The gift of time

What is the most valuable thing in the world? Time. No matter how much money or jewels you have you are still closer to death than when you started. We spend our time without really thinking about that. How much time did you just blow listening to that guy at work that annoys you? 15min? Doesn’t seem like much right? Now say you do that (being generous here) 3 times a week. That’s 45min. 3hrs a month. 36 hrs a year. How long did you say you had worked there?…….. entire days of your life gone. That much closer to death and all you got for it was a bit of annoyance. 
 I.. quite literally.. dont have time for that crap. And neither do you. Because here’s the kicker… we always have less time than we think. Think your gonna live to be 80? 85? We all could get a fatal disease or get hit by a bus tomorrow.  On some level we understand that. But we dont spend our time like we do.
 So when someone is makeing an effort to spend their time for nothing more than to make you happy.. it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple thing or an extravagant date. They are choosing to spend that part of their life on you.  I am always grateful when someone does. Especially if it is someone I care about.
 We are all busy adults and our time is often spent doing things we would rather not have to do. So when we have some time to spend on things or people we enjoy we should all make a little more effort to do so. And in the process understand what a gift we are giving or receiving.  It is life itself.  There can be nothing worth more.

When I write,  I spend my time. Ether because I enjoy it or because I feel it is something worth the life I am spending to write it. It is not an off the cuff whim spent in some frivolous fashion.  It is a conscious choice. I feel we all get caught up in the day to day rush and rarely make that choice. We just react to the current need or crisis and end up wasting a lot of time then wondering when we will ever find time to be happy or do things we enjoy.

Thank you for reading.. I hope it was worth your time. -SirHanz


Let me start by freely admitting that I am a sadist and want to hurt your brain a little. So sit back.. brace yourself.. and know that somewhere out there I am having a little laugh knowing that you are reading this.

I have always had an interest it time. What is time? How does it affect our lives?

Let’s start with the basics. Time is a function of two things. Entropy and memory. We measure time by looking at the changes in the world around us, we remember what things were like before and measure the rate of change… and presto… you have time. We track that change in the form of clocks and recordings. But why do we do that? Primarily because memory is flawed, we need a reference point to understand the passage of time. Before clocks we had the sun and the seasons.

What could be so mind bending about that you ask? Well… the kicker is this… memory.

Memory is flawed. As is our perception based on it. As in “gawd.. that test took forever! ” or “it’s over already? But we just started! “.

Did time speed up or slow down? No? Are you shure? If your whole concept of the passage of time is based around your experience of things moving or changing and all change happens at a certain measurable rate how would you know if time moved faster or slower? Only by observing from a perspective not effected by time could you notice time speeding up or slowing down. And since this is not possible because we ourselves are within and affected by time it is impossible for us to persevere changes in the rate that time passes. If time moves faster then everything moves faster. Our perception of time included. So we would not notice any change.

Ok.. you got all that? Feel the headache comeing on? Oh.. but I am not done…

As the theory of relativity explains, time and space are linked. When something moves at a speed close to that of light the time of the object slows down relative to the passage of time for slower moving objects. It’s the classic scifi trope of spaceship flying close to the speed of light comes back to earth thinking an hour has passed and finds the earth ruled by techno nazi’s or something. Relative mass also increases as you approach the speed of light. Time is also affected by gravity. We see this in the warping of spacetime around a black hole. So how do we know if the reverse is also true? That gravity is affected by time? I believe it is.. and I can prove it. Time moves faster and slower and we dont notice. However.. time moving faster also affects gravity. Just as an objects speed affects time. And that’s why it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed after a long night.

Wait for it…. and…. yup.. there it is… told you I was going to hurt your brain.

Best wishes -SirHanz