Now for something a little lighter than my last post/rant.

Someone set me on a pie kick today so I thought I would talk a bit about that beautiful round luscious thing we call pie. Let’s start with what makes a good pie.

1. It needs to be nice and hot.

2. It needs to be soft so you get a great mouth feel.

3. If you will probably need a napkin when your done you know it’s good.

4. If you taste it and want to eat the whole pie.

5. If it you can just see that sweet gooey filling that makes you just want to stick your fingers all inside it and drip it into your mouth.

WOAH! What the hell are you thinking about! We are just talking about pie here.. sheesh.. gonna go blind with thoughts like that..

And what goes great when your eating pie? Ice…. cream. Just drop it right on top of that hot pie and go at it! Its delicious! You may want to have a damp towel ready.. good pie with ice cream can leave your hands and face a bit sticky.


😏 best wishes.. -SirHanz

12 thoughts on “Pie.

  1. Haha! I once shook a bottle of coca cola up and inserted it into my wife’s pussy! It tasted very yummy. She enjoyed the sensation immensely. But never let me do it again! Such is life!

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