This is a tough concept for some doms to wrap their head around. I’m not talking about paying Bills and other general adulting. Oh no.. I speak of the responsibility of a dom to his sub. That’s the deal you see.. the sub gives you power, control, pleasure, happiness. And in return the dom is responsible for the sub. But what does that mean?

It may change a bit from one dom to the next but here are the things it should always cover.

As a dom you are responsible for..

The general happiness of the submissive.

The continued growth of the submissive.

The health and fitness of the submissive.

The fulfillment of the submissives desires.

The safety of the submissive.

The mental health of the submissive.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well.. it is. A good domanent enjoys the work but it can still be exhausting. And I here you newer doms out there thinking “but wouldn’t that mean the dom is serving the sub?” In a way we do. But the difference is that everything we do is by our own will. We dont do these things because we are asked, or forced. We choose to take responsibility. And how we live up to those responsibilities is our choice.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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