My path

I feel the current of fate,
I see the path layed out before me,
All failure and pain,
That came before,
Now I see had purpose,
For it set my feet apon the trail,
That lead me to you..
Never would I have known,
You needed me,
Just as I needed you,
Without the scars,
Apon my heart,
I couldn’t have seen,
The beauty of yours…
I am called,
By your words,
Shakeing my core,
I am called,
By your beauty,
Inspired hunger,
I am called,
By your warmth,
That brings me to my knees,
I have fallen,
For your mind,
Fragile and exquisite,
And so I answer your call,
And ask with heart in hand,
Call me yours,
Command me to your side,
Bind me to your will,
And cradle me in your love.

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