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Soo.. I have been absent from my blog for a bit as I have been concentrating on my writing. Here is the update.

1. I am writing a book.

2. I am now a resident author with Berlinable publishing. ūüėĀ

3. One of my short stories was one of the winners of their worldwide Valentine’s contest. And….. wait for it…. is now published on Amazon! It is available for free! That’s right! No charge! Consider it a teaser to wet your appetite for future work. ūüėŹ any good dealer knows.. the first one is always free.

Link to story on Amazon

Happy reading! And if you hurry you can leave my first review ever! Wana pop my review cherry?ūüėÜ

Off to do more writing! I’m Fucking published! Woooohoooo!!

Best wishes-SirHanz

The “nice guy” paradox.

I have recently come to learn that “nice guy” on social media has been ruined by men using that moniker to camouflage predatory behavior.  Now even if you actually are nice you cant say so or you may be labeled a predator. Pretending to be nice and helpful to try to get into some girls pants. And the sad part is.. I cant even blame ladies for avoiding guys who claim to be a “nice guy” because it seems the predators outnumber those that are actually nice! And I feel suspect every time I say something supportive or kind! Wow‚Ķ think about that. Apparently now the only way to be seen as genuine is to be an ass. Is this what the future will be? Nice guys pretending to be assholes so they will be seen as genuine and can get their foot in the door to show though their actions they are not really an asshole?
 Seriously.. this is sooo fucked up. If your nice‚Ķ you have to lie about being nice. But if your actually genuinely nice you dont want to lie and get labeled a predator.  So you are forced to keep your trap shut and let your actions do the talking‚Ķ‚Ķ so what is a nice guy to do? Say nothing and only post pictures of himself helping people and being nice? That would look pretty fake wouldn’t it?
 So here is my take away from all of this‚Ķ we cant win. The “nice guy” has been painted into a corner with little hope to show he is not an asshat trying to get into your pants by pretending to be kind and romantic.  So I say fuck it. I’m gonna just be me. I own who I am flaws and all. But I am nice. And I will continue trying to be nice. And if I get painted as a predator for it‚Ķ just going to block those people and move on. If you dont take the time to get to know me before throwing accusations that could ruin my chances of getting to know some good people‚Ķ well‚Ķ you may be genuine.. but your not nice. Thank you for showing your true colors so I can avoid you.
 So that’s it‚Ķ rant over. I will be hideing in the corner drinking my tea. And if you need help but are so self centered as to think any guy trying to help you wants to be repaid with sex‚Ķ find a predator to help you. At least he will deserve to get throat punched for helping to change your tire on the roadside. I’ll keep on driving and wish you luck. But if your bleeding out I will do my best to staunch the wound. And when I get slapped for doing it, I will nod and move on knowing I did something good.. and for me‚Ķ that’s enough.

Best wishes -sirhanz


He was infatuated‚Ķ.. he sighed as he awoke from another dream of her and rolled onto his back. The dog that was pressed against his legs grumpt softly at the moment.  He stared into the dark with the half awake memories of the dream still floating like mist in his mind.
 The notification light on his phone flashed softly in the dark. He groaned as sore muscles protested the movement as he pulled himself up to lean against the headboard. The screen flash far to bright to his night adjusted eyes as he flipped it on. Squinting he scrolled through his messages‚Ķ work‚Ķ work‚Ķ updates‚Ķ her‚Ķ wait! What? His fingers shook slightly as he opened the message.  She had sent him something while he was asleep!  Load faster stupid phone!
 He could almost imagine her cheerful soft voice as he read.. “good morning! Sending you a smile to wake up to.” She had posed herself in black lacy lingerie looking up at the camera, the gentle curves of her hips.. chest.. lips.. drew his eyes to follow.  Her smile was coy.. a sexy little smirk that said “I am ridiculously hot.. and I know it.” He saved it to his phone and scrolled down. Oh.. you little minx.. he thought as he read.. “now that your up..snicker i want you to use those big strong hands of yours‚Ķ” the picture that followed was of a jar of pickles with a sticynote that said STUCK LID. He grinned in the dark and chuckled.. then he noticed the reflection in the jar. He looked closer.. enlarging the image and zooming in. It was slightly distorted by the glass, but there she was. She was kneeling, topless.. lifting her breasts from below like an offering.  God! She was such a tease! Clever, funny, and crazy sexy all in one picture. She had definitely sent him a smile.. but it was him that was smiling. Next was a series of shots. She was now in a corset and heels.. crawling closer to the camera with each picture. He bit his lip as he watched her wide eyes looking into his soul. From picture to picture he could almost see the sway of her hips as she came closer.. and closer.. the last shot was just her lips, slightly parted and wet. Her mouth was relaxed, falling open as if she was about to‚Ķ
 He groaned in frustration,  “what a wonderful and beautiful way to wake up” he thought.
 Then he woke up. He could feel he was still smiling from the dream. He turned his head and looked at his phone on the nightstand‚Ķ. no messages.  He sighed softly‚Ķ he was infatuated.

Good morning and best wishes -sirhanz

The gift of time

What is the most valuable thing in the world? Time. No matter how much money or jewels you have you are still closer to death than when you started. We spend our time without really thinking about that. How much time did you just blow listening to that guy at work that annoys you? 15min? Doesn’t seem like much right? Now say you do that (being generous here) 3 times a week. That’s 45min. 3hrs a month. 36 hrs a year. How long did you say you had worked there?‚Ķ‚Ķ.. entire days of your life gone. That much closer to death and all you got for it was a bit of annoyance. 
 I.. quite literally.. dont have time for that crap. And neither do you. Because here’s the kicker‚Ķ we always have less time than we think. Think your gonna live to be 80? 85? We all could get a fatal disease or get hit by a bus tomorrow.  On some level we understand that. But we dont spend our time like we do.
 So when someone is makeing an effort to spend their time for nothing more than to make you happy.. it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple thing or an extravagant date. They are choosing to spend that part of their life on you.  I am always grateful when someone does. Especially if it is someone I care about.
 We are all busy adults and our time is often spent doing things we would rather not have to do. So when we have some time to spend on things or people we enjoy we should all make a little more effort to do so. And in the process understand what a gift we are giving or receiving.  It is life itself.  There can be nothing worth more.

When I write,  I spend my time. Ether because I enjoy it or because I feel it is something worth the life I am spending to write it. It is not an off the cuff whim spent in some frivolous fashion.  It is a conscious choice. I feel we all get caught up in the day to day rush and rarely make that choice. We just react to the current need or crisis and end up wasting a lot of time then wondering when we will ever find time to be happy or do things we enjoy.

Thank you for reading.. I hope it was worth your time. -SirHanz

Gray sky

As I sit today and contemplate my life.. my past.. my future.. I stare up at the gray clouded sky and it today seems like a mirror.  I have never been the dark.. or the light. But always something in between.  People are always looking for one or the other it seems. A bad boy‚Ķ a good man.. but almost never a gentle heart with a naughty mind. Though.. I may be just dence and dont see it.
 I am also at fault for hiding myself through much of my life. Not literally.. but hiding my true self. I have my reasons, and they are valid I believe.  But it makes most interactions with people feel a little off. They see only what I show them, not who I really am. And even if I told them all about me most could never really understand.  So I wear the mask, both as protection for myself and to make it easy for others to interact with the me they see.
 And then something happens‚Ķ I meet someone.. someone who does understand.  And I am lost. Imagine going through your life.. year after year.. able to talk and sing.. in a world full of mutes.  No one talks.. no one sings.. and you have to pretend to be mute to be accepted by the world.
 Then you hear a voice, singing in the darkness. You follow the sound and find someone incredibly beautiful‚Ķ you free your voice and speak without the mask. The connection is instant. They are kind.. brilliant.. and share so much in common it’s scary. Could you not fall for them? With the potential to be able to share so much of yourself that you have kept hidden.. could you not love them? Knowing the pain they have suffered‚Ķ could you not want to embrace them and do whatever you could to ease their burden and make them happy?
 I ask myself if this is the weaving of fate.. or simply luck.. I know not. But whatever it is‚Ķ it is real. At least to me. I dont know what the future holds for me. But I know this tarnished mask grows heavy with age. And some days.. the gray days that portend cold rain‚Ķ all I want is to let it fall and damm the consequences.  But I can not‚Ķ the price is too high. But one day.. one day i know, it will be too heavy.  And on that day.. I will be free. Or i will burn. I have time yet.. maybe years, i hope i can live them well. And maybe.. if i am just lucky enough.. spend them with someone who can hear me sing.
 For now i look forward along the misty path, it is narrow and there are many temptations to lure me from it into the dark. But strength still remains in me and while it does i shall not falter.  So i work.. and rest when i am too weary to continue,  i learn and look within to make myself a little better each day. And I hope to one day no longer be the gray sky that fills me with longing and wistful desire for that which is beyond my reach.  I hope to be the light.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The return of gentleman fall

“Tell me a story” she says.. watching me with her liquid gaze. “Alright little flower” I say with a smile. “What kind of a story would you like?” “Something romantic‚Ķ and naughty..” she says as she hides her blush under the blanket, her eyes peeking out from under the covers. I chuckle and agree.. I never could deny her‚Ķ

Once apon a time… you see, all great stories must start with once apon a time. But they never say what time it was… strange no? Well.. I will not be falling for any such foolishness. And this story is all about time.
¬†Once apon a time‚Ķ as the long days of summer were comeing to a close. In a house made with love but filled with winters chill, lived a goddess of summer. She worked hard tending to the needs of the house she loved, cleaning and fixing things that needed fixing. She cooked delicious food.. “what kind of food?” My flower asked. “Shhh.. dont interrupt.. but she cooked a lot of different things. Winter liked meat so she cooked that for him. But she was a goddess of summer and would eat only the bounty of harvest. Now be quiet and let me finish my story or I will not bend you over my knee later.” I said with a grin and a chuckle.¬†
¬†Now‚Ķ where was i.. ah.. the house.. summer did not have a bad life with winter. But you see.. she was not happy. For winter was cold. And did not fill her with the warmth and desire that a goddess of summer needed.¬† But this story is not about winter.. for as the seasons changed summer found a gift apon her doorstep.¬† A warm scarf ment to comfort her and shield her from winters chill. She knew who it was from, for there was a note attached in the form of a poem with a rather bawdy ending. “It was from fall wasn’t it!” My flower chimed in. “Naughty girl‚Ķ what did I tell you about interrupting?” I scowled playfully down at her.
  Summer wraped herself in the scarf, it hugged her neck and draped gently across her chest. It felt soft and warm. Summer knew that fall loved her, she could feel the care and love woven into the fabric.  She wanted to… no… needed to.. feel it more. So she left the house that she cared for, though it was hard and painful to let go of a place she had put so much of herself into. She would miss much about the home.. but not the chill and neglect. 
 Summer set her eyes forward and followed the path to where she knew fall would be. Just as she guessed, she could see him sitting quietly and waiting among the trees of red and gold. Fall had not noticed her aproch, so lost in thought he was. Summer felt her heart quicken and she hid herself, pressing her back against the rough bark of a tree. She knew fall loved her.. but she was a goddess of summer… and her blood was heat. She wanted him to desire her…. her fingers slipped beneath the straps of her sundress of flowers and light and let it fall to the leaves beneath her feet.

 With steady steps she approached fall wearing nothing but the scarf that felt so good against her skin. Gentlemen fall looked up when he heard the crunch of her footfalls apon the path that lead to him. His eyes widened, there was summer.. whom he loved dearly and never dared to hope would return that love, standing before him In nothing but his gift. Summer spoke of her need and feelings for him, opening her heart in ways she never dreamed she could. She spoke of her pain, her loneliness and grief.  And fall loved her. She spoke of frustration and fear. And fall loved her. She spoke of hope and dreams.  And fall kissed her.
¬†They made love beneath the shadows of the falling leaves, summer burning hot and fall the cool warmth that filled her. Summer’s body was passion and flame, but just as her season would always give way to his.. fall pressed her down. He held her firmly, summer could smell the clove and spiced apples apon his breath as chill teeth nipped at her tanned skin. She surrendered to fall, giving herself completely into his love as she cried out her pleasure.¬† The warm rain of july fell between her thighs as fall caressed her full breasts. Fall held summer close, the friction of skin on skin a beautiful melody of gasping lust‚Ķ. fading into the leaves of the trees as fall took all that summer had to give and returned it with acceptance and love.
¬†They spent their day like that.. wraped in one another, first before the sun and then under the stars. I looked down at my flower as I felt her shudder. Her eyes where squeezed tight and I could see her hand moving beneath the blanket. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips glistening with moisture.¬† “Naughty little minx.. ” I said as I placed my erection against those full lips and felt her tounge draw me greedily into her mouth.¬† She moaned, her hand moving faster as she sensually slid her tounge across the head of my cock and tightened her lips around me. I pulled back the blanket, exposing her body. Her legs were spread wide, her hips grinding against the palm of her hand as her fingers worked frantically in and out of her pussy. She was exquisite.¬†
 I reached down and twisted her nipple between my fingers, her cry of pleasure was muffled as she sucked harder and faster. Her eyes opened and found mine, I could see the pleasure and need shining in their depths. She squeezed her legs together around her hand, her whole body beginning to shake. I growled my satisfaction,  one hand on her breast and the other in her hair as I pumped my cum into her waiting mouth. Her body went ridged and I felt the long deep moan vibrate around me as she came with droplet of pearl liquid spilling from the corner of her mouth.
 I smiled as we lay together in bed relaxing in the afterglow. She looked up at me and as I admired her beauty I could see the scarf.. in tones of red brown and gold hung with care across the headboard of our bed…

The end.

Best wishes…. Sirhanz.


Desire… the root of all kink and want.

From a desperate longing to a brief flash of flame.. it is something searched for and found unexpected.

There is so much wrapped up in that one little word. The anticipation of a first date.. The dread of rejection… The need to be loved for who you are. Desire motivates us to do things we would never think of or try without it.

Desire drives us to sacrifice, to cry havoc and loose parts of ourselves that steal our very breath away. It can be beautiful or disastrous. Not all desire is healthy, or even sane. But that does not make us want it any less. Each experience we have inspires some kind of desire. It can be anything that sparks desire, a look.. a certain way of moving.. creativity.. a glimpse of forbidden skin.. the way they speek.. intelligence.. the lines of their silhouette.. anything.

The basis of all desire lays in the mind. Through it all want and need derive.

Why do we desire?

What do we desire?

Who do we desire?

Does it even matter at all why if we do?

These are all the questions we should ask ourselves. I have my own answers but everyone will have their own.

For me.. i desire because my experience and memory draws me to things I enjoy. even if those things are not yet known to me.

I desire connection. that above all else but personal serenity. I desire love like I need to breathe, a deep seated desire for affection and touch rooted in my own personal demons. From the lightest loveing touch to the fierce passion of lust driven sex. I desire to be desired, wanted, needed. I desire inspiration, the bright flame of creation that burns me hollow and drives me to obsession until it is complete.

Who do I desire? A goddess of divine mind and body. Broken in ways that make me want to wrap her in the safety of my arms and words. imperfections that make her perfect in my eyes. stimulating and inspiring, enticing and seducing in the same breath. Playful and elegant, caring and compassionate. Kinky and quick with a laugh. And most of all… deserving of being loved without reservation or judgement… You may be wondering if such a woman exists.. and if she does.. how would I ever know she is all the things I desire? Simple.. i will tell her everything. Share my secrets and flaws.. and instead of judgement… she will inspire me to show her wonders.

Desire is the dream that shows us what hides in the deepest parts of our souls. We can fight it, push it down and force ourselves to forget. Leaving us unsure of why we feel so cold and empty all the time.

Or… we can embrace it. Dive deep and take a deep breath when we are sure we will drown. Fill our lungs with passion and let our blood burn.

I will leave you with this final thought..

If you could.. at this very moment.. have the desire that tightens your chest, shortens your breath, and blurs your thoughts and vision. What would you give? What would you do to have it? What would you risk? How far would you go to seek it out?

Think hard… each of us finds our own limits and must decide. Is it worth the risk?

I have made my choice. I choose to follow my desire and cling to hope. I choose to feel alive, and trust the fates have not foretold doom, But woven my life with purpose to bring me to the one who will cherish and understand my gift.

Best wishes -SirHanz

More thinking

I was thinking over a lunch of watermelon and salad about articulation. And how I feel like I am so much better at arranging my thoughts in the written form rather than speaking. I have never been a great orator. I have always been one to listen a lot more than speak.

And that got me thinking about how that may have effected my growth as a dominant. Let me brake down my logic for you.

1. Knowledge is power.

2. You learn more when you listen.

3. If you want to be able to control someone, you need to know them.

4. Really understanding someone requires two things. The ability to ask good questions and to be more interested in them than yourself.

So next time you see a dom bragging about how skilled he is, or how much experience he has with submissives.. take a step back and think.. if he is really that good, why is he talking? There is a reason they say it’s the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. Because they watch, and learn…. and that gives them understanding. And when they do choose to speak, there is power in their words.

So just for today… give it a try. Talk less.. listen more. You may be surprised at what you may learn.

Converting the world to introverts -SirHanz

Remember to Breathe

In this hot humid summer it can feel difficult to breathe sometimes. We get used to it and it becomes almost normal. We forget what it felt like to breathe. What it felt like to feel like we are alive instead of just surviving.

And then fall arives.. and with the first chill morning we step outside and fill our lungs.. with life. It feels achingly good just to breathe, to lay in the sun… to feel cool grass beneath your feet… to smell that first whiff of wood smoke that reminds you of home.

It is on such a morning that our story begins. We find our lady of interest siting on a porch, wraped in a blanket. She is thinking how much it feels like being loved, being wrapped in warmth while the exhilarating chill kisses her cheeks.

Her hair frames her face, braided locks falling just behind her ears and disappearing into the blanket. The sun peaks up over the horizon, reflecting in her eyes. Ah.. such eyes.. some would call them soulful or doe eyes, people commented often on them. But to Morgan they just looked brown.

Morgan smiled as she heard a stirring from inside. Gregory must be awake she thought. She could hear him put a kettle on the stove and laughed to herself at how he was so old fashioned. The smell of jasmine drifted on the currents of crisp air, slowly warming with the riseing sun.

Gregory opened the door and leaned on the door jam, “I’m makeing tea, would you like some love?” Morgan smiled, thinking oh my god.. he called me love! She held up the can of bang energy drink “I think I am covered, thanks.” Gregory chuckled looking at her wraped up in the blanket. “Alright” he smirked “you know.. if you wanted a bang in the morning….” he let his voice trail off as he dipped back inside laughing.

Morgan blushed thinking about the previous night… she had done things she had never even considered before. It had been so naughty and raw she thought, feeling the heat rising between her legs. She shifted beneath the blanket, her hips were sore.. her ass still had a tingling glow.. and she could feel the bite marks on the insides of her thighs. Morgan groaned, remembering the intense pain of those bites. She had never thought that pain like that right at the moment of orgasm would feel so good.

Gregory walked back outside holding his cup of tea, “you feeling alright? Your looking a bit flushed. I was a bit worried last night when you passed out.” Consern and care showed in his eyes framed by thin glasses. “I feel good actually” Morgan said. “Sorry I worried you. I didnt even know it was possible to… well… you know…” Gregory grinned “cum so hard you completely lose consciousness? ” Morgan felt the blush riseing again, “yah… that.”

Gregory knelt next to her chair, slipping his hand under the blanket to hold hers. “I have never seen anything more beautiful than you completely lost in the throws of passion.” Morgan smiled thinking he doesn’t say much.. but when he does… he speaks from the heart.

They stayed like that for a while, his hand in hers. Just watching the world and feeling the closeness. Birds hoping and chirping on the feeder. Morning chill slowly giving way to the warmth of day. At last their drinks were empty and they knew they had to start the day.

Morgan streched, she hated to let go of his hand but knew they couldn’t stay like that all day. “Do you have to work today?” She asked as Gregory stood and set his cup on the table. “Yes, but my schedule is flexible. Right now though…” he licked his lips and scooped her up blanket and all. “I am takeing you back to bed.. ” Morgan sighed laying her head against his shoulder as he carried her inside. His arms felt good, supporting her and holding her to his chest. Again she felt the heat between her thighs as she said “yes sir..”

Gregory layed her gently apon the large four poster bed, there was a post near Morgan’s head and she looked up past the curling dark wood at the ceiling. Then her vision was filled with eyes of dark blue, like storm clouds ready to bring howling winds and rain. Their lips touched and Morgan closed her eyes, her body relaxing as the magic of his kiss sent memories of pleasure to cloud her mind. She loved that moment, when all thoughts disappeared like clearing mist, leaving behind only feeling and sensation.

Gregory stepped back, unfolding the blanket like he was unwrapping a perfectly ripe pear from a gift basket. Carefully, but filled with anticipation and hunger. Morgan lay exposed before him. The adorable freckles on her legs drawing his eyes upward to feast apon the lace of black lingerie. He stood there for a moment, drinking in and filling himself with the vision of her supine apon the blanket, the off white contrasting with her tanned skin makeing it impossible to look anywhere else.

Morgan held out her arms, inviting.. tempting.. beseeching. His strong hands wrapped around her delicate fingers. With soft pressure he turned her, leaving her head to hang from the side of the bed. Morgan swallowed with anticipation, she knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and reached up to find the knot on his robe. She pulled apon the cord, feeling the cloth fall open at her touch.

Soft warmth pressed against her lips. Morgan opened her mouth and drew him inside, she felt him swell against the wet heat of her tounge. She smelled cypress and cedar from the soap of his shower as Gregory took hold of her braids and used them to pin her head back against the side of the bed. Giddy excitement ran through her as she felt him fully hard gliding slowly back and forth across her lips.

Morgan shivered, her mouth watered and she groaned with need. Her lips tightened trying to pull him deeper.

Gregory pulled back just enough to leave the tip of his shaft glistening against her lips. He placed the cord from his robe into her hands and spoke. “I’m going to fuck your throat. If it’s too much.. let go of the cord.” Then again using her braids to pin her head down he thrust forward.

Morgan swallowed, she tried not to gag. He pressed deeper.. she instinctively tryed to pull away but her head was held fast against the sheets. She griped the cord tightly as she felt her neck swell with his thickness. It felt raw.. primal.. to be used for his pleasure. Saliva pooled in her mouth and dripped from her lips. Her eyes watered and tears left wet paths apon her face.

Gregory saw her struggling, he glanced at the cord and saw her white knuckles gripping it tight. He withdrew for a moment, letting her gasp for breath. Then once again pressing past the back of her mouth and into the tightness of her throat. He held himself there, she looked stunning with her chin pressed against his skin. He decided to push her.. force her to let go of the cord. Slowly her face began to turn pink, she swallowed involuntary as her chest began to heave for breath and she began to choke. The sensation as she struggled felt amazing. She was a goddess, pinned to the bed by his cock. Convulsing on his shaft as her body demanded air and her mind demanded pleasure.

Morgan could barely think, her whole world had collapsed to focus on only him. To others.. this rough treatment would look like abuse. But in that moment.. when he placed the cord in her hand, it was a challenge. Without speaking a word he had said ” hold on if you can… I will break you… and force you to submit. ” she held on.. she desperately wanted to prove him wrong, to show him how strong she was. She wanted to win, to succeed.. she needed it. Just as much as she needed him to force her to submit. The overwhelming feeling of relief that came with giving all you have.. struggling with all your might… and then losing. Knowing without a doubt.. that he could brake her… but chooses not to.

Morgan’s back arched, Gregory could see her legs shaking as her face turned red. He felt her body shake as it tryed to draw an impossible breath. Then she let go. The cord feel as if in slow motion. She gasped as he withdrew her eyes opened wide uncaring of the tears and drool. She lay there sucking in great lungfulls of air as Gregory walked calmly around to the other side of the bed.

He grabbed her ankles as she swam in the haze of subspace and pulled her to the side of the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, her thighs were coated in her arousal as he leaned over her and cradled her head in his palm. Gregory gently lifted her head, her eyes were unfocused but he knew she could see him. Morgan’s lips trembled as he kissed her. Pulling back slightly he propped her head up with a pillow so she was looking down the length of her body.

Morgan moaned seeing her spread legs and how close to her he was. Inch by inch.. with agonizing slowness she watched in rapped fascination as his shaft disappeared like a slow motion magic trick. She was so wet there was almost no resistance as he buried himself inside of her. His fingers traced the bite marks on her thigh as he twisted his hips to grind against her.

It was too much, her breathing came in shallow gasps as ecstasy clawed at her spine. Her hips bucked against him, guttural cries escaped her lips as she came. Her body slowly relaxed after the intensity of the orgasum. She didnt even realize she had her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Morgen felt him pick up speed, the slapping of flesh sending jolts of pain and pleasure up through the core of her. Morgan’s eyes shot open as she felt his hands apon her breasts. He had hooked his forefinger across the top of her nipple and using his thumb below was both pinching her nipple and using her breasts like handles to thrust harder into her. When had he even gotten her bra off?

Gregory was sweating with the exertion of holding himself back, he wanted to see her come again. He could tell by the way she clenched around him she was close. A growl rumbled deep in his chest as again she threw herself apon him and began to shake. Just as she began to calm he thrust hard against her and dug his thumbnails into her nipples as in great pulses he spent himself deep within her.

Morgan’s mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasum returned with a vengeance. pain warped and twisted through her chest. Pleasure roared through her like a wildfire, leaving her a scorched ruin at is passing. She didnt know how she had gotten wrapped again in the blanket. Gregory was siting on the bed leaning against the headboard gently running his fingers through her damp hair. He smiled down at her as she realized her head was supported on his thigh. “Welcome back love.” He said. Morgan looked up at him sheepishly “I did it again didnt i?” He bent forward and kissed her forehead “yes.. you were… incandescent.” She closed her eyes and relaxed against him enjoying the feel of him playing with her hair. “Didnt you have to work?” She could feel his body shake as he chuckled. “I called in… apparently… the love of my life passed out.. and I needed to stay home to take care of her.”

Morgan burst out laughing. “You didnt…” his voice quivered as he tryed to contain his mirth “oh.. I totally did. Expect some people asking after your health at the next work picnic.”

She playfully slapped his chest, “you.. are a bad… bad.. man.”

Gregory again bent forward and whispered directly into her ear “and you are a naughty little minx that keeps me from working because I am enraptured by your beauty.”

Best wishes -SirHanz

The hawk

The crested hawk circles, the air is cool high above the ground. Currents of invisible ether lift and buffet wings like knives that cut the air. A tilt of the head and sharp eyes focus apon the earth below. Tiny moments draw attention, a mouse… thinking itself hidden chewing tiny seeds. One beat.. then two.. wings snap inward and head dips low. Air roars in the ears quieted by tiny fethers just enough to prevent damage. Faster.. the mouse is unaware. The shadow of a cloud covers the sinking sun.

Wings extend by effort of will faster still as the hawk skims the ground. Talons stretch, glittering black in the last rays of day. Each curved dagger of bone honed over thousands of years of evolution just for this moment. A tiny squeak and a patch of fur amidst the grass. The mouse is gone.

The hawk climbs once again, food for hungry bundles of fluff tucked beneath it. A tiny droplet of red falls from its pray. Downward… a ruby against the fiery blossom of sunset. Past the glimmering towers of glass, tumbling in the tumultuous twilight breeze. Down.. into the alley filled with the sounds of cars and carnal lust.

The lady pressed her hands agenst the dark granite of the wall. She could see the fading colors of the sky as the man in the coat behind her grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head backwards causing her to arch her back. The lady’s mouth opened, her cries of pleasure lost amidst the echoes of the city. He was inside her, filling… pressing.. grinding..the lady’s arms began to shake.

The man in the coat’s breath heaved in his chest like a great bellows. He held nothing back, giving this goddess any less felt like some kind of dark sin. The lady’s arms gave out and he pressed her firmly but gently into the cold stone wall.

The lady’s exposed chest pressed apon the chill of glass like stone. She layed her cheek apon it, feeling her sensitive flesh rubbing hard against it with each deep thrust. She could see the man from the corner of her eye, his coat open to reveal firm muscle that rolled with tension as his hands dug into her hips through her hiked up skirt.

The lady reached back her arms, spreading herself.. wanting him deeper. She gasped as the man hooked his forearms under her thighs and lifted her off of him. For a moment she felt fear, then exhilaration as her legs fell forward over his shoulders. She hung suspended apon him as she felt his mouth cease apon her his tounge delving velvet soft inside her. Pleasure gripped her, her head was spinning. The world hung suspended above her, and pressed just beneath her chin was the throbbing shaft still slick with her juices.

The lady felt droplets of her overflowing wetness land on the underside of her chest as she slid him past her lips. The man moaned, the vibration sending her over the edge, her thighs gripped the sides of his head pressing him against her as every muscle tensed. She felt him swallow as she flooded his mouth with her lust. She sucked hard, tightening her lips around him. The man groaned and twitched agenst her tounge, she knew he was close. He cried out his pleasure between her thighs, each movement of his mouth sending little shocks of ecstasy up her spine.

She wraped her arms around his legs pulling him into her, she felt the mans legs harden and shake beneath her hands. She tasted his salty treat spill into her thick and warm in the heat of her mouth.

Neither noticed the tiny droplet of liquid rose land softly next to them in the dust. High above them the hawk landed on the edge of the building where it had built its nest. Three pairs of golden eyes opened to see their mother for the first time. Hungrily they opened their mouths for their feist. Far below.. a man in a coat and a lady in a white blouse and wrinkled skirt walked grinning and laughing out of an alley. Holding hands as they were once again folded into the noise and flow of the city.

Best wishes -SirHanz