My stalker.

I have a stalker.

Sometimes she follows me around at work. I am nice to her but dont want to encourage the behavior so polite but not exactly inviting conversation.

Sometimes she will honk at me when she sees me on the golf cart. I have found her hiding in the bushes watching me as I clean the pool.

She seems to always be around when I need to dig up an electrical line or pipe. Her beady little eyes watch me. She even stole one of my work gloves once when I took them off to get some water.

She is cute.. but soooo stupid.

Today she showed up as I was painting some concrete forms. I got a photo this time.

Think I can get a restraining order?


To my readers

To all my readers,

My apologies for the sparse posts lately, things are crazy at work right now. The temple is gearing up for janmashtami (pronounced jon-mosh-ti-me) the celebration of the birth of Krishna. So I have been working like crazy to get new electrical circuits and panels wired before Saturday to power all the booths and music. This is one of the major celebrations at the temple and we expect about 2 to 4 thousand people. Soo.. yah.. shit needs to get done. Hopefully afterwards things will calm down a bit and I can get back to my usual writing.

Wishing all of you the best possible day. -SirHanz

Rules for life

1. Buy extra forks. You think you have enough.. you dont.

2. Be kind to strangers. You never know when they may help you in the future.

3. Dont buy cheap shoes. They will fall apart 20 times as fast as a well made pair.

4. Dont buy something just because its brand name. If it’s not made well that logo on the side dont mean squat.

5. Deep breath. Good. Now do that the rest of your life. Oxygen makes you stronger, smarter, and faster.

6. Think more, talk less.

7. Eat well but healthy.

8. Sleep when you can, you will almost certainly never get enough.

9. Learn something new every day.

10. Keep your secrets.

11. Tell your secrets to the one you love.

12. Dont lie to yourself.

13. Stop caring about what people you dont know think of you.

14. When old people give you advice.. listen.

15. Be loyal. It’s better to have one friend that would follow you into hell than a hundred who dont have time to help when you need them.

16. Try not to get into fights.

17. If you have to fight, remember.. there is no such thing as a fair fight when they are trying to hurt you or a loved one. Use whatever you have to put them down.

18. Always know the odds. But know some things are worth the risk.

19. Know your limits.

20. Be willing to injure yourself to save yourself or another.

21. Anger is weakness.

22. Drink more water.

23. Never ask someone to do a job your not willing to do.

24. Always know that you could be wrong.

25. Get a nice bed. Being well rested is important. And you never know who may end up tied to it.

Best wishes -SirHanz


I generally have a vary logical mind. I dont believe without evidence, but I also dont discount something just because I cant prove it with what I know now.

But luck? Hell yah I believe in luck.

I have had too many things in my life, both good and bad to not to believe in it.

Superstition? Maybe.. but I dont think luck works like most people do. You dont just “get lucky” and then that’s the end of it.

I believe it is like a balance, bad things happen… good things balance the scales.

Good things happen… wait for it… you hear that? The other shoe just dropped… and you are in for it.

And the good and the bad are not always immediately balanced. One huge bad thing can mean months of tiny good things. I think most people dont make the connection between the two. But I can tell you… offer me a winning lottery ticket and I will politely decline.

“But why would you do that?” People ask.

Well… probably because I dont need to have cancer or something equally bad happen to me.

Now if I had just fallen off a bridge and broken both my legs and someone offered me the same ticket.. hell yah I would take it.

See how this works? Like everything else in life.. it is a balance.

So if something bad happens to you.. know that good is coming. Watch for it.. even the little things matter. Learn to recognize the little bits of good luck and be thankful for them.

And if I ever meet a sub who is just perfect and wants me for her dom? Think I might go lose a bunch of cash playing scratch offs 😉 head it off at the pass.

Best of luck… -SirHanz


I fucking hate….. heat. I have a high metabolism and my normal body temperature runs slightly high because of it. Combine that with the fact my body does not shed heat well and I get uncomfortable at 80 degrees if there is no breeze to carry away the heat. At 90 to 95… I am miserable, it’s not hot enough to get rid of the humidity but hot enough to make me cook. High humidity prevents sweat from evaporating and keeps the body from cooling itself. At 100 degrees the humidity at ground level drops because the water rises. I am actually more comfortable at 100 than a humid 90. There are only a few exceptions, one is atics. The heat and humidity both get trapped up there, and there is no airflow to carry the heat away from your body. At 100 degrees it is 130 in the atic with 90% humidity. That shit will kill you if your not careful. And for me? It’s worse.

Most of my work is generally outside, so summers in Texas are brutal for me. Today there is a heat advisory with temperatures on the heat index of 113 expected and it got me thinking… using the environment for bdsm is totally a thing! Up north it’s the cold, snow and ice can have soooo many uses.

But down here in texas…. its heat. Burning hot metal… sweat… sunburn.. your sub misbehaving? Just have them stand outside nude for 2-3 hours. You dont have to spank them to turn their ass pink. Or have them sit naked on the black metal folding chair you left to bake in the sun all day. Get creative.. yes.. heat sucks. But its slightly more bearable if it sucks more for someone else.

Stay cool and dont sweat it. -SirHanz


To eat a big eyeball. -japanese idiom.

“To be punished or given the worst of something”

useage: oh! I am going to make you eat a big eyeball for that!

where the crawfish hibernate -russian idiom

“To punish in a mean way. Or to teach a hard lesson. ”

Useage: I will show you where the crawfish hibernate.

To have not become so famous -icelandic idiom

“To have not tried something yet”

Useage: A whiping cross? I have not become so famous.

You ate my ears -greek idiom

“Someone who talks to much or is pushy ”

Useage: that sub ate my ears.


Introducing! The one!

The only!

The man with two hands!

Watch him and be inspired!

See wonders and be amazed!




I got nothing.

That’s how I am feeling today. You remember those old cartoons where someone opens their wallet and moths fly out? That’s what I feel like when I try to do something creative today. Just drawing a blank. The musket is in my hands, I aim…. pull the trigger… and bloop! The ball rolls out of the barrel and drops into a puddle. Maybe I am in a funk? Or a fugue? Not shure but it is starting to annoy me. The world seems dull today. Like the shiny bits are there but have no sparkle. Sleepwalking through my day. I now have 3 unfinished poems and 2 unfinished blogs. I keep trying to jumpstart things by writing and the spark is there but the powder is all wet.


Lethargic morning

Lethargy.. yes, that sums up my morning neatly.

The dog decided it was time for me to get up 10min before my alarm was set.. not enough time to go back to sleep.

Having my breakfast tea.. allergies are high today.. blarg.

Getting dressed feels like a chore..

Whose bright idea was it to make 9am the start of the average work day.. I want to kick that guy in the jimmies.

No.. realy I dont.. mostly because it sounds like too much effort.

Now that I am well and truly awake the dog is snoring right next to me…

You think he might be a minor demon? An imp maybe? Meh.. guess he is entitled. I did have his nuts cut off.

Birds sing happily outside my window.. fuck off bird! Way to early to be that chipper.

Tea has gone cold… and the hot water is waaaaay over there in the kitchen.. not shure if the 15 ft walk is worth it.

Yah.. just one of those mornings.

Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Let’s begin our day!

Please enjoy these soothing sounds that really make you want to go back to bed…

Enjoy your day at work!


The path of Knowledge

It looks inviting and easy at a glance, this open road of opportunity..

Calm and flat, the path is clear at the start…

Then upward it climbs, steeper and narrower..

It forks and twists, which path is right? Which path not taken held jewels and gold..

Ever forward, through the brambles and thorns, upward beyond sight it stretches before you..

When legs falter you use a crutch, when the crutch brakes you crawl..

And then there is light, and rest…

Exhausted you lay in the meadow at the end of the path..

Each step now carved apon your skin..

The sun is warm, the air cool…

You pick yourself up, and now choose to make a way forward where there was none…

Knowing others will follow, and it is for them that you make the path..

Just as the path was made for you.

Best wishes to everyone and thanks for takeing the time to read. -SirHanz

The Mountain and the Devil

Cold.. bones ache, muscles stiffen.

I set my face to the wind.

Determined I drive on, steps are agony.

Will takes over when the body fails.

Move… another step…. and another..

And breathe……. the air is thin…

My chest becomes a bellows, struggling to keep the fire of life alight.

Step, breathe, step, breathe, ever upward.

Time becomes irrelevant, eyes blur and refocus… one more step… now again.

Now it comes to me.. a warm hand.. touching my face, wiping away frozen tears.

Sleep she says.. I am warm.. I will hold you.

Eyes snap open. No more steps.. how long was I standing? Move! Screams the will. Move or die!

Another step.. the world is pain now.. another step… and another..

You will fail! Screams the wind.. you will fall! Moans the rock.

Lips crack.. a whisper.. loud as snowfall… “I… will… not…”

Light pours forth.. blinding bright.. and it seems all of creation is laid before me.

A weak smile on numb lips. The top.. finaly..

A friendly hand slaps my burning shoulder “oi mate! Hellova day for a walkabout!”

I nod numbly turning to see a rather chipper Australian fellow.

Dear lord.. did he just open a beer? He salutes me with the beer and laughs “I kep er warm in ma trousers!”

Slowly I turn and trudge once more into the cold.. convinced…. the devil is Australian.