Second date

The first date had gone well, tea and passionate kisses in the parking lot. This time he wanted to do something special for her. He had invited her to dinner as he left her last at her door. She had agreed, but on the condition that he cook.

He smiled.. remembering the moment as he removed the fresh bread from the oven. He had teased her.. “you just want to get me alone and take advantage of me.” He chuckled as he set the bread to cool. She had kissed his cheek and opened the door, just before it closed he heard her say “maybe I do.”

He grinned remembering how he had been left blushing on her doorstep. The pot at the back of the stove was heating and he poured in the soup base of tomato blended smooth with cream and parmesan. He looked at the clock, she would be here soon. He set the table and arranged the flowers in a vase just left of the table center. He lit the candles and set out a bottle of chilled white wine.

There was a knock on the door. He froze. He thought he had more time! Looking at his reflection in the window he saw he was still wearing the flower covered “kiss the cook” apron with an arrow pointing at his waistline. “One moment! Be right there!” He called as he tore the apron off and tossed it under the sink. He reached the door with his heart pounding, telling himself over and over to calm down.

He opened the door, light streamed in from the setting sun. Standing in profile in the glare was what he could only assume was some form of angelic spirit come to fulfill his every fantasy. As he stood slackjawed she walked past him and looked around “so this is where you hide yourself from the world huh?” She said glancing at the room.

He turned, slowly shutting the door. She was dressed in a lose white dress that gave the impression that if the light was just right.. you could see through it. A black corset cinched her waistline into a mind altering hourglass. Black heels like gravity drew the eye to the shapely curve of her legs. Yes… his thought was correct when he opened the door. She was stunning.

Snapping out of his revelry he stumbled to answer “oh.. yah.. it’s not much but its home.” A thought struck him “crap! The soup!” Dashing into the kitchen he quickly stirred the bubbling pot and turned down the heat.

She was behind him… he felt her softness against is back. Her hand slid under his arm and across his chest “smells good… what are you makeing me?” Her voice was close.. he could feel her breath on his ear. She is going to kill me he thought. Yup.. heart about to explode and ruin the soup. He chuckled looking back over his shoulder “horny?” Now they both laughed. He grinned and said “and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.” She gaped.. “wait.. I tell you to cook me dinner… and you.. a chef… make me grilled cheese?” He looked at her.. desperately trying to figure out if she was teasing or she was offended. Fuck it he thought.. go for broke. “Yup. It’s a lot like me.. simple.. but made in a complex way. Looks normal on the outside, but one taste.. and you will crave it forever.” She actually took a step back almost falling into the seat at the table. She was shaken… he could tell, but she was trying not to show it. A smile slowly crept onto the corners of her mouth. “Alright then chef.. let’s do this thing.” She said, trying not to grin. He bowed, flourishing his spoon. ” I go forth and shall return with my spoon or on it.” Now it was just too much, she burst out laughing as he cut the bread into thick slabs. “I promise, you will like this.” He said. Again she laughed “oh.. I have heard that line before.” She smirked “sometimes they were right.”

His hand shook slightly as he sliced the cheese, good gawd the way she said that was hot. He heard the cork pop from the bottle as she poured herself a glass of wine. “So tell me what makes this grilled cheese so good.” She said, takeing a sip from her glass. He gently placed the first sandwich into the cast iron pan. There was a sizzle and the smell of toasted fresh bread filled the room. “Well ma’lady.. it’s not the dish That’s important, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the loveing care in the handling…. even simple meals can have unexpected and extraordinary flavors. ” she sipped her wine thinking about what he had said as he poured the soup into bowls.

He flipped the sandwich and brought the soup to the table. “Anything special about the soup?” She asked looking up at him teasingly. He grined, “yes… it’s tomato and your wearing white. Should you spill any we would have to quickly undress you to get that marvelous dress in the wash before the stain sets.” She blushed as he pulled the first sandwich out of the pan and popped it in the oven replacing it with another. Again the smell of bread and butter filled the air.

He heard the chair creak as she stood and her heals click on the floor. She stood beside him holding a glass of wine “I cant be the only one enjoying this fine wine..” she said. He smiled takeing the glass “oh? Is it good?” She nodded, “I think so.. but you be the judge.” She took another sip and grabbed him by the collar pressing her lips to his.

His mind stoped. Sweet wine spilled into his mouth… he swallowed, a droplet spilling from his lips to slide down his chin. She quickly stepped back and raised an eyebrow. “Good?” He groaned softly.. ” quite… good. ” he knew he would never again taste that wine without the memory of her lips.

Shaken but smiling he pulled the sandwich off the stove and turned off the heat. Grabbing the one out of the oven he placed them both on the cutting board and sliced them Into quarters. He slid the sandwiches directly onto their plates and sat down across from her at the table.

“Thank you for coming to dinner. I hope my humble offerings are worthy of such beauty. Please.. eat while it’s hot. It’s best when at just the right temperature. ” he said. Picking up a slice she smiled “most things in life are.” She dipped it in the soup and bit into the golden wedge. He sipped his wine, watching.. wait for it… just a little more..

He saw it.. she tried to hide the surprise but her whole body seemed to just relax. She reached for the wine and he knew she was his. She sipped… her eyes went wide as the taste of perfect toasted bread and cheese mixed with the flavors of the wine. She moaned softly as she swallowed, her eyes takeing on a far away glassy look. He said nothing.. just watching as one by one the slices disappeared.

He knew what she was feeling.. he had spent a decade perfecting the perfect combination. Fresh baked bread with just the right amount of honey, cheese from Switzerland aged for exactly two and a fourth years. Butter from Ireland with just the right amount of cream and salt. Cast iron seasoned with sunflower oil at just the right heat. Soup made with the perfect proportion of tomato, cream and a touch of rye flower to bring out the flavors in the bread. Wine choosen for its unique sweetness and just the right dry aftertaste to complement and contrast with the slight char of the bread. It was a labor of love. And every bite was filled with warmth and joy.

Slowly her eyes again began to focus. She was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling in quick breaths. Her hands still shook as she placed her palms flat on the table and stood. Her eyes had taken on a hard determined look. “So… did you like it?” He asked smileing over his glass. She said nothing, picking up the half empty bowl of soup she looked directly into his eyes.

And slowly poured the rich red across the white of her chest. “Oops.. oh.. dear.. this will definitely stain… I need it washed… now.” He could no longer form rational thought and stammered “of course! Yes.. yes… the bathroom is right through… the……. bed…….. room.” She smiled a predatory grin and walked past him into the bedroom.

He gaped… what had just happened. His mind swirled with thoughts and possibilities. That was definitely deliberate.. she had just poured it on herself. What do I do now? Do I follow? Should I be a gentleman and get her a change of cloaths? Yes! That’s it. I should do that. He hurried into the bedroom and rummaged through his clothes for something that may fit her. Comeing up with a t shirt and some drawing house pants he turned toward the bathroom and stoped.

The shower was running, and laying outside the door was the stained dress. He gulped.. blushing slightly as he picked up the dress and hurried to put it in the wash. Returning with the cloaths he knelt to lay them outside the door as the shower had stoped. The door opened…. she stood before him in white lace lingerie.. and she had put back on the corset. She smiled at his look of astonishment. “Are you just going to sit there?” Her eyes were laughing and playful as she spoke. He stood slowly, afraid to shatter the moment. He reached out his had to caress her cheek, stepping forward he was so close he could feel the heat from the shower radiating from her skin.

Their lips touched, brushing softly like silk on velvet. He kissed the corner of her mouth, wrapping and arm around her and pulling her to him. Stepping backwards as his kiss deepened he drew her with him to the big four post bed against the wall. His knees bumped the edge and he fell backwards pulling her down atop him.

She pulled back from their passionate kiss breathing rapidly, “you sir… are wearing far to many cloaths.” Her voice quaverd with need as her hands undid the buttons on his shirt. His hands rested on her thighs as she sat atop him running her fingers across his chest. The last light of day illuminated her face as she undid his belt.

She was radiant. Her skin seemed to glow golden beneath the white lace clinging to her like a second skin. He stoped her hands as she reached for his zipper. She gave a little moan of frustration mixed with anticipation. “Not yet… let me just look at you.. I want to remember this moment forever.” Her face relaxed as his voice washed through her. She sat back on her heels and smiled looking down at him. “I like it when you look.” He lay back and gazed at her, his breath was shallow and his heartbeat fast. He was afraid to tell her that he was in love for fear she would reject him, it was too soon.. to quick.. but he felt it. Deep within him was a flame that had been there since the moment she hadn’t let go of his hand in the parking lot. Oh yes… he had it bad… and now here she was… a goddess of the sunset, exquisite and intense.

She leaned forward, laying across his chest and snuggling into the crook of his neck “have you seen enough? ” her voice was like honey in his ear. “Never enough, but enough for now.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Good” she purred into his neck kissing it and rolling to the side to unzip his jeans.

He lifted his hips allowing her to slide his pants off and exposing what she was longing for. She did not waste a second and had him deep in her mouth before he could say a word. He groaned and felt her hair… so soft.. slide through his fingers. Her tounge felt like it had a life of it’s own as it curled around him rubbing and teaseing his most sensitive arias.

Her nails left little scratches on his chest as she streched like a cat while her lips dripped lust down his dick. He was shakeing with tension like a plucked string, head thrown back and mouth open as he gasped for breath. He felt her mouth leave him and shuddered at the silken softness of her skin as she crawled up his body. His eyes opened to stare directly into hers. “I know that you love me” she said as she reached between them and pulled aside the lace between her legs. “You didnt need to tell me.. I knew as soon as you opened the door.” She whisperd in his ear. He felt the slippery heat against the head of his member and groaned, his head was spinning with pleasure and amazement. She grabbed his chin in her hand and turned his face to look directly at her.

“Look at me… and say it.” Her voice was like a pleading command. His hands found the perfect curve of her waist and held her. “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU” he said, and drove himself upwards impaling her apon him. She arched her back and cried out in satisfaction, griping him tightly within her.

He knew he would not last long as she began twisting her hips and pressing against his hips with her thighs. He sat up and pulled her against him. Chest to chest they rocked looking at each other. He could feel everything, “you love me too” he said. And kissed her. His tounge teased along her lips as she shuddered in orgasum. Her legs locked around his back a she leaned back pulling him atop her. “Do it hard beloved” she whispered, pulling him into her with her legs. He gave her what she asked for, holding her corseted waist he pounded against her. Again she came, clenching around him and squeezing him with her thighs.

And then he felt her hands close around his neck. She knew that would drive him over the edge. She released him as he felt pulse after pulse of white hot pleasure released inside her.

Exhausted they both collapsed in a tangle of blankets and pillows. They lay quietly, sweat cooling on their bodies. He reached up and brushed the hair from her face, twisting it around his finger. They both spoke at the same time, their soft voices each an echo and harmony of the other.. “beloved”…. they smiled and held each other close. Tonight.. they would not dream alone.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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