Through his eyes.

Her fingers stroked his cheek as he drifted into dreams. He lay curled against her, his fingers twined in her hair. Slowly his face relaxed and his eyes began to flicker.
 She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her thoughts turned inwards.. searching in the darkness, looking for the strand of moonlight that would lead her into the citadel of his mind. Diveing deeper she swam in the sea of emotion,  a flash of silver among the glittering stars of thoughts. There! The strand grew larger, becoming a river. She let the current pull her under, carried down.. down..
 That cant be right she thought as she looked into her own eyes. He was dreaming of her? Is this how he saw her in his dreams? Her smile was warm, her eyes.. deep walls of complex emotions that were fascinating and seemed to draw attention like gravity into their fractal patterns.  Her skin glistened with the blush of life, each line and scar unique and beautiful in the stories that it held. The knowledge gained and pain overcome. She/he loved her. There were no imperfections,  just the evidence of life refining her beauty.  And they desired her.. not just for her beauty, but for intelligence and kindness within. He/she wanted more than anything to be recognized.. loved.. by her. They felt foolish to aspire to such heights, but she was worth the risk. Her hand moved in a blink skipping the intervening space as dreams often do. Her hand was pressed to the back of his/her neck. She pulled him forward and their lips touched.
 The shock of relief, love, pleasure, gratitude and lust was overwhelming.  Her eyes shot open with a shuddering breath.  Her heart was pounding. Her skin felt feverish, her lips tingled as the embers of fireworks drifted in the darkness of her mind. She groaned softly, squeezing her legs together as moisture collected between her thighs. She turned and looked down at him sleeping beside her. He was smiling, serine and peaceful. She bent and brushed her lips across his. His hand was still in her hair as he dreamed. In his sleep he pulled her down into a passionate kiss plunging her once again into his dreaming mind.
 Her vains were on fire. She was siting astride him/her, the painful pleasure of the hardness between their legs was pressed against the silken softness of her thigh. She traced his lips with her tongue playfull kisses danced across his cheek as the fullness of her breasts pressed against his/her heated skin. She whispered in their ear.. “you are beautiful, and I love you…”
 Again the surge of emotion was almost blinding. Her eyes shot open as she pulled away from his kiss and filled desperate lungs with air. Her breath came quick and heavy,  a bead of sweat rolled slowly down her neck in the cool air of her bedroom.  More… she thought… I need more… I want all of it. She could feel the hard lump against her leg twitch as he dreamed…
 Gently pressing on his shoulder as not to wake him she rolled him onto his back. Her legs shook as she straddled his hips. In the dim light she could see his lips parted and still glistening with the remnants of their kiss. His chest rose and fell in the shallow rhythm of sleep. She couldn’t wait.. who knows what she was already missing. She pressed down…
 She/he  could feel the heat of her desire as her muscles clenched around them. They saw her.. back arched.. head thrown back.. her hair floating in an invisible wind. Defuse light danced around them as pleasure and love boiled like molten metal in their chest.  She was glowing from within, her light soaking into him/her with every thrust and gasping breath. It coiled around their spine and clawed it’s way along her/his nerves like a wild animal. It was too intense,  too much..
 Suddenly the scene shifted, now they sat in a cafe. The walls were decorated with photos of her smileing and in various states of undress. They looked across the table expecting to see herself sitting across from, but there was no one. Then she/he felt it.. soft wet warmth sliding slowly around their flesh under the table.  They enjoyed how the people

Looked on with envious eyes. Yes…. the people marveled at her beauty on the walls and  watched with desire etched on their faces as she worked her mouth up and down the length of her/his shaft. Her touch was magic.. and the tounge that spoke with such power and emotion now like a velvet glove teased and sent shocks of pleasure through them. They groaned and leaned back in the chair their eyes rolling.. completely ignoring the onlookers to focus entirely on the insanely hot woman between their knees. It wasn’t hard.. or rather.. it was.. but it was soo easy to get lost in her touch.
 Again the scene shifted. Her laughing face was again above them as they rolled together across a blanket spread over the grass. She was radiant in the sunshine. The dappled shadows of leaves played apon her skin as they kissed gently beneath the tree. He/she was so grateful and happy to be spending time with her like this. They felt unworthy of her affection but lovingly embraced every small look or gesture.  Her voice was soft as she spoke, they couldn’t make out the words through the shifting mist of dream but she/he knew it was her inviting him to spend the night. His/her heart almost stoped as she/he gazed up at her and could do nothing but nod their acceptance.
 Now the room was dark.. wait.. room? Oh yes, of course.. the dream had skipped again. They looked up from where she/he stood beside the bed. She wore black lace like a second skin. It followed her curves and accented her shape perfectly.  She knelt apon the bed looking back at him over her shoulder.  Lust blazed in her gorgeous eyes as her lips moved.. mouthing the words.. “do it.” They looked down at the rope in his/hers hands. She wanted this.. she/he could feel it rolling off her skin like sweet perfume. Again the dream seemed to skip, rope bit flesh.. their lips kissing her scars.. the crack of leather…  lines of pink glowing against the black lace that teased him/her with the shape of her ass… cries of pain and need.. overflowing moans wrenched from the bottom of her soul. Then they were inside her. Her arms were pulled back and tied, a blindfold hid her sight. She/he grabbed her arms like a handle and lifted her as they thrust hard against her from behind. They pulled her close, arching her backwards so their lips could meet in a blazeing kiss. She is perfect.. they thought catching a glimpse of her and them in the mirror across the room. Harder.. faster.. her hips bucked against her/him as she came.. once.. and again. Her pleasure rolled through them like a thunderstorm.  Wind howled in his/her lungs, lightning burned paths of incendiary destruction across their skin. Her body tensed as again she cried out. Her/his thighs were soaked with her wetness as they plunged into her tightening heat. They would not last much longer.. he/she knew the goddess bound hand and knee before him wanted it as badly as they did.
 It was explosive.  One moment she/he felt the rush of orgasum filling their vision with stars as they poured their love and devotion into her beautiful body.. the next she was in the dark looking down at his smirking face and open eyes. She tasted blood and her lip hurt.. she must have bitten it. Still.. she grinned and asked in her most innocent voice “good dream?” He smiled and her heart melted. It was the same way she had smiled as him in the dream when he thought of how incredible she was. He looked down at her legs still clenched around his hips. She could feel the warm wetness slowly trickle down the inside of her leg. He shruged.. grinning ear to ear,  “you know it was.”

Best wishes -SirHanz

In between

There is a certain moment,
Between wakeing and sleep,
Where dreams still linger,
And thoughts run deep,
Before I open my eyes,
It doesn’t last long,
But the feeling is strong,
Just a moment or two,
Where I’m laying in bed,
And still with you,
Then I awake,
Alone in bed,
With the touch of your mind,
Still in my head,
It slips through my fingers,
Like your silken hair,
A gossamer thread,
Shining and golden,
Then no longer there,
A sigh escapes,
From deep in my chest,
Today there will be,
No more rest,
Untill once more,
The darkness returns,
And in dreams passion burns,
As I lay again in your arms.

Best wishes-SirHanz


I wake wishing to sleep,
Stretching out half in dream,
The disappointment is bitter,
Drag me back oh morpheus,
Into the arms of my beloved,
For the pillow beside me is empty,
And in unconscious hours,
She trembles in my arms,
So take me back,
Into loveing embrace,
Ephemeral as it may be,
I crave that fire once more

Best wishes -SirHanz


We laughed as the warm rain fell,

Slick skin.. face touched with crystal drops,

I quench my thirst with the river between your breasts,

Bodies entwined.. silk on silk



Flesh pressed deep,

Pressed down,

Held up,

Cries drowned,

By the pounding,



Of dreams

So its 2am.. I have been woken up from a weirdly vivid dream and I wanted to get it out of my head. I am shopping at whole foods late at night with my brother. I am a bit hungry so I buy some pickled beets (in the dream they are delicious… I hate beets.) I get some toasted tortillas to put them on and a nice white wine to go with it. I go out to the car to put things away and stop to help a lady haveing car problems. After helping her I again set out for my car and realize I am lost. I end up walking home to the apartment complex (I dont live in an apartment) and because it is late and I am tired end up on the wrong floor walking into the apartment a floor below mine. There is a girl in a hoodie playing video games, the things in the room I walk into look the same as what is in my living room but rearranged and with small imperfections and differences. I stammer an apology and turn to leave. The hoodie girl says something I dont quite catch and I almost walk into another girl comeing in the door. After explaining to the new girl what I am doing there she says she understands and I excuse myself and leave. Now again I am lost and end up at the open door to another apartment. There is a frail old man laying in the doorway bemoaning the need to have his inlaws move in so that he can support a son that abandoned him. I help him up and help him inside. He Introduces me to his wife and I talk with her a bit, she is depressed because her husband is sad. I give her some kind words that seem to help her feel a little better. She says I look tired, I admit that I am and she offers to let me use their extra room to rest. I gladly accept and she shows me to the room. She leaves me at the door and I go inside, it is a small room with a large bed in it. The blanket on the bed is a faded red and looks hand knitted. I sit on the bed and look around the room, it is then that I notice three ladies siting at the head of the bed leaning on the headboard. Two are talking to each other and how they look is blurry and unimportant in the dream. The third… siting quietly to one side not saying a word.. is stunning. She is wearing a silk drape and a tiny pair of panties both in a deep burgundy. I look at her, drinking in how the low light plays apon her skin. She smiles at me, it is a smile conveying need, want, and desire. She desires me. Slowly she moves her knees apart, spreading her legs and allowing me to see all of her. I turn and lay my head back using her thigh as a pillow. I look up at her and she says nothing, just gently caresses my face with her hand. Then suddenly in my dream it all makes sence. I speak.. oh! You must have read my blog!

Then I wake up.

Apologies if that was weird and rambling but such is the way of dreams. And it is now 3am.

Goodnight dear readers. -SirHanz