Come hither,

Rest your weary soul,

In my warm embrace..

I know you are tired,

So many days,

Lost from the light,




Fighting to not give in,

To the darkness within..

Lay yourself apon me,

And be loved,

Not in spite of your flaws,

But because of them..

Take a deep breath,

Fill your mind,

With my words,

Feel them wash away,


Like cool water,

Caressing sunburnt skin…

You are here,

Appreciated and cared for,

Free to be happy,

Unbound and valued,


Close your eyes,

Lay down your head,

And listen,

To the steady,

Beating song,

A rush of life,


Your broken beauty..

For only through the cracks,

And between shattered pieces,

May the light shine through.

Best wishes -SirHanz

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