The return of gentleman fall

“Tell me a story” she says.. watching me with her liquid gaze. “Alright little flower” I say with a smile. “What kind of a story would you like?” “Something romantic… and naughty..” she says as she hides her blush under the blanket, her eyes peeking out from under the covers. I chuckle and agree.. I never could deny her…

Once apon a time… you see, all great stories must start with once apon a time. But they never say what time it was… strange no? Well.. I will not be falling for any such foolishness. And this story is all about time.
 Once apon a time… as the long days of summer were comeing to a close. In a house made with love but filled with winters chill, lived a goddess of summer. She worked hard tending to the needs of the house she loved, cleaning and fixing things that needed fixing. She cooked delicious food.. “what kind of food?” My flower asked. “Shhh.. dont interrupt.. but she cooked a lot of different things. Winter liked meat so she cooked that for him. But she was a goddess of summer and would eat only the bounty of harvest. Now be quiet and let me finish my story or I will not bend you over my knee later.” I said with a grin and a chuckle. 
 Now… where was i.. ah.. the house.. summer did not have a bad life with winter. But you see.. she was not happy. For winter was cold. And did not fill her with the warmth and desire that a goddess of summer needed.  But this story is not about winter.. for as the seasons changed summer found a gift apon her doorstep.  A warm scarf ment to comfort her and shield her from winters chill. She knew who it was from, for there was a note attached in the form of a poem with a rather bawdy ending. “It was from fall wasn’t it!” My flower chimed in. “Naughty girl… what did I tell you about interrupting?” I scowled playfully down at her.
  Summer wraped herself in the scarf, it hugged her neck and draped gently across her chest. It felt soft and warm. Summer knew that fall loved her, she could feel the care and love woven into the fabric.  She wanted to… no… needed to.. feel it more. So she left the house that she cared for, though it was hard and painful to let go of a place she had put so much of herself into. She would miss much about the home.. but not the chill and neglect. 
 Summer set her eyes forward and followed the path to where she knew fall would be. Just as she guessed, she could see him sitting quietly and waiting among the trees of red and gold. Fall had not noticed her aproch, so lost in thought he was. Summer felt her heart quicken and she hid herself, pressing her back against the rough bark of a tree. She knew fall loved her.. but she was a goddess of summer… and her blood was heat. She wanted him to desire her…. her fingers slipped beneath the straps of her sundress of flowers and light and let it fall to the leaves beneath her feet.

 With steady steps she approached fall wearing nothing but the scarf that felt so good against her skin. Gentlemen fall looked up when he heard the crunch of her footfalls apon the path that lead to him. His eyes widened, there was summer.. whom he loved dearly and never dared to hope would return that love, standing before him In nothing but his gift. Summer spoke of her need and feelings for him, opening her heart in ways she never dreamed she could. She spoke of her pain, her loneliness and grief.  And fall loved her. She spoke of frustration and fear. And fall loved her. She spoke of hope and dreams.  And fall kissed her.
 They made love beneath the shadows of the falling leaves, summer burning hot and fall the cool warmth that filled her. Summer’s body was passion and flame, but just as her season would always give way to his.. fall pressed her down. He held her firmly, summer could smell the clove and spiced apples apon his breath as chill teeth nipped at her tanned skin. She surrendered to fall, giving herself completely into his love as she cried out her pleasure.  The warm rain of july fell between her thighs as fall caressed her full breasts. Fall held summer close, the friction of skin on skin a beautiful melody of gasping lust…. fading into the leaves of the trees as fall took all that summer had to give and returned it with acceptance and love.
 They spent their day like that.. wraped in one another, first before the sun and then under the stars. I looked down at my flower as I felt her shudder. Her eyes where squeezed tight and I could see her hand moving beneath the blanket. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips glistening with moisture.  “Naughty little minx.. ” I said as I placed my erection against those full lips and felt her tounge draw me greedily into her mouth.  She moaned, her hand moving faster as she sensually slid her tounge across the head of my cock and tightened her lips around me. I pulled back the blanket, exposing her body. Her legs were spread wide, her hips grinding against the palm of her hand as her fingers worked frantically in and out of her pussy. She was exquisite. 
 I reached down and twisted her nipple between my fingers, her cry of pleasure was muffled as she sucked harder and faster. Her eyes opened and found mine, I could see the pleasure and need shining in their depths. She squeezed her legs together around her hand, her whole body beginning to shake. I growled my satisfaction,  one hand on her breast and the other in her hair as I pumped my cum into her waiting mouth. Her body went ridged and I felt the long deep moan vibrate around me as she came with droplet of pearl liquid spilling from the corner of her mouth.
 I smiled as we lay together in bed relaxing in the afterglow. She looked up at me and as I admired her beauty I could see the scarf.. in tones of red brown and gold hung with care across the headboard of our bed…

The end.

Best wishes…. Sirhanz.

Go dog go writing prompt “edge of summer”

Days blurr in waves of heat,

Quiet morning before the sun,

With cup of tea I take a seat,

Silence is slowly undone,

By squirrels and birds,

Passing cars.. the hawk cries,

There is no need for words,

As color awakens in my eyes,

A fateful encounter,

With the edge of summer.

Best wishes -SirHanz



Already slick with sweat,

Heart pounding with the song,

Of work,

Cicadas play a harmony,

With burning sholders,

And the blessed wind,

Hours to go,

With my constant companion,

Watching from on high,

Urging me,

To struggle,


Best wishes-SirHanz

Goddess of summer

There lived a goddess of summer,

Beloved of gentlemen fall,

She smelled of honeysuckle,

And was roundly liked by all,

But her eyes and lips were held,

By winters chill embrace,

And so fall was compelled,

To but marvel at her face,

He waited all the days,

And could not help but gaze,

Enraptured by her art,

He loved her for her beauty,

He loved her for her heart,

He loved her for her duty,

That he could not ask to part,

As leaves began to drift,

Turning red and gold,

He left for her a gift,

To ward against the cold,

A scarf that smelled of campfires,

Pumpkins and of spice,

He wished only to convay desires,

And hoped she found it nice,

For many days he’d worked,

To make perfect every stich,

Now his ears they perked,

And his breath began to hitch,

Before him stood the goddess,

Dressed in scarf and nothing more,

Wearing not a bodice,

His jaw it hit the floor,

“You stitched your heart into this wool,”

“And now my own it quakes,”

“If you will have me I am yours in full,”

“Whatever else it takes,”

He lept and held her in his arms,

Wrapping her in his cloak,

“I would have you, and all your charms,”

His voice began to choke,

“You have my heart wraped round your neck,”

“But all else of mine I give,”

“To kiss but once your summer lips,”

“For you my life I live.”



Shimmering harbinger of suffering,

I laugh at your attempt to cause fear,

Sweeping red and gold across the sky,

To say beware.. I am comeing,

I smile and sip my tea,

I have beaten you before,

You will not get me today,

As you burn the air,

wither grass to dust,

I will ignore your rage,

And in serenity do my work.


Summer Night

Laying in bed wishing it was a lady curled up next to me instead of the dog, it seems the sleepy mind is poetic.

Sleep will find me soon,

The cicadas play their chirping tune,

They sing because they are lonely,

Trying to find another in the dark,

Tonight if she was here… if only,

I too may sing.. looking for that spark.