Woke up feeling groggy with hands slightly swollen from overuse and work. Ah.. the joy of being awake.. wait.. why am I awake? Alarm has not even gone off yet! *groan* *flail* I want tea… but dont want to get up to make it. Sooo… I find myself writing. It helps to get the gears of thought turning.

Let’s see… topic of the day.. how about… support. This is something that is important in any dynamic. A dominant should support and help to build up their submissive. Now.. I am not talking about financial support. Though.. if that’s your thing I dont judge. But no.. I am talking about encouragement and direction. Helping the submissive be an all round better person.

This is mostly done through positive reinforcement. Little rewards and praise for doing healthy things and for finding ways to better themselves. For learning new things or for doing well at tasks the dom sets for them because he/she knows they will benefit the submissive.

But why would a dom go through all that work for their sub? Shouldn’t the sub be serving them? Yes! The sub IS serving them. A better healthier submissive is happier and has more confidence. And all that makes them more skilled and enthusiastic in there submission to their dom.

So find what your submissive is good at.. and make them great. Help them be and feel beautiful. Be their rock through the rough times in life. And help them be a kinder more loveing version of themselves. All these things not only strengthen the bond between you, but also benefit the dom in a myriad of ways.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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