He was infatuated….. he sighed as he awoke from another dream of her and rolled onto his back. The dog that was pressed against his legs grumpt softly at the moment.  He stared into the dark with the half awake memories of the dream still floating like mist in his mind.
 The notification light on his phone flashed softly in the dark. He groaned as sore muscles protested the movement as he pulled himself up to lean against the headboard. The screen flash far to bright to his night adjusted eyes as he flipped it on. Squinting he scrolled through his messages… work… work… updates… her… wait! What? His fingers shook slightly as he opened the message.  She had sent him something while he was asleep!  Load faster stupid phone!
 He could almost imagine her cheerful soft voice as he read.. “good morning! Sending you a smile to wake up to.” She had posed herself in black lacy lingerie looking up at the camera, the gentle curves of her hips.. chest.. lips.. drew his eyes to follow.  Her smile was coy.. a sexy little smirk that said “I am ridiculously hot.. and I know it.” He saved it to his phone and scrolled down. Oh.. you little minx.. he thought as he read.. “now that your up..snicker i want you to use those big strong hands of yours…” the picture that followed was of a jar of pickles with a sticynote that said STUCK LID. He grinned in the dark and chuckled.. then he noticed the reflection in the jar. He looked closer.. enlarging the image and zooming in. It was slightly distorted by the glass, but there she was. She was kneeling, topless.. lifting her breasts from below like an offering.  God! She was such a tease! Clever, funny, and crazy sexy all in one picture. She had definitely sent him a smile.. but it was him that was smiling. Next was a series of shots. She was now in a corset and heels.. crawling closer to the camera with each picture. He bit his lip as he watched her wide eyes looking into his soul. From picture to picture he could almost see the sway of her hips as she came closer.. and closer.. the last shot was just her lips, slightly parted and wet. Her mouth was relaxed, falling open as if she was about to…
 He groaned in frustration,  “what a wonderful and beautiful way to wake up” he thought.
 Then he woke up. He could feel he was still smiling from the dream. He turned his head and looked at his phone on the nightstand…. no messages.  He sighed softly… he was infatuated.

Good morning and best wishes -sirhanz

The colors of us

I red her words,
Always a green to be hers,
Even if she is blue,
I’ll make her feel all white,
I rose to the occasion,
Orange you glad I did?
Now I pine for her touch,
Ivory decided,
Butter lips are like fire,
Stoking violet desire,
Olive in her thoughts,
And yellowed to the night,
When she tans my hide,
I mustered done something wrong,
I’ll sand and take it,
Gingerly fanning the flames,
I fawn over her beauty,
And want to be in cider,
I azure you it’s true,
So berry your doubts,
I’ll submit umber your will,
Never sable to imagine,
That you might pink me,
And now we cherry on together,
Swept along by the currant,
Just oat of reach,
Snow me the way,
And I’ll keep you safe from the gold,
As we dance in the colors,
Of us.

Best wishes -SirHanz

In between

There is a certain moment,
Between wakeing and sleep,
Where dreams still linger,
And thoughts run deep,
Before I open my eyes,
It doesn’t last long,
But the feeling is strong,
Just a moment or two,
Where I’m laying in bed,
And still with you,
Then I awake,
Alone in bed,
With the touch of your mind,
Still in my head,
It slips through my fingers,
Like your silken hair,
A gossamer thread,
Shining and golden,
Then no longer there,
A sigh escapes,
From deep in my chest,
Today there will be,
No more rest,
Untill once more,
The darkness returns,
And in dreams passion burns,
As I lay again in your arms.

Best wishes-SirHanz


She smelled of vanilla and summer,
As I held her close at long last,
No aucward stumbles or fumbles,
Just relief and love
Her face buried in my chest,
Drinking me in,
My arms never wanting,
To let go,
Her face turns to mine,
Eyes meet,
We dont need words now,
She has found her moment,
Soft and warm,
Firm and electric,
Her lips part,
An invitation…
And i…
Overwhelmed and weightless,
With heart threatening,
To tear itself from my breast,
So to be with her,
Feeling her body pressed close,
Devour the gift,
Of her kiss.

Best wishes -SirHanz

My path

I feel the current of fate,
I see the path layed out before me,
All failure and pain,
That came before,
Now I see had purpose,
For it set my feet apon the trail,
That lead me to you..
Never would I have known,
You needed me,
Just as I needed you,
Without the scars,
Apon my heart,
I couldn’t have seen,
The beauty of yours…
I am called,
By your words,
Shakeing my core,
I am called,
By your beauty,
Inspired hunger,
I am called,
By your warmth,
That brings me to my knees,
I have fallen,
For your mind,
Fragile and exquisite,
And so I answer your call,
And ask with heart in hand,
Call me yours,
Command me to your side,
Bind me to your will,
And cradle me in your love.


Closing my eyes to feel the wind,
Breathing deep the humid air after the rain,
Feeling the ache with every breath,
The sweet burn of hot coals,
Trapped within my breast,
Words simmer apon the page,
Offering to end my torment,
As I cling to the shreds,
Of a used heart,
Grasping tight the sweet longing,
That invades my dreams,
And squeezes words from my mind,
To be thrown like gossamer threads,
Into the world,
In the hope that one line.. one verse,
May grace your tounge,
And speak of love,
That you may know I am here,
Slowly drowning in your desire,
Unable to breathe,
The air of life,
Lest is pass from your lips,
To mine.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Goddess of summer

There lived a goddess of summer,

Beloved of gentlemen fall,

She smelled of honeysuckle,

And was roundly liked by all,

But her eyes and lips were held,

By winters chill embrace,

And so fall was compelled,

To but marvel at her face,

He waited all the days,

And could not help but gaze,

Enraptured by her art,

He loved her for her beauty,

He loved her for her heart,

He loved her for her duty,

That he could not ask to part,

As leaves began to drift,

Turning red and gold,

He left for her a gift,

To ward against the cold,

A scarf that smelled of campfires,

Pumpkins and of spice,

He wished only to convay desires,

And hoped she found it nice,

For many days he’d worked,

To make perfect every stich,

Now his ears they perked,

And his breath began to hitch,

Before him stood the goddess,

Dressed in scarf and nothing more,

Wearing not a bodice,

His jaw it hit the floor,

“You stitched your heart into this wool,”

“And now my own it quakes,”

“If you will have me I am yours in full,”

“Whatever else it takes,”

He lept and held her in his arms,

Wrapping her in his cloak,

“I would have you, and all your charms,”

His voice began to choke,

“You have my heart wraped round your neck,”

“But all else of mine I give,”

“To kiss but once your summer lips,”

“For you my life I live.”


Bubble bath

The white of soap clings to her,

Water steams in dim light,

Eyes closed.. head back,

A soft cloth to trace her curves,

Beautiful in her relaxation,

Wet skin tempts thoughts of pleasure,

I want to touch.. to kiss..

But I dare not mar the serenity.