In bed

As I lay in bed,
Listening to the rain,
A sadness decends,
That is not quite pain,
The blankets feel empty,
Though I am relaxed and warm,
The world is silent,
But for the storm,
This is my life,
My new norm,
Plenty of comfort,
From small joys and writeing,
But no one to hold,
Or to make life exciting,
So I bottle my joy,
And put it away,
Hopeing to pour it out,
Some other rainy day,
I’ll keep it safe,
As the days pass by,
To give it to you,
The sparkle returns to my eye.

Best wishes -SirHanz


He was infatuated….. he sighed as he awoke from another dream of her and rolled onto his back. The dog that was pressed against his legs grumpt softly at the moment.  He stared into the dark with the half awake memories of the dream still floating like mist in his mind.
 The notification light on his phone flashed softly in the dark. He groaned as sore muscles protested the movement as he pulled himself up to lean against the headboard. The screen flash far to bright to his night adjusted eyes as he flipped it on. Squinting he scrolled through his messages… work… work… updates… her… wait! What? His fingers shook slightly as he opened the message.  She had sent him something while he was asleep!  Load faster stupid phone!
 He could almost imagine her cheerful soft voice as he read.. “good morning! Sending you a smile to wake up to.” She had posed herself in black lacy lingerie looking up at the camera, the gentle curves of her hips.. chest.. lips.. drew his eyes to follow.  Her smile was coy.. a sexy little smirk that said “I am ridiculously hot.. and I know it.” He saved it to his phone and scrolled down. Oh.. you little minx.. he thought as he read.. “now that your up..snicker i want you to use those big strong hands of yours…” the picture that followed was of a jar of pickles with a sticynote that said STUCK LID. He grinned in the dark and chuckled.. then he noticed the reflection in the jar. He looked closer.. enlarging the image and zooming in. It was slightly distorted by the glass, but there she was. She was kneeling, topless.. lifting her breasts from below like an offering.  God! She was such a tease! Clever, funny, and crazy sexy all in one picture. She had definitely sent him a smile.. but it was him that was smiling. Next was a series of shots. She was now in a corset and heels.. crawling closer to the camera with each picture. He bit his lip as he watched her wide eyes looking into his soul. From picture to picture he could almost see the sway of her hips as she came closer.. and closer.. the last shot was just her lips, slightly parted and wet. Her mouth was relaxed, falling open as if she was about to…
 He groaned in frustration,  “what a wonderful and beautiful way to wake up” he thought.
 Then he woke up. He could feel he was still smiling from the dream. He turned his head and looked at his phone on the nightstand…. no messages.  He sighed softly… he was infatuated.

Good morning and best wishes -sirhanz


As we approach,
The end of the year,
Let me wrap you up,
In Christmas cheer,
Lace and ribbons,
Light and a bow,
Wraped round and round,
And placed just so,
Yes my love,
I like the light,
And more when you,
Are bound real tight.


Tell me your fantasies,
Of flesh and desire,
Blush and squerm,
At your words of fire,
Dripping honey,
In the palm of my hand,
A kiss so deep,
You can hardly stand,
The softest touch,
That burns like a brand,
Speak of your passion,
Hard and fast,
The sexy fashion,
Make it last,
Whisper your lust,
Into my ear,
Let your soul combust,
Let me hear,
Your cries of need,
As you beg and plead,
For me to never,
Not ever…

Best wishes -SirHanz

random poetry

Rays of gold,
Softly brush my face,
With warmth,
Gentle breeze,
Crisp and cool,
Kisses my smile,
Inspired by daydreams,
Of you.

It’s a beautiful day. Sunny 70 degrees and I’m totally rubbing it in.

Best wishes -SirHanz


My cello weeps,
Notes of sorrow,
Dripping from the bow,
Fingers ache,
Burn and blister,
A sacrifice of pain,
Given to the night,
A Cleansing fire,
For the heart,
That killed hope…
Hands are wet,
Apon the neck,
And I dare not look,
If it is blood,
Or tears,
That mix,
With strings lament.

The Hart

Hands are hevey,
Arms of lead,
Foggy thoughts,
Drift in my head,
Deep breath,
As dreams depart,
Open my eyes,
Allow the day to start,
Hot tea and a pillow,
As I sit up in bed,
Words comeing slowly,
Writeing things unsaid,
Love and loss,
A tangled web of thread,
A net.. a trap,
On which we fear to tread,
But the bait is tempting,
Glistening with light,
Promising peace,
With just one bite,
So once again..
I place my foot in the noose,
My heart stands open,
The hunters arrows loose,
Will she be quick,
Of hand and eye?
To piece my heart anew,
And let old love die?
Or will I bleed,
A trail.. in the snow..
Force her to chase,
For the finishing blow,
Or let love..
Die slow.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Calm your breath..
Now listen..
Close your eyes,
Do you hear the wind?
The field mouse in the grass?
Leaves falling..
The crunching feet of a deer in the trees,
Crows call and sparrows twitter,
Your heart calms..
Smell the water from the stream,
Wood smoke on the breeze,
The soft scent of grass…
Your thoughts pass like clouds..
Cool air chills your face and neck,
Soft fabric caresses your skin,
Hands are warm..
Thrust deep into pockets..
Now breathe…
Fill your lungs with life..
And exhale your worries. .
Feel the warmth deep in your chest,
Burning ever brighter,
A consuming need,
Sliding through your vains like molten glass,
Now open your eyes pet…
And tell me.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Life update

Well.. I finally went and did it. Pushed myself a little too much and hurt myself. I am currently laid up in bed with a torn muscle in my lower back. Its slightly better today than it was when it happened yesterday. Holy fuck that hurt. And driving home was an exercise in pain control I have not had to do in quite a while.

So… since I have not much to do and its finally getting to the point where I can concentrate enough to write I figured I would give everyone who is kind enough to read my blog an update on how my life is progressing.

Love life is still non existent, I met someone… and I really like her. But she is in a complicated situation and it’s best if I dont involve myself untill it’s all sorted out. So I am waiting as I feel she is worth waiting for. And hopefully when things have been sorted she will still like me as she gets to know me better.

Home life has been a mixed bag, S is working and it has helped her mental state quite a bit. I finally had a chance to talk with my parents about it and they were incredibly supportive. They will be comeing to visit in February on their way down to Florida to take a Cruze and go to a star party (like with telescopes not celebrities) for their 50th wedding anniversary. S is becoming more independent and slowly geting herself together. I am actually proud of her for working so hard to be better. However.. she is still pretty cold to me and didnt offer to help at all when I came home injured last night. That hurt. But I will not forget it ether. I am moving on with my life and when she is able to take care of herself financially I dont think I will want her to stay in the house.

I have been writing a bit here and there mostly posting short poems to twitter. No rave reviews or hordes of followers yet lol. Will definitely continue to post the longer poems and writeing here but a lot of short stuff will be on twitter.

Well… time to ice the back again. Hopefully I will be back to writing poetry soon. But hard to find the inspiration when it hurts just to walk to the fridge to get ice.

Best wishes -SirHanz


I write of love and loss and sorrows,
Of dreams and wishes hopeful tomorows,
Thoughts that fly and a heart that sings,
Distracting myself from painful things,

You may see me and not know the toll,
Life has taken apon my wounded soul,
I hide it well in laughter and cheer,
In holiday wishes at the end of the year,

I work and smile while humming a tune,
Walking carefree beneath the moon,
But deep in my core the shadows dwell,
Clawing against this self imposed hell,

Some days are better… some.. not so much,
As I pour myself.. onto this poetic crutch,
An outlet in verse for desires and lust,
Makeing hearts flutter and loins combust

But somewhere out there is a lady with vision,
One that loves all of the parts I keep hidden,
Find me soon for I burn from within,
A slow smolder just beneath my skin,

One day I know I will turn to ash,
Brilliant mind scorched by emotions lash,
I dont know how many days are left in my que,
But all I want… is to spend them with you.

Best wishes -SirHanz