to lay atop me I lift my knees and thrust harder.. grinding against her hips. He legs begin to shake.. she is close. Lifting her face to mine our lips meet just as she cries out her final victory. Her voice pours into me even as I pour into her.

We lay panting in the disheveled sheets.. Bodies slick with sweat, relishing the cool air. I pull her against me.. amber.. and salt.. kissing her neck I ask..”will you keep me?”

The alarm goes off. Dog barks at the alarm.. dammit.. too soon! Take me back! I need to know what she said!

I bury my face in the pillow.. groaning in frustration. “Fuck that was intence..” I peek at the light just starting to drift through the window. So vivid.. I need to write.. but first.. tea.

Best wishes -SirHanz


The quiet refrains of piano drifting through the morning stillness entangle my wakeing thoughts. I strech.. seeking relief from the lethargy of sleep. Oh… right… I flex my hands feeling the soreness in my wrists. I am still tied to the headboard. The warmth at my hip draws my eyes downward. She is still sleeping.. curled against me with her face pressed against my side. Her warm breath teases the skin above my ribs.

I want to brush the hair from her face. Trace the lines of her jaw. Kiss moistened lips… but I can only look.. unable to touch. I can feel the rope still circling my legs, not too tight.. but looping upwards to above the knee. Holding secure and comforting me with its presence.

I am hers.. my sleeping flower.. to bind or release. I can feel her care in the knots, where it not for her careful touch I am shure my hands would be long past numb. I watch the rise and fall of her chest beneath the blanket. The smell of her perfume still lingers on my chest.

Slowly her eyes open.. she stretches like a cat… rubbing her lithe form against me. Her smooth legs feel warm and soft agenst mine through the rope. “Mmmm.. good morning..” her voice sends a little thrill up my spine. “Good morning my love.” My own voice sounds weak compared to her sultry tones. Her hand brushes against the stiffness under the blanket. “Oh.. what do we have here?” I blush and look away.. “I’m sorry.. you were just so beautiful when you were sleeping.” She throws a leg over mine and sits up apon my thighs. I can feel the heat pressed against my legs and it makes me harder.

She takes my chin in her hands, turning my face to hers. “You… will… look at me.” I cant help but follow her command. She is radiant. Her chest exposed.. her laughing eyes.. oh yes.. she is enjoying this. She slowly slides down my legs biteing her lip in pleasure as the knotted rope runs between her legs. “Since you have been so kind as to prepare it.. I will not waste a bit…. of brakefast.” My eyes widen and blush deepens as her head dips lower. I can feel the soft weight of her chest apon me. She stops… inches away and licks hungry lips. Her eyes find mine.. the anticipation is too much… I moan softly and struggle not to look away. “Please… ” the word feels torn from my chest.. set free with a breath. “Please what?” Her voice is soft.. but unyielding. I know my face must be filled with longing. “Please.. I want to be inside you..” I blush deeper as the thought leaves my lips. She says nothing.. just enjoying the lust and want rolling within me. Her head suddenly drops, and I am engulfed in wet warmth. I groan… trying to push my hips upward.. pulling at my bonds. So good.. again I struggle not to close my eyes. Her hands press down apon my hips, hair brushes like silk across my skin. I can see her eyes through her hair.. watching me.. enjoying my pleasure. She slowly presses deeper. The pleasure becomes unbearable as she takes me into the tightness of her throat. I cant stop myself.. eyes close.. head thrown back.. arms straining against the rope.. I am lost..

Somewhere behind the pleasure I know I will be punished for my lapse. But it is too much.. too good.. she moves faster, delicate tounge rolling around me. I gasp feeling my hips tighten. She feels it to.. again I feel the tightness of her throat. Her hands slip beneath me, holding me to her. I can do nothing but give her what she is demanding, I shudder as I spill my soul into her. I can feel her swallowing around me. The movement sending shocks of almost painful pleasure racing to my brain.

I can feel the coolness of the air as she leaves me. The headboard shakes and I feel her legs apon my shoulders. A soft wetness rubs across my chin. “Now it’s your turn.. to eat.” I open my eyes to look upward past the expanse of her her belly and chest to find her face. I catch only a glimpse of a smile before my head is pulled forward into her. I open and devour the offering of flesh and honey. Take time.. make it last.. I tell myself. I start slow, working my way upwards..Teaseing the tiny pearl hidden within. Her breath is becoming short.. her hips grind against my lips.

I responded to her need and move faster, pushing deeper within her. I can hear her groaning as her legs begin to shake. Side to side.. up and down.. in and out.. a steady rythem, kissing her lips with mine. Suddenly her legs wrap around me, hands lock behind my head pressing me hard into her.

I cant breathe.. and she knows it. And it makes me hard once more as lips and tounge work frantically. I try to gasp, try to find air.. and my struggles send her over the edge. I feel the warm rush against my lips as she cries out and shakes, her nails digging into the back of my head.

And then there is light.. and air.. and life.. rushing inward to fill me once more. But she is far from done with me.. hunger even more intense than before burns in her cheeks and eyes. Without a pause I am thrust between her slick thighs and into the deepest parts of her sex. Now we both are gasping. I raise my bound knees behind her offering my legs as a backrest. She leans back.. thrusting out her chest and throwing back her head. Rocking.. grinding.. it is hot inside her.

Sweat glitters on the skin of her neck.. if only I could reach it..

Faster.. harder.. she throws her legs wide trying to take me ever deeper. She is close.. I can see it on her face.. I relax and let the pleasure take me. She leans forward pushing my head to the side.. sinking teeth into my neck. Pushing back hard agenst me as she growls out her orgasm into my flesh. Hotter.. tighter.. teeth.. it is more than enough to throw me moaning from the cliff. Again.. I fill her.. straining against my bonds, her mouth burning my neck.

Oh yes.. I am hers.. without a doubt. She rises, a contented smile touching her lips. She is gorgeous.. and glowing. I can still feel her griping me within her as she arches an eyebrow and grins. “Coffee?” I cant help but laugh with joy. This beautiful creature.. she is a treasure. “Tea for me. No sugar.” I say, my voice still a little unsteady.

She hops up and walks into the kitchen. I can hear the coffee machine warming up. “Um… the rope? I am still tied up here..”

There is a giggle from the kitchen… “I know…” her words are as much a statement as a promise… I grin.. she is not done with me… never done with me…….

Best wishes -SirHanz

Black and white

She smelled him before she saw him.. juniper oil and sawdust.. she smiled and relaxed as he slid into to the booth across from her. The rain was heavy on the window next to them and he had to raise his voice to be heard over the downpour. “Did I keep you waiting long?” She shook her head no, her freshly cut blonde hair bouncing side to side. He could smell her perfume with her movement.. she smelled like something foriegn, exotic… He looked her over appraiseingly, her white dress was tight… The black corset hugging her waist drawing the eye inevitably to its curves…

His throat was suddenly vary dry.. “what is a good drink on a rainy day?” He asked, trying to pull his eyes from her captivating form. She smiled again.. her eyes sparkling with mischief. She looked strait into his eyes and slowly ran her tounge across ruby lips.. “I would like something… ” she let the pause draw out and her chest lifted slightly with her intake of breath… “…. warm…” the word hung in the air, seeming to drift from her lips ever so slowly.

He smiled.. now seeing her game.. “oh.. but I think all the drinks here are cold.. would you like to find someplace better?” Her lips curled into a grin. “I bet you would like that.. wouldn’t you….”

He shrugged casting a sidelong glance at her lithe form. “I dont know.. you sound like you may want to stay..” she pouted, pretending to be hurt. “Your mean sir…. you know how much I have looked forward to this..” He laughed and caught her chin with his hand as he slid into her side of the booth. “mean am I?” Her sharp intake of breath at his touch brought a faint blush to her cheeks. She could feel her heart quicken and tried to suppress a shiver. “Yes sir… you are mean. To make a lady wait and….” He kissed her, cutting off her words. Her body was electric… every nerve catching fire..eyes glazed.. thought stoped.. she could feel the heat of his body pressed tight agenst her as he gently bit her lip and pulled away. “What was that? I didnt quite catch the ending..” her eyes snapped to his.. blue.. with bits of gray.. “we.. need to go… ” she hesitated… “please..”

He wraped his coat across her shoulders as he helped her up from the booth. Still slightly unsteady but determined not to show it she grabbed a hair band from her purse and pulled her hair back to keep it from being ruined by the rain. He just watched.. smirking at her worrying over a little water when she knew what awaited her at their destination. Or.. she thought she did…

Her heels made little splashes as she hurried through the rain, his gaze travelled slowly up her legs as he followed… the rain was warm.. he was in no hurry. She stood beside the car looking annoyed at his pace. “Hurry up! I am getting soaked out here!” In two strides he closed the gap between them and pressed her into the wet body of the car. His breath was hot in her ear as he leaned forward and spoke quietly “I like it.. when your all wet.” Then he was gone.. where was he? The door lock clicked and the window rolled down. “How long where you planning to stand in the rain?” He was in the car.. how had he.. but just a moment ago.. or was it? Her thoughts were confused.. she looked down at herself, she was soaked. Mumbleing apologizes for the water she quickly got into the car. His eyes were dancing..”wouldn’t be the first time you got my car all wet.” She bit her lip and looked out the window to hide her blush. “I am shure I dont know what your talking about.”

He just chuckled softly as they drove through the dimming light… soon they had arived, the house was lit by tiny lights as he led her to a room she had never been in before. He stoped in front of the large oak door and turned to her. “Beyond this door is everything you have ever wanted.” He gently placed a hand in the small of her back.. pulling her close… there was that smell again.. that intoxicating sent of clove and vanilla.. yes.. that was it. “You know the price… ”

Her hand shook as she placed it on the knob and turned, the room was dark but for a single light Shining in the center of the room. In the light hung a chain… then the light was gone.

He quickly tied the band of black silk around her head, his hands worked quickly… first the blindfold.. then her hands were pulled behind her and they too were bound.

She could smell the juniper oil he he shaved with as he took her by the arm and pulled her to the center of the room

He looked at her.. standing there in the light.. she was so beautiful.. and tonight.. he would make her believe that she was. “Spread.. your.. legs..”

His words sent a rush through her as she stood in her private darkness. Slowly she did as she was told and felt the cool weight of metal around her ankles. There was a click and a rattle of chain.. her wrists were pulled upward, bending her forward at the waist.. she tried to pull her feet together to steady herself but something prevented it. “What are you doing?” She whispered into the dark..

“You are beautiful..” the sound of his voice was close to her. She shook her head no. “I am not sir.” She felt his hand caressing her leg. It felt so sexy as she hung helpless in her darkness.

He pulled back from her and opened a box by the wall. Something simple he thought.. something heavy.. he removed the paddle made of oakheart from the box and felt its heft. Yes… this will do. He turned to her, raising the paddle over his head “you are beautiful. ” his arm fell..

She jerked and cried out at the unexpected pain.. her ass throbbed from the blow.. so did other parts.. she heard his voice again.. “you are beautiful. ” again the pain.. her whole body felt the impact, her arms pulled against the binding.. “you are beautiful. ” pain lanced through her.. she could no longer hold her voice back and a soft cry escaped into her personal night. “You are beautiful ” now it felt like fire… she burned.. the echo of a scream ripped itself from her lungs.. she hung there.. sobbing softly.. “you are beautiful. ” it hurt worse.. her body jerked and twisted trying to escape the pain.. “oh God! Please! It hurts!” Her skin felt raw.. “you are beautiful ” her mouth opened in a silent scream.. her chest heaved trying to find breath..

Suddenly the darkness was gone.. before her was a woman.. her mouth crimson, slightly open as if in invitation… the womans eyes shining with a need so intense it pierced her soul.. this woman.. was everything she wanted to be.. this woman was ravishing.. and… beautiful.

He slowly stepped out from behind the mirror.. “now you see through my eyes.. you are beautiful in all your forms.. from you mind to your body to your heart.” He walked behind her so she could see him in the mirror. She whispered “I am beautiful…” a single tear slowly made it’s way to rest like a diamond on her cheek.

She saw him behind her.. felt his hands slide up her legs and lift her skirt.. her legs shook with need as she watched him grab hold of her hips in the mirror.

“Say it.” He growled, leaning over her to slip a hand beneath her breast. “I am beautiful ” she moaned as she felt him slide deeply inside her. He took her hard and fast, pushing her against her bonds.. her gasping crys echoed in the room.. her eyes never leaving the mirror. “Oh God! Please sir! Please.. i.. need… ” her voice was ragged and her breath was a gasp that flushed her cheeks. “What are you?” He asked.. holding her right on the edge of oblivion. “I AM BEAUTIFUL! ” she screamed as he pushed himself hard within her sending her cascading over the edge. Her body.. her beautiful body.. clamped down on him as pleasure roared through her vains… his heat filled her, his hands gripping her thighs.. holding her tight against him.

He slowly withdrew, savoring every touch.. he undid her bindings and stood her up before him. His hand cupped her cheek and he softly kissed her. “You are extraordinary.. and you deserve to see yourself as I do.” He said as he held her close to him supporting her.

She buried her head in his chest and wept… she could see… no false modesty.. no shame at her imperfections.. she was beautiful..


Best wishes -SirHanz

The red dress

I saw her their.. waiting at the bar, I knew she would be waiting… she was a good girl.

Her black coat draped over the back of her chair, she wore a red dress.. it had a high collar, long sleeves that clung to shapely arms. My eyes traced form, being drawn magneticly to the cut out down her back showing pale skin down to just above her hips. Her hips… crimson clung to them and flowed like blood downward to end abruptly mid thigh. Her legs were crossed, letting her feet hang just above the floor. Red heels shown in the dim light.. if I did not know it was there I would not have noticed the lock that held them to her feet.

I stood and watched her.. a shining jewel amongst the clamor of the bar. She was nervous, fiddling with her napkin.. looking at her phone to check the time. She had not noticed I was there. I picked up my phone and dialed. She jumped slightly as the phone rang on the bar almost spilling her drink, she fumbled to answer. Her hands shook slightly as she lifted it to her ear. “Hello?” I grinned.. “nice dress..” she glances around trying to find me, “where are you? I dont see you.” I chuckle..”go to the bathroom, take off your panties and come back, pay your tab and leave. I will be waiting in the parking lot.”

I watched through the window as she left the bar. The misty rain formed Pearls of light on her coat as she hurried to the car. I got out, walked around the car letting the headlights intentionally catch the reflection of my eyes. One step more and I stood inches from her.. leaning down I whispered in her ear, “get.. in.. the… car..”

her knees buckled. I was already close so with one arm I caught her and with the other opened the door. Her red dress clung to my fingers as I lowered her into the seat. The smell of her hair… the dazed look in her eyes.. she was exquisite. I shut the door and hurried to the driver’s side, slipping into the seat. I turned to her.. cupping her face in my hand. And kissed her. Her eyes closed relaxing as my lips left hers.. she never even saw the blindfold. She opened her mouth to ask something but I did not give her the chance.. in went the gag. I tied it behind the headrest, binding her head in place to the seat. Now blind and mute she relaxed as i bound her hands.. first one.. then the other. With a quick jerk her hands were pulled behind her and bound tightly behind the seat. I reached over and pulled the lever to lower the backrest, laying her down next to me. Now she was hidden from view.. I turned on the radio to drown out any sound, I slowly unbuttoned her coat and laid it open. There it was… the red dress.. beautiful.. and I was going to ruin it.

Her back was arched with her hands pulled behind her. Her chest pushed upward, she was blind.. mute.. and could not hear the sound of the scissors. A trail of cold metal slowly worked it’s way upwards. It was not until I sniped through her bra that she realized what was happening. I chuckled at her muffled protest, and finished my cut.

Red fell away.. puddleing around her hips and chest.. I started the car. We drove for almost an hour with her like this. Occasionally as we stopped at a light I would reach over and twist her nipple, rolling it between calloused fingers. Or trace my fingernails up her thigh and across her belly and ribs. Finaly we had arrived. I turned off the car, by now she was sweating even in the chill of early night. I got out of the car, walking slowly around to her side. Undoing the binding on her hands I turned her on her side.. now wrapping padded leather cuffs around her wrists and clipping them together. Undoing the gag she gasped “where are we?”. I said nothing. Simply lifting her out of the seat and throwing her naked and blindfolded over my shoulder. I walked for a bit… just to confuse her a little more. We actually made a big circle coming back close to where I had parked the car. And to where I had set up the pulleys and ropes.

I stood her up and unclipped her hands, quickly clipping the cuffs to the rope. Pale moonlight cast a beautiful mosaic of shadows through The trees and across her skin. A jerk of the rope through the locking pulleys and her arms were pulled taught away from her body. Not enough to lift her but just enough to make her toes barely touch the ground. Dried leaves crunched under my boots as I casually walked toward her. I cupped her breast, putting my face close to her neck.. her skin smelled of vanilla. She whimpered, the mist starting to collect on her in tiny droplets like rhinestones in the moonlight. I left her there.. with the feel of hot breath on her neck, and retrieved the cut dress from the car. Carefully making shure she did not hear the door open or close. The red looked gray in the silver light as I bent and tied it around her ankle. A hand on her chest and a little push made her loose her balance. A pull and her foot lifted from the ground, dragged upward by crimson silk. She moaned softly as I secured it next to her wrist.. leavening her balancing on one shining heel. “Are you cold?” I said, finaly speaking. She only nodded letting her head hang forward.

The clink of the belt buckle being undone was an unmistakable sound in the quiet of the misty trees. “Then let me warm you….” the holes in the belt sang as it tore through the air, leather kissed her wet skin with fire. She bit her lip.. her body swaying slightly. The line on the back of her thigh was gray in the moonlit darkness. Again the leather kissed her.. slightly higher than the last. She jerked against the sting, her head snapping up as she realized what was to happen. Now she was babbling.. “oh no.. oh no.. not that.. please sir.. please… please…” I moved in front of her, kissing her frantic lips. A hand delicately touching the wetness and heat between her legs.. teasing.. caressing..

A sudden step back and again the leather bites.. higher.. closer.. now she jerks.. head thrown back, sweat pouring in rivulets across her chest. “Please sir.. anything.. I will.. do.. sir.. please.. not tha” CRACK! Fire engulfs her as leather bites deeply apon her clit. She screams. Sanity has gone, plunging her deep into subspace. She writhes… twisting and jerking in orgasmic bliss. I let her have her moment.. then as she calms, head hanging limply to one side, mouth agape.. I step forward and lower her gently onto the blanket I had placed behind her. Unbinding her foot and arms, gentle kisses fall like rain apon her neck and shoulders. The blindfold is pulled away.. eyes wet with tears and filled with need meet mine… “please sir.. fuck me.. I need it..” she is burning hot as I drive into her… then it is a blur.. fingernails rake.. gasping, moaning. Flesh slaps.. begging.. twisting.. crying.

Heat……….. lust………. bite……. the taste of salt……

We lay on the blanket.. her head on my chest as we looked up at the moon through the clouds and trees. Our breath is slow and even now.. “sir?” Her voice vibrates against my chest. “Yes? My lady?” My smile is soft now as I look down at her wrapped around my side. “Will the neighbors be mad?”

I chuckle and hit the button on my keys to turn on the porch light of the house. “Fuck them, they broke my weedeater.”

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writeing it.

Best wishes -SirHanz