New story, Hidden In Plain Sight.

New story just published yesterday on Amazon. My first story that’s *gasp* actually for sale! Shure.. its .99c but you probably have more than that rattleing around in your sofa. So why not turn up the heat and cash in your spair change for a sexy new story. Bdsm, exhibitionism, sex, and delishious kinky control awaits!

🤦‍♂️ oh man.. that was bad.. wasn’t it. I am so bad at self promotion. But giveing it my best effort. And the story really is good. So if your stuck inside and want to curl up under a blanket with something sexy it’s an exelent way to pass the time.

There is the link or you can just look it up under Amazon books by searching my name. “Hansa Bosbach”

Best wishes-SirHanz

Through his eyes.

Her fingers stroked his cheek as he drifted into dreams. He lay curled against her, his fingers twined in her hair. Slowly his face relaxed and his eyes began to flicker.
 She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her thoughts turned inwards.. searching in the darkness, looking for the strand of moonlight that would lead her into the citadel of his mind. Diveing deeper she swam in the sea of emotion,  a flash of silver among the glittering stars of thoughts. There! The strand grew larger, becoming a river. She let the current pull her under, carried down.. down..
 That cant be right she thought as she looked into her own eyes. He was dreaming of her? Is this how he saw her in his dreams? Her smile was warm, her eyes.. deep walls of complex emotions that were fascinating and seemed to draw attention like gravity into their fractal patterns.  Her skin glistened with the blush of life, each line and scar unique and beautiful in the stories that it held. The knowledge gained and pain overcome. She/he loved her. There were no imperfections,  just the evidence of life refining her beauty.  And they desired her.. not just for her beauty, but for intelligence and kindness within. He/she wanted more than anything to be recognized.. loved.. by her. They felt foolish to aspire to such heights, but she was worth the risk. Her hand moved in a blink skipping the intervening space as dreams often do. Her hand was pressed to the back of his/her neck. She pulled him forward and their lips touched.
 The shock of relief, love, pleasure, gratitude and lust was overwhelming.  Her eyes shot open with a shuddering breath.  Her heart was pounding. Her skin felt feverish, her lips tingled as the embers of fireworks drifted in the darkness of her mind. She groaned softly, squeezing her legs together as moisture collected between her thighs. She turned and looked down at him sleeping beside her. He was smiling, serine and peaceful. She bent and brushed her lips across his. His hand was still in her hair as he dreamed. In his sleep he pulled her down into a passionate kiss plunging her once again into his dreaming mind.
 Her vains were on fire. She was siting astride him/her, the painful pleasure of the hardness between their legs was pressed against the silken softness of her thigh. She traced his lips with her tongue playfull kisses danced across his cheek as the fullness of her breasts pressed against his/her heated skin. She whispered in their ear.. “you are beautiful, and I love you…”
 Again the surge of emotion was almost blinding. Her eyes shot open as she pulled away from his kiss and filled desperate lungs with air. Her breath came quick and heavy,  a bead of sweat rolled slowly down her neck in the cool air of her bedroom.  More… she thought… I need more… I want all of it. She could feel the hard lump against her leg twitch as he dreamed…
 Gently pressing on his shoulder as not to wake him she rolled him onto his back. Her legs shook as she straddled his hips. In the dim light she could see his lips parted and still glistening with the remnants of their kiss. His chest rose and fell in the shallow rhythm of sleep. She couldn’t wait.. who knows what she was already missing. She pressed down…
 She/he  could feel the heat of her desire as her muscles clenched around them. They saw her.. back arched.. head thrown back.. her hair floating in an invisible wind. Defuse light danced around them as pleasure and love boiled like molten metal in their chest.  She was glowing from within, her light soaking into him/her with every thrust and gasping breath. It coiled around their spine and clawed it’s way along her/his nerves like a wild animal. It was too intense,  too much..
 Suddenly the scene shifted, now they sat in a cafe. The walls were decorated with photos of her smileing and in various states of undress. They looked across the table expecting to see herself sitting across from, but there was no one. Then she/he felt it.. soft wet warmth sliding slowly around their flesh under the table.  They enjoyed how the people

Looked on with envious eyes. Yes…. the people marveled at her beauty on the walls and  watched with desire etched on their faces as she worked her mouth up and down the length of her/his shaft. Her touch was magic.. and the tounge that spoke with such power and emotion now like a velvet glove teased and sent shocks of pleasure through them. They groaned and leaned back in the chair their eyes rolling.. completely ignoring the onlookers to focus entirely on the insanely hot woman between their knees. It wasn’t hard.. or rather.. it was.. but it was soo easy to get lost in her touch.
 Again the scene shifted. Her laughing face was again above them as they rolled together across a blanket spread over the grass. She was radiant in the sunshine. The dappled shadows of leaves played apon her skin as they kissed gently beneath the tree. He/she was so grateful and happy to be spending time with her like this. They felt unworthy of her affection but lovingly embraced every small look or gesture.  Her voice was soft as she spoke, they couldn’t make out the words through the shifting mist of dream but she/he knew it was her inviting him to spend the night. His/her heart almost stoped as she/he gazed up at her and could do nothing but nod their acceptance.
 Now the room was dark.. wait.. room? Oh yes, of course.. the dream had skipped again. They looked up from where she/he stood beside the bed. She wore black lace like a second skin. It followed her curves and accented her shape perfectly.  She knelt apon the bed looking back at him over her shoulder.  Lust blazed in her gorgeous eyes as her lips moved.. mouthing the words.. “do it.” They looked down at the rope in his/hers hands. She wanted this.. she/he could feel it rolling off her skin like sweet perfume. Again the dream seemed to skip, rope bit flesh.. their lips kissing her scars.. the crack of leather…  lines of pink glowing against the black lace that teased him/her with the shape of her ass… cries of pain and need.. overflowing moans wrenched from the bottom of her soul. Then they were inside her. Her arms were pulled back and tied, a blindfold hid her sight. She/he grabbed her arms like a handle and lifted her as they thrust hard against her from behind. They pulled her close, arching her backwards so their lips could meet in a blazeing kiss. She is perfect.. they thought catching a glimpse of her and them in the mirror across the room. Harder.. faster.. her hips bucked against her/him as she came.. once.. and again. Her pleasure rolled through them like a thunderstorm.  Wind howled in his/her lungs, lightning burned paths of incendiary destruction across their skin. Her body tensed as again she cried out. Her/his thighs were soaked with her wetness as they plunged into her tightening heat. They would not last much longer.. he/she knew the goddess bound hand and knee before him wanted it as badly as they did.
 It was explosive.  One moment she/he felt the rush of orgasum filling their vision with stars as they poured their love and devotion into her beautiful body.. the next she was in the dark looking down at his smirking face and open eyes. She tasted blood and her lip hurt.. she must have bitten it. Still.. she grinned and asked in her most innocent voice “good dream?” He smiled and her heart melted. It was the same way she had smiled as him in the dream when he thought of how incredible she was. He looked down at her legs still clenched around his hips. She could feel the warm wetness slowly trickle down the inside of her leg. He shruged.. grinning ear to ear,  “you know it was.”

Best wishes -SirHanz


Today I wanted to talk a bit about degradation. In my experience there are two kinds of degrading, positive and negative. Positive degradation you say? What’s that? Well… the classic example I always use is this.

Think about the difference in how you feel if your dominant calls you a “whore, or dirty slut.” VS. If they call you “My gorgeous whore, or my wonderfully dirty slut.” Big difference huh? There is no right or wrong here. Just two vary different aspects. Some people enjoy the feelings they get from the negative, some the positive, and some like nether or both. But the important thing is to know these little nuances and be aware of what it is you enjoy or dont.

Understanding the impact your words have on your submissive is important. And not just that they have an impact, you have to look deeper. And that’s the wonderful thing about a d/s dynamic.. a good dominant WANTS to see those deeper layers. Understanding the psychology behind your actions and your submissives responses gives you more control. The dominant has more control which they enjoy and the submissive enjoys the experience more because the dom understands their reactions better. It benefits both. But I digress…

Some form of open communication is essential to understanding how your words affect your submissive. You can guess by there expressions or physical reactions but you will never be completely shure unless you can talk about it. Usually things are a little more complex that just she gets wet when you call her a whore… what else is she feeling in that moment? Shame? Disappointment? Anger? Sadness? Rebellious? Aroused? Needy? Desired? Often the submissive has not really explored or thought deeply on what they are feeling. They just enjoy it and leave it at that. And that may be just fine for some, but if you crave that deeper level of control… prompt them to think about it. Experiment with different words and the feelings they evoke. And learn to use those words like a surgeon to guide your submissive to exactly the headspace you want them in.

And remember… its supposed to be fun. 😁

Best wishes -SirHanz

Eating uglies.

Salty on my tounge,

With just a hint of vinegar,

And once I started,

I just delved deeper,

Soon my whole hand was inside,

Right up to the forearm,

In and out,

Time after time,

Mouth watering,

Cant stop,

Just a little more,

Reach all the way in,

Feel the last,

Tingle on my tounge,

The bag is empy.


Best wishes -SirHanz

Ethics In BDSM

It amazes me how people think that just because your into bdsm or kink that it somehow means you have abandoned all ethical thought.

Unfortunately that stereotype is perpetuated by people in the community who don’t really understand what it’s all about. So why dont we set the record straight and dig into the myths and realities of bdsm.

Let’s start off with a big one. Consent. Trust in a bdsm relationship is incredibly important and ties in with giving consent. But when does consent need to be given? Is it something that only needs to be given once? Or renewed moment by moment? What about consenting to give up your right to consent (CNC)? People sometimes consent to behavior that is damaging to them to please another. It is a breach of trust to allow this. As a dominant it is important to remember that it is up to you to know what may be damaging to your submissive. And even if they tell you they are ok with the activity it is the ethical dom’s responsibility to not damage them. Consent is not a free pass to do whatever you want. A good dom is always concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing of their partner. Enabling self destructive impulses is not ethical or healthy. A dom works to minimize these impulses and maximize the pleasure gained through healthy choices.

Do no harm. People engage in bdsm play for pleasure and it often involves some form of pain or pushing outside of one’s comfort zone. But there is a difference between “hurt” and “harm”. Hurt is temporary, marks on the skin.. sore muscles… embarrassment… ect. Harm on the other hand is lasting. Permanent or long term physical damage.. PTSD.. lowered self esteem.. despair and depression. What makes do no harm a cornerstone of ethical bdsm is that it doesn’t prescribe what people should or should not find pleasure in. People are all different and have different wants and needs. But harm diminishes the ability of a person to be happy or to enjoy life. The do no harm principle keeps things from going “too far” and allows us to enjoy playing with a clear conscience.

Does this mean that things like degradation, objectification, or dehumanization have no place in ethical bdsm? No.. not really… when it is a temporary reversible effect it can even even empower the submissive. But what is wrong is to diminish someone permanently.

Be honest. Dishonesty undermines both consent and trust. We humans have an huge capacity for self deception as well. Being honest with yourself is incredibly important in bdsm. Be honest about your real wants needs and limits. Withholding necessary information makes for unsatisfied play.

Avoid unintended pain. The whole point of inflicting pain or discomfort in bdsm is for it to be intentional and meaningful. To form a connection between the dominant and the submissive resulting from a deliberate choice instead of the random nature of ordinary life. Causing pain without meaning suggests callousness and indifference. This is never a healthy mentality. Ethical sadism is never about unintentional suffering. But submissives need to be aware as well as their own actions or words can cause unintended emotional pain to their partner.

Respect limits. These are things you ether cant do because of physical or mental limitations or things you won’t do because you prefer not to or believe it would be wrong. With time and effort it is possible to expand the boundaries of these limits. But often it is more healthy to simply respect them and leave them where they are. There are some submissives that want the dom to be in total control of limits, that is not to say that they dont have limits.. only that it is the dom that must determine and respect the limits of the submissive. It is the consensual shifting of the responsibility of defining and maintaining those limits to only one person in the dynamic. There are times when a submissive will speak of haveing “no limits” with their dom. ( consensual non consent) This is often confusing for people. It is advanced consent to ignore all protests and limits. This can be vary dangerous and requires a deep bond of trust between both people. In rare cases people say that have “no limits” because they dont care if they are harmed. An ethical dom will refuse to interact with such self destructive people. They should be referred to trained psychologists for therapy.

Risk responsibility. Like any physically and mentally demanding activity there are always risks. It is important to know what they are and be personally responsible for your own decisions as to which risks you choose to take. Learn, be aware and make informed decisions. Takeing needless risks may excite some people but the cost is often higher than both you and your partner are willing to pay.

Dont push. If someone is not ready for something it is not ethical to push them into it. If it is something both people want but one is not ready for take things slow, make shure at every step that both people are comfortable with where they are before moving forward. Listen to your gut feelings. All of them, not just the part that says “I want this” but also the part that says “there is something wrong here”. If something doesn’t feel right communicate immediately. And if someone is pushing you into something your not comfortable with it is fine to tell them your not interested and walk away.

Job and family. Do not… I repeat… do not… fuck with someones job or family. Unless someone explicitly invites you into this part of their lives it is off limits. An ethical dom should do nothing that may threaten a submissives job or family relations. Anything that would “out” the sub without their consent to frends and family should always be avoided. And anything that threatens their livelihood is completely unethical. If the submissive WANTS to give up their job or be open to their frends and family that is of course different. But it should never be forced. On the other side a sub needs to respect a dom’s personal space. It is not ok to call a phone number you have not been given permission to use or to interact with their family or friends without permission.

No regrets. Any time your doing anything with a bdsm dynamic you should never feel like your going to regret it later. It’s ok to be unsure, that just means you should take things slow. But if you feel like you may regret it… dont do it. This is supposed to be a pleasurable and intimate connection. You should never regret anything you feel good about. It can be a learning experience, a personal affirmation of will, pleasure for both you and your partner, or anything else positive.

Finish what you start. If you are unable to continue for whatever reason and as long as your partner has not done harm, dont just walk away. The bond that forms between people in a bdsm dynamic is unique and should be respected. Providing closure is as important as any other aspect of a bdsm relationship. Just because kink is involved, that is no reason to enter into or leave a dynamic frivolously or without concern for all involved.

Starting or ending a bdsm relationship should never be done on a whim. Committing to a bdsm relationship is a big step. And both people should work to create a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Typically when a submissive asks for release from a dynamic it is up to the dom to decide if they will grant it. However.. unless you have a damm good reason why you shouldn’t let them go you should always honor their wishes. Refusing to release a sub that wants out is crossing a line. So you better be damm shure you can solve whatever problem let to it before you deny it.

Dont use bdsm for therapy. If someone is struggling with mental health it is not ethical to allow them to use your dynamic as an excuse or crutch to prevent them from getting the help they need. Tricking or trapping a partner into becoming your therapist is not ok. They are not trained for it (unless they are) and cannot proved the care you or your partner needs. This can lead to a whole host of problems. It is one thing to be getting help or have gotten help for mental health challenges and then haveing a bdsm dynamic. It is quite another to mask or cover up those problems.

Respect others kinks. Just because it isn’t your thing doesn’t mean you should dislike the person. Give them the respect they deserve just as you would outside of bdsm or kink. This is not to say you need to show respect to asshats. If someone is a jerk.. just because they have a kink doesn’t mean you have to respect them. People like that often hind behind their kink and scream “kink shaming ” if they get any negative interactions. Dont judge based on their kinks, but if their being an asshat has nothing to do with bdsm feel free to tell them where to stick it.

Dont take your partner for granted.

It is easy to fall into a routine or a comfortable place in a dynamic over time. And that’s fine.. but you should always make shure your partner understands how much you value them and how special their submission or dominance makes you feel.

Be good. This doesn’t mean just some of the time. Strive to be the best that you can be for your partner ALL the time. Whatever your roles, whatever technique you use.. learn as much as you can and do it to the best of your abilities. Even if your haveing fun, you will have MORE fun if you play your heart out than if you are just going through the motions. And so will your partner. If you dont do the prep work you cant get the highest rewards. Good play can be spontaneous but only with a solid foundation of trust and skill. Practice won’t make you perfect but it will make you have a great time.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 114


The willingness of a submissive to open themselves to me and give up their will into my hands…. yes. This is my biggest kink.

I have saved this blog for last as i wanted to put a lot of thought into it. So take my hand and let me show you what submission is to me, and why it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

It all starts with desire.. the desire to let go… let go of control.. let go of fear.. let go of responsibilities.. let go of thought.. and just feel. No living in denial of secret needs.. no more haveing to wear the mask that you show the world. Completely free to be your deep down real self. The self that wants to be loved, protected, fucked, given honesty and trust, given permission to revel in your darkest desires and then comforted as you lay exhausted, the you that wants to just let go of everything knowing someone will let you just feel and keep you from harm, the you that wants all this more than anything but cant take the step off the cliff.

And that’s where the dominant comes in. We give that push. We push right up to the edge… then holding your hand… ask you to jump.

Through time and communication we build the trust that allows the submissive to no longer have to think about if it is something to fear or shy away from, it is enough to know that it is our will and to know we would never bring them to harm.

And when they let go and step smiling from the edge of the cliff.. *sigh* the word beauty is pale and sickly compared to how they look through my eyes.. there is no word that I can conjure that holds that feeling of awe. This gift.. so freely given.. this life.. cradled in ny hands.. extraordinary. To hold such control over another person, and know that they want that… it is both humbling and exaltent.

I could talk about what a submissive does or how they act but to me that’s not what makes submission such a kink to me. Shure.. I enjoy those things… quite a lot. But to me it’s the headspace.. the mindset.. that I find most exciting. Anyone can do what they are told. A submissive WANTS to do what they are told and gets pleasure from seeing their dom happy. Small gestures like a simple pat on the head or a “well done” mean the world to them. It’s not the words or the gesture that matter… it’s that they came from their dominant. It is the dominant showing his pleasure. And that… is something incredibly special to a submissive.

Many submissives work a long time to reach that mindset. It is part of the dominants enjoyment to teach and guide the submissive. Building them up to be the best version of themselves so they may choose to serve the dominant in more and better ways. It is a difficult road.. but the view is amazing.

For myself it all comes down to choice. Choosing to serve and learn under me is a huge thing to me. I take this responsibility vary seriously, but through it I find the unrestrained affection that I crave. It is the submissive that gives the dominant their power, their control. Without the choice and concent I have neither and would not seek to impose them. To me… forcing submission defeats the purpose. It is a gift. Freely given. Or it is not something I want. But that is just the start. Once the gift has been received and concent given.. I will push. I will dominate. And as long as it doesn’t violate a hard limit, I will absolutely force a submissive to do things. But there is a method.. a goal.. a reshaping of needs.. everything has a purpose.

And for me… that.. is my biggest kink. Submission.

Hope you enjoyed my dive into my own kink list… untill next time..

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 113


There are many different meanings for collars in the bdsm community. But one thing they all have in common is they say “this is mine”.

The most common collars are these.

1. Collar of protection. The first step in the process. It signals that the submissive is still free to do as they like but are under the watchful eye and protection of a dominant. It is usually something simple, a thin leather band with a ring for example.

2. Collar of consideration. The second step. By accepting a collar of consideration a submissive is saying that they are no longer looking for a dominant, and if the dominant finds her worthy she or he may be taken into service more permanently. Think of it as the bdsm equivalent of something in between a promise ring and an engagement ring. This collar is usually of more substantial design than a protection collar.

3. Collar of ownership. This is usually the Last collar to be given. It has deep meaning in the bdsm community. It shows that the dominant has accepted the submissive as his/hers. This is not something given lightly. It is a symbol of the trust and commitment between the dominant and submissive. It is vary much like a wedding band in bdsm. These collars differ quite a bit depending on the tastes of the dominant and submissive. They can be simple or ornate, metal or leather. The important thing is the meaning it has to the dom that gives it and the sub that wears it.

I myself have one more collar. I have never given it before and am not shure I ever will.

4. The collar of life. I designed this collar myself and maybe one day will find someone devoted enough to wear it. I will make it by hand. (I have some skill as a blacksmith) it will be a Damascus steal band with silver and gold inlay. It has no hinge and must be bent around the neck of the submissive. It has an internal catch lock to close and secure it. It cannot be removed without cutting it off, once it is closed… it is permanent. This is my last collar, the last I will ever give. It is a lifetime commitment to and from the submissive. I have not made it because it must be made to the dimensions of the submissive it is to be given.

Collars in use.

Collars are more than a symbol they are tools for the dominant as well. There are many different kinds with different uses. Some are used like cuffs to secure a submissive into a certain position,

or to make them feel controlled.

Or to enforce discipline.

I am not possessive but I am protective of what is mine. And haveing a collar on a submissive makes them feel safe and cared about while giving the dominant a feeling of control and protectiveness.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 112


I do a lot of heavy lifting and generally physical things at work, so to say i have knots in my muscles is soo the understatement. As a result of this it is rare that I feel completely relaxed. So haveing someone (especially a submissive) work the knots out of sore muscles? Yah.. soooo good. Ever hurt yourself and couldn’t get to the doctor for a couple days? Then you get there and he gives you a pain pill and it feels soooo good just not to be in pain anymore? That’s what it does to me. And if you think haveing a sexy submissive rub the knots out of my back and arms doesn’t make me want to reward them… especially if I can move without feeling stiff or sore… definitely time to play. So is it kinky? No.. not really. But is it a kink to me? Definitely. Even a good hand massage after running a chainsaw all day can be erotic and sexy.

Want to please your hard working dom? Get out the oil and ask him to lay down so you can work on his back and shoulders. And if your in the mood you can strip and give him a nuru massage. (If you dont know what that is google it. Your dom will thank you)

Not only is it physical relaxation but it also releases endorphins makeing you feel good. The sensual contact of skin on skin is also something that calms the mind and gives you a general sense of wellbeing.

Just dont use it as a bribe to keep from getting punished. (Looking at you submissives) your just limbering your dom up to spank you. (Yah.. it may actually work but you will feel bad about it.)

Bottom line is this.. never a bad time for a massage. Its sexy as hell and feels amazing.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 111

I dont want to beat around the bush, so I will just pop my head in the back door and start this.

Anal play. (Aka buttsex, aka patootie piracy, aka back door lovin, aka tossing salad, aka playing in the mud, aka fudge packing, aka rump humping, aka greek, aka takeing the dirt road, aka the Hershey highway, aka A level, aka butt darts, aka swedish bike ride, aka rodgering, aka French 3rd base, aka bumjack, aka cornholeing, aka rear injection, aka exit polling, aka getting accepted to brown, aka the chocolate cha-cha, aka packing the trunk, aka starfish love, aka rideing the A train, aka bone smuggling, aka punching the onion, aka potato thumping, aka sodomy, aka using the lube tube, aka getting a backstage pass, aka getting a bannana up the tailpipe, aka spelunkadunk, aka brown plowing, aka technically a virgin, aka popping it in the boot, aka bumjammin, aka getting a brown star award, aka hiney-humping, aka moon noodling.

Whew! Ever wonder why there are so many names for it? Because deep down most people like it or want to try it but are super embarrassed to talk about it.

Anal rules.

Rule 1. Use lube. (Unless you are trying to cause you and your partner pain.)

Rule 2. Be clean. Be shure to clean yourself inside and out before any anal play. (Unless your into that. No judgment, I just dont want to know)

Rule 3. Unless your partner does anal play on a regular basis you will need a warmup. Slow streching with toys or fingers usually works wonders. (Unless you want it to hurt.)

Rule 4. There is such a thing as too big or too long. Dont injure your partner.

Now we know the rules and the terms let’s look at how we play.


Seriously? I have to explain what you can put up your partners ass to make them feel good?

*sigh* fine….*deep breath*

Plugs of all sizes, dildos, rotors, vibrators, anal beads, probes, vegetables, handles of various objects, inflatables, ice, things made of ice, ginger, anal training devices, speculums, and probably a whole bunch of other crap (pun intended) basically anything you can remove can be put in as long as it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Anal sex.

This can be rewarding for both male and female. The male enjoys the tightness and the female enjoys the stimulation of nerve endings around the ass and in the colon. Take it slow at first and enjoy the different sensations. This also gives your partner a chance to relax and adjust to the size and new feelings.

Rimming. (Anal oral sex)

Dont have much (any) experience with this one but some people enjoy it and I can see how it may feel degrading for a submissive who is into that.

And there you have it. Another installment from my kink list.

Best wishes -SirHanz