I generally have a vary logical mind. I dont believe without evidence, but I also dont discount something just because I cant prove it with what I know now.

But luck? Hell yah I believe in luck.

I have had too many things in my life, both good and bad to not to believe in it.

Superstition? Maybe.. but I dont think luck works like most people do. You dont just “get lucky” and then that’s the end of it.

I believe it is like a balance, bad things happen… good things balance the scales.

Good things happen… wait for it… you hear that? The other shoe just dropped… and you are in for it.

And the good and the bad are not always immediately balanced. One huge bad thing can mean months of tiny good things. I think most people dont make the connection between the two. But I can tell you… offer me a winning lottery ticket and I will politely decline.

“But why would you do that?” People ask.

Well… probably because I dont need to have cancer or something equally bad happen to me.

Now if I had just fallen off a bridge and broken both my legs and someone offered me the same ticket.. hell yah I would take it.

See how this works? Like everything else in life.. it is a balance.

So if something bad happens to you.. know that good is coming. Watch for it.. even the little things matter. Learn to recognize the little bits of good luck and be thankful for them.

And if I ever meet a sub who is just perfect and wants me for her dom? Think I might go lose a bunch of cash playing scratch offs 😉 head it off at the pass.

Best of luck… -SirHanz

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