A quick note.

Just wanted to let my readers know the lack of content the last couple of days has not been by choice. I landed a contract for some work but it had to be done in 2 days so 22hours over two days of up and down a ladder and now I can finally get back to writing. I took monday off to rest sore muscles and recoup some sleep. But now I am back. And ready to bring the heat with more delicious words and informative delicacies. Glad to be back, it was a grueling few days at the end of a hot week.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Blarg 2.0

Writing at 1pm

Feeling super tired today already, it is currently 102 degrees and supposed to hit 104. Me and the sun are not frends today. Chugging water to try and avoid the heat stroke I can feel comeing on in the form of a headache. Moving in this kind of heat and humidity takes a bit more willpower than usual. Working in it… a whole lot more.

Writeing at 3pm.

Sitting in the walk in fridge in the kitchen to bring down core temperature. The thermometer on the shop read 105 in the shade. Knew I had to cool down when my hands started to shake. Core temp was 103.

Hmm… nausea. Headache. Shakeing hands. Yup.. heat stroke. Writing is hard because thinking is hard. But I figured what else am I going to do while I wait..

Its interesting where your mind goes in times of stress or duress. Right now I am thinking of home, my big bed with cool sheets. Not looking forward to going to the store after work but S came down with a chest cold and I promised to get things so she could make herself some soup. Back is bothering me a bit, probably shouldn’t have lifted those 10 80lb bags of concrete but there wasn’t anyone else around that could. So I did.

Thoughts are becoming clearer now and nausea is receding. Blarg… so tired. Oh well.. such is life. Back to work.

Not letting the heat win. -SirHanz


Today was the birthday celebration at the temple for Krishna, in case your wondering it is pronounced jon-mosh-ti-me.

The day began early with lots of setup, I spent the last 4 days building and installing 15 new electrical circuits to power everything. Spent the morning settling up lights on top the temple. Here are some pictures of the setup

About 5pm I was working on building a platform to mount parking lights on and it started to pour rain!

It was blowing sideways!

After about an hour and a half it finally let up and I had to help push cars out of the mud with the backhoe.

Finaly I was able to brake away and get a few shots of the celebration.

And they had a petting zoo! 😁 I got to help dry off a bunny.

One of the ducks had the most hilarious puff on his head and I had to get a better picture.

After that there were a bunch more people that started showing up and I decided it was time to duck…. out… 🤣 and avoid the huge crowd and any more cars stuck in the mud.

SirHanz….. out.

A glad heart

Steps are lighter,

Smile a little wider,

Whistling while I work,

Laughing at my boss’s smerk,

In my chest.. butterflies,

A chuckle at the sweat in my eyes,

Makeing me hotter this sadist mine,

As I toil with glad heart,

In the brilliant sunshine.

Best wishes -SirHanz



Already slick with sweat,

Heart pounding with the song,

Of work,

Cicadas play a harmony,

With burning sholders,

And the blessed wind,

Hours to go,

With my constant companion,

Watching from on high,

Urging me,

To struggle,


Best wishes-SirHanz

A rather warm day.

Today was a test. A test of endurance and fortitude. 101 degrees with 86% humidity. And out in a field with not a tree to be seen.. was I. Swinging a pick to make a 50ft trench a foot and a half deep so that tomorow when it is again blazing hot I can lay in electrical conduit and pull wire for a new braker panel. A little past 3pm i took a break and just for grins put the thermometer i use to measure my core temp onto the top of my hat. 114 degrees. I pressed it against my neck to measure my core temp. 102. Yah… aproching danger zone. Cold water and shade brought it down fairly quickly. And I had a little helper to distract me one of the peahens likes to follow me around when I am working near the temple.

Then it was back to work.. fuck this heat. I have survived worse. Breathe deep, make shure the overheated brain is getting plenty of oxygen. Douse my hat and shoulders in cold water. And dig.

5pm. Trench done.

Core temp 103.

Fucking hell.. cut it close. A few more degrees and my brain would literally start to cook and die. Strait to the walk in freezer. 4 minutes in there and I was back to the normal 98.9. Yah.. high metabolism, I run a bit hot normally.

Whew.. what a day. Time for tacos. Just for today I’m off the diet. I think I earned tacos.

Best wishes -SirHanz


So yesterday was a bit more exhausting than I anticipated. I spent almost all day trimming oak branches from the bucket of the backhoe.

I actually enjoy trimming the trees, they grow better and are more healthy. Plus I enjoy the challenge. You need to plan out your cuts to get the best result for the tree, and at the same time make shure you are not going to get hit with 200lbs of falling branch. (I occasionally fail at that. Sometimes they snap as your cutting and twist around on you.) Then comes the physical challenge of maneuvering the chainsaw into just the right angle while leaning out from the bucket. (Sometimes the positions you end up cutting from are something dreamed up by an insane yoga instructor. ) Anyone can do it a few times but it’s a real test of endurance to do it for hours on end. Especially when it’s 98 degrees, the wind is blowing sawdust in your face and eyes, and the sun is directly behind the branch you are trying to cut.

So I finish out my day, pick up my check and go to the bank. Grab a couple sandwiches for dinner on the way home. (There is no way I feel up to cooking after a day like that). Then home and into the shower for a much needed scrub and shave. Both face and head were feeling a bit scruffy.

Finally it’s time to eat.. I plant myself on the couch, bring up the chef show on Netflix and proceed to devour my sandwich. When I am done i put aside my plate and cookie comes and lays across my lap. (Cute untill you realize he is just snuffleing for sandwich crumbs). And that’s when it hits me. Holy hell I am tired.. can’t even finish the episode I’m watching. Apparently I managed to drag myself to bed, I have only foggy memories of doing so.

I awoke this morning at about 5am. Today is a day off so I am just laying in bed with a cup of tea trying to gather my scattered thoughts and plan my day. Going to try one more time to find the leak in the coolant system of the car. If I cant find it then it’s off to the mechanic to get charged an arm and a leg to fix one tiny hose or something. Yah.. realy hope it doesn’t come to that. But that can all wait.. right now I have a dog at my feet, a nice cup of earl gray and the quiet of the morning to soothe my thoughts.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Fuck it.

You ever had one of those days when your so tired you want sleep more than dinner? But you know if you dont eat you will wake up starved in the middle of the night?

Yah… that’s been my day.

3 hours of sleep last night followed by 8 hours of work out in the heat. At three o’clock I thought to myself “wow, I actually dont feel too bad considering the lack of sleep and the heat.”

5 PM rolls around and I am driving home and that’s when it decides to hit me. I could barely keep my eyes open, was feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Made it home through shear willpower I think.

And now I am faced with cooking dinner.

Fuck it. Sandwiches.

Out of bread.

Fuck it. Use a bagel.

Out of mayo.

Fuck it. Just add extra mustard.

Damm I am tired…

Fuck it. Nap time.