Calm your breath..
Now listen..
Close your eyes,
Do you hear the wind?
The field mouse in the grass?
Leaves falling..
The crunching feet of a deer in the trees,
Crows call and sparrows twitter,
Your heart calms..
Smell the water from the stream,
Wood smoke on the breeze,
The soft scent of grass…
Your thoughts pass like clouds..
Cool air chills your face and neck,
Soft fabric caresses your skin,
Hands are warm..
Thrust deep into pockets..
Now breathe…
Fill your lungs with life..
And exhale your worries. .
Feel the warmth deep in your chest,
Burning ever brighter,
A consuming need,
Sliding through your vains like molten glass,
Now open your eyes pet…
And tell me.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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