New years eve poetry

Small bubbles,
Deep amber,
Caressing foam,
Slightly bitter,
Sinking slowly,
Into complexity.

I woke to her good morning,
And held it in my heart,
I am not bemoaning,
The time we are apart,
Anticipation growing,
Day by night by dawn,
A flutter of excitement,
With each breath that I have drawn,
No masks or little banter,
Just loved for who we are,
A gift so rare and precious,
It matters not how far,
Our words will find their way,
Into open arms,
And smileing we will play,
Safe from all the harms,
One day…

Beneath the winter sun
I sit and ponder
What word may capture
How my pulse quickens
At the sound of her voice
And yet again
I am in awe
Struck dumb
That she
Finds me
To love her.

Best wishes and happy new year to all. -SirHanz

Merry Christmas

Santa may have gotten lost this year,

But I’m still full of Christmas cheer,

I had nachos for dinner,

The tequila was fine,

And cheesecake for breakfast,

Even got to work on time..

And when I get home,

All acheing and sore,

I’ll still be ok,

Because I can lock the door,

Curl up in my bed,

All comfy and warm,

And dream of my sunflower,

Untill the morn,

I dont need presents,

Or fancy food,

Or beautiful letters,

Over which to brood,

All I need is four words,

The best gift from you,

A simple marry Christmas,

And I love you too.

Best wishes-SirHanz


Two souls,
Bound by tragedy,
Sharing a gift,
A cursed legacy,
A beautiful fantasy,
Breathing words apon a page,
Secrets long hidden,
Spoken truths,
Love unbidden,
Grew strong,
Ignited lust,
Too long,
Each alone,
Bleeding out,
In poetic dance.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Written in silver,
Flowing words,
Spiral inwards,
Touching forgotten,
Caressing desire,
Whispering truth,
Moonlight verse,
Spoken deep,
Within the warmth,
Of new love,
Held gently,
A savoured moment,
In fluttering heart.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The Hart

Hands are hevey,
Arms of lead,
Foggy thoughts,
Drift in my head,
Deep breath,
As dreams depart,
Open my eyes,
Allow the day to start,
Hot tea and a pillow,
As I sit up in bed,
Words comeing slowly,
Writeing things unsaid,
Love and loss,
A tangled web of thread,
A net.. a trap,
On which we fear to tread,
But the bait is tempting,
Glistening with light,
Promising peace,
With just one bite,
So once again..
I place my foot in the noose,
My heart stands open,
The hunters arrows loose,
Will she be quick,
Of hand and eye?
To piece my heart anew,
And let old love die?
Or will I bleed,
A trail.. in the snow..
Force her to chase,
For the finishing blow,
Or let love..
Die slow.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The muse’s gift.

The surge comes quickly,
Washing over and filling my soul,
Happiness vibrates from deep within,
Creative energy overflows,
Into an explosion of words,
Butterflies with knives,
Joyfull gladiators,
Duel in my breast,
Eyes dart and soak in color,
Details overlooked now crystal clear,
Thoughts blurr with speed,
Branching and merging,
Faster than I can follow,
Fingers fly apon they keys,
A constant staccato,
Riseing into crescendo,
Of Frantic creation,
Bam. Done.
I will start again.

Best wishes-SirHanz

Glass mask

There was never a moment,
When I thought,
I didnt want her,
She deserves,
To be loved,
Without judgment,
To heal,
Without worry,
That she is seen,
And understood,
She doesn’t need,
To remove her mask,
Because to me,
It’s clear as glass.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Am I innocent no longer?
Desires growing stronger,
Flames riseing over distance and time,
Sinful visions fill my mind,
Can I be pure of heart,
Yet have a lustful soul?
Is this just a part,
Or the tainted whole,
My shineing armor,
Is tarnished it seems,
With years of suffering,
And broken dreams,
But still I smile,
And laugh with joy,
For Inside steel and muscle,
Is a wide eyed little boy,
Who still sees the beauty,
In the shadows of night,
And loves you fiercely,
Be it wrong or right,
You can see him sometimes…
In the gray of my eyes,
Still waiting for that joyful surprise,
Of a beautiful girl,
Who wants to play,
And boldly asks,
If she can stay,
As we steal away,
To a private place,
With butterflies,
And hearts that race,
Holding hands.. a tender kiss,
All unknowing but wanting more of this…
He is still there,
The other part of me,
Kept safe and hidden,
For the girl to see,
Protected by walls,
Chains and locks,
Untill one day…
When the girl in you knocks.

Best wishes and happy Halloween -SirHanz


Sometimes it’s the little things that we treasure. If you are going on a date and the man brings you Roses.. that’s nice right? You put them in a vase on the table.  Now imagine the same man shows up empty handed but while walking stops to pick a daisy and tucks it In your hair. What ment more to you? The roses? Or the daisy? What makes you smile and your heart flutter?
 It is much the same in a D/s dynamic. It is the little things you do that make your partner feel safe, able to freely express themselves sexually or otherwise. It’s what we do to show we are thinking about our partners that makes us feel the most cared about. For example, a dom may show he or she is thinking about their sub by the planning and work they put into creating the right headspace for play. The sub meanwhile may show their care and devotion by makeing themselves appealing to the taste of their dom, or in the ways they allow their dom to exercise control over them. This will of course vary depending upon your personal preferences and the extent of your dynamic. But the thought is the same. Small gestures matter. Often more than we know. So make the effort, it costs you nothing.. and may mean everything to someone you care about.
 I know the value of these things, and try to do little things to make shure the person I care about knows how much I value their attention and seek to allow them the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled. It is through my writing and my actions that I endeavor to make them feel wanted and appreciated.  However.. there is a downside to this approach.  The recipient of your attention needs to understand why you do the things you do and be open to the experience.  If you stop to pick a flower while walking and the person your with gets annoyed  that you are slowing them down…. not the best reaction huh? Or in a bdsm context if you have layed out toys and are waiting in cuffs when they walk in the door…. and they tell you to put that stuff away because they want dinner… can you say mood killer?
 So be open to seeing what’s behind the words or actions.  It’s not just a flower that you will have to pick out of your hair later. It’s a gesture that says “your beautiful,  I want you to feel beautiful,  I am constantly thinking of ways to show you that I love you, and I will spend a little more time to make shure you feel it.”

Best wishes -SirHanz


Even as I rise,
I fall,
My heart flies,
Like a shawl,
To wrap you in my love,
As you wake from fevered sleep,
It fits you like a glove,
Lifting you from the deep
Streach your sensuous body,
Laying still beneath the sheet,
Feel a little naughty,
As into you my words creep,
A distraction to be shure,
Your hand apon your breast,
It’s not the best of cure,
But your already.. undressed,
So as you fingers play,
Deep between your thighs,
Let echos of me stay,
In the fire behind your eyes,
And when you bite your lip,
And legs begin to shake,
Feel the words slip,
With every breath you take,
“I love you“.

Best wishes -SirHanz