Kink 107

Sensory deprivation.

Just so you know what kind of twisted mind your dealing with, I was sooo tempted to leave this post totally blank. Seriously.. the thought had a huge ole smerk plasterd across my mug.

But in the end I decided not everyone would see the humor in it as I did. So off we go… into the world of sensory dep.

Sight. Probably our most fundamental of senses. It orients us to the world around us and our physical place in it. It is often our first early warning system to avoid danger. When taken away… unless you are trained to deal with it we feel fear and often everything feels dangerous. Imagine you are in a room full of evenly spaced tables and chairs. Suddenly someone turns off the light and shuts the door leaving you in complete darkness. You know you must find the lightswich on the other side of the room…what is the first thing you feel? Anger that someone stole your sight? Fear that you cant remember where all the tables and chairs are? Do you need to tell yourself to calm down? Are you worried that the person that shut off the lights may still be in the room? All these thoughts crash through you in a few seconds. At first you dont move as your brain struggles to orient itself. Which direction was the lightswich? Do you then move slowly with arms outstretched to try to feel if you are about to bump into something?


Now imagine the same scenario but with your hands bound behind your back encased in thick gloves. You can no longer feel the tables if you bump into them, it just becomes hard to move forward. You cant even feel the stress sweat beading on your neck and lips. But it’s ok… you can hear the footfalls of the people walking past the door, you can smell the flowers on the table to your left and right.. you can taste the fresh air from the ac vent by the wall mixed with the salt of sweat..


No more flowers. No more smell of your perfume. No more anything.


The fresh air is gone. You dont know if its flowing or not.. are you going to run out of air? How tightly is this room built? The taste of salt is gone.. are you still sweating or are you just feeling hot and uncomfortable?

Hearing. No more footsteps. No more sounds of tables scraping the floor when you bump into them.. only the sound of your heart beat and the blood rushing in your ears..

You are alone in the void.. you can move but how will you know if your getting anywhere? There is only you.. time looses all meaning.. moments feel like hours.. and then a touch In the darkness.. your mind snaps like a whip focusing entirely on where you where touched, how hard, how long… anything for a point of reference.

This is the magic of sensory deprivation. It forces the mind to only focus on the sensation given to the submissive through touch. Because that is the only connection to the world outside of the void you have left them in the mind clings to it like it is the only thing in the universe. Through the whole process of slowly taking away the senses you are putting the mind under more and more stress to seek out stimulus. And with endorphins and elevated heart rate the skin becomes extra sensitive as the mind desperately seeks some kind of stimulation. A simple touch can bring a rush of pleasure. Things that before where a bit painful are turned to pleasure as the brain rewards the body for finding something… anything.. in the dark of the void.

The key to good sensory deprivation play is for the dominant to understand what is happening to the mind and body of the submissive. It takes trust from the submissive and a strong sence of self. Leaving a weak willed sub in sense dep for an extended period of time is literally torture and can cause serious mental trauma. Know your sub well before attempting this. And give them an out. A ball in the hand that they can drop to be released for example.

Hope you have enjoyed this little journey into sensory deprivation play.

Untill next time..

Best wishes -SirHanz

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