New story, Hidden In Plain Sight.

New story just published yesterday on Amazon. My first story that’s *gasp* actually for sale! Shure.. its .99c but you probably have more than that rattleing around in your sofa. So why not turn up the heat and cash in your spair change for a sexy new story. Bdsm, exhibitionism, sex, and delishious kinky control awaits!

🤦‍♂️ oh man.. that was bad.. wasn’t it. I am so bad at self promotion. But giveing it my best effort. And the story really is good. So if your stuck inside and want to curl up under a blanket with something sexy it’s an exelent way to pass the time.

There is the link or you can just look it up under Amazon books by searching my name. “Hansa Bosbach”

Best wishes-SirHanz

Free short story

Soo.. I have been absent from my blog for a bit as I have been concentrating on my writing. Here is the update.

1. I am writing a book.

2. I am now a resident author with Berlinable publishing. 😁

3. One of my short stories was one of the winners of their worldwide Valentine’s contest. And….. wait for it…. is now published on Amazon! It is available for free! That’s right! No charge! Consider it a teaser to wet your appetite for future work. 😏 any good dealer knows.. the first one is always free.

Link to story on Amazon

Happy reading! And if you hurry you can leave my first review ever! Wana pop my review cherry?😆

Off to do more writing! I’m Fucking published! Woooohoooo!!

Best wishes-SirHanz


This black labyrinth of my mind,
Echoing with your words,
Phrases that bind,
My desiccated heart,
Crumbleing walls so carefully built,
Torn down and ripped apart,
Twist and turning through memory,
A pact with a monster,
The song a dreadful harmony,
Of personal tragedy,
So please… tell me..
As fate binds us in beauty,
Hateing the pain,
Wanting our time again,
Diving headlong,
Into this sea of shadows,
Can we be strong,
When the blood,
Form life so stark,
Looks black in the dark,
Hands lock skin to skin,
We can finally breathe,
The whisperd sin,
Free to live with the hunger,
Becoming ouroboros,
As we devour,
Twin souls,
Learning to live,
Desiring to give,
And embrace who we are,
Without holding back,
Following the star,
Behind your eyes,
Into your arms.

Best wishes-SirHanz

The Hart

Hands are hevey,
Arms of lead,
Foggy thoughts,
Drift in my head,
Deep breath,
As dreams depart,
Open my eyes,
Allow the day to start,
Hot tea and a pillow,
As I sit up in bed,
Words comeing slowly,
Writeing things unsaid,
Love and loss,
A tangled web of thread,
A net.. a trap,
On which we fear to tread,
But the bait is tempting,
Glistening with light,
Promising peace,
With just one bite,
So once again..
I place my foot in the noose,
My heart stands open,
The hunters arrows loose,
Will she be quick,
Of hand and eye?
To piece my heart anew,
And let old love die?
Or will I bleed,
A trail.. in the snow..
Force her to chase,
For the finishing blow,
Or let love..
Die slow.

Best wishes -SirHanz


I still believe,
I’m still alive,
Brused and broken,
Burning inside,
My heart is weak,
I need to breathe,
So speak,
The truth unsheathe,
My secret pain,
Am I too far gone,
For what I gain,
Life withdrawn,
Burn too hot,
In the quench I brake,
Too cold.. I cannot,
Bend.. I shatter…shake,
And rust,
But in your fire,
Lifting me higher,
I twist and writhe,
gleaming steel,
The hammers tithe,
Shaped by feel,
Beautiful simplicity,
Complex geometry,
Hardened by life,
Struggle and strife,
But Soft and smooth,
In your delicate hand,
Now make me move,
And call me your man

Best wishes-SirHanz

Ps. Still no writing prompt words? I am almost sober! Bring it!


Now that I have hooked you with sexy click bait…😁

For all of those that enjoy my blog and would like to get more random poems and stalk me online like some kind of sexy superhero hiding on a rooftop with binoculars and a note pad… head on over to twitter and look me up. @workinghans <—- click it… you know you want to.. the curiosity… what could be there? You can feel the claws of need digging in.. cant you.. just a quick peek.. you dont even need to follow.. just going to look..

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Best wishes-SirHanz

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A duel you say?
Your honor besmirched?
I’ll take your glove,
And see you birtched,
Have at the sir!
You will have satisfaction tonight!
As the sun shows its last light,
You may be dismayed,
By the shape of my blade,
I brought a chainsaw,
To a sword fight.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The machine

Brass cogs overclocked,
The war machine,
Of thought,
A hulking monstrosity,
Spewing ideas,
Embers and smoke,
Screaming and burning,
Through the ashes,
Of memory,
Laughing meniacly,
As I plow through,
Splintering words,
Grinding the throttle,
Mental plates,
Vibrate under pressure,
Shearing bolts of lightning,
Comeing apart,
Glorious chaos,
Devouring inspiration,
Powering the beast,
Of my mind.

Best wishes -SirHanz


The lightning,
Burning inside,
Fluttering heart,
Cranking harder,
The hammer falls,
Glittering sparks,
Behind eyes,
Critical pressure,
Apon the red line,
Find release,
Blaze Incandescent.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The colors of us

I red her words,
Always a green to be hers,
Even if she is blue,
I’ll make her feel all white,
I rose to the occasion,
Orange you glad I did?
Now I pine for her touch,
Ivory decided,
Butter lips are like fire,
Stoking violet desire,
Olive in her thoughts,
And yellowed to the night,
When she tans my hide,
I mustered done something wrong,
I’ll sand and take it,
Gingerly fanning the flames,
I fawn over her beauty,
And want to be in cider,
I azure you it’s true,
So berry your doubts,
I’ll submit umber your will,
Never sable to imagine,
That you might pink me,
And now we cherry on together,
Swept along by the currant,
Just oat of reach,
Snow me the way,
And I’ll keep you safe from the gold,
As we dance in the colors,
Of us.

Best wishes -SirHanz