Campfire storytime

Its story time again.. so gather round the campfire. Everyone take a seat.. no pushing.. there is enough time for everyone to hear.

In a post a bit ago I talked about the more taboo side of bdsm. Edgeplay. And in that post I mentioned that I had a bit of experience.. with bloodplay.. and that I may share that.

Tonight.. I am telling the story.

It starts long ago.. in london.. with the transport of a box…

Wait.. no.. that’s Dracula. 😆 but that’s what you were expecting right? Sorry.. the closest I have ever been to a vampire is my 3rd edition printing of Dracula.

Nope.. no vampires in this story, but I was fascinated by the legends as a child and young adult. I like most legends and myths. But there was something powerful.. about blood. And the connection that was formed between vampires in myths and their donors or victims. So like anything I am interested in.. I learned. I read everything I could get my hands on, from folk tales to ann rice. I wasn’t as much interested in the whole “I’m an immortal undead” aspect of the mythology but the act of giving and takeing the vary life essence of another person and in the process forming a bond with that person I found beautiful.

And then I found bdsm. And I found a submissive girl who was as interested in bloodplay as I was. I will call her “one” because she was my first submissive. It took a while before we ever discussed it as we were both unshure of how the other would react when we brought it up. I forget who broached the subject but once the cat was out of the bag.. we planed a session.

I still remember that night. It was Saturday, at the time I was still an active member of the bondage show and was performing that night. It was a good show, one watched as I flogged a submissive tied to a cross… upside down. The crowd was thinner than usual and I remember thinking they were going to be sorry they missed that night. Halfway through the flogging the poor girl was a mess.. gasping and grinding against the cross, thighs slick, doe eyes spilling black mascara tears down her cheeks. She had a safe word and hadn’t used it. Before the show we had talked and she asked me to push her. She wanted to be pushed to the edge and forced to admit she could take no more. I was hesitant at first but with One’s blessing I agreed.

So I pushed her. First a heavy flogger. Then a chain flogger. She was in rare form. Moaning and crying with need. Every time I saw her legs start to shake building toward an orgasm I would back off. Switching to gentle touches and whispering words of encouragement over the music.

I was loveing it. I do have a sadistic streak after all. Every five minutes I would turn the cross so she wouldn’t pass out from the rush of blood to her head. I drew it out.. made her beg for more. The crowd was eating it up but it was now just me and her in our own little world. She was getting close again and again I stopped. By now she was deep in subspace and the shame of being flogged on stage was just pushing her deeper. I decided it was time to give her the final push she wanted. I brought out the single tail. An inch wide at the base tapered to a 1/8 inch tail over the 5 feet of leather.

She was still begging for more when I let it fly to kiss her ass. Her voice cut off with a gasp. There was a bright pink line slowly swelling on her white skin. It was a full second before what had happened registered. She inhaled.. I knew she was about to scream. The second strike traced across the backs of her thighs just before she opened her mouth.

She screamed. And came. Shuddering and shakeing agenst the smooth wood of the cross. Finaly she moaned.. “red”. I helped her down with the cheers of the crowd echoing off the back of the stage. One of the male subs helped her off the stage and into the back room. I had set up her requested aftercare items there and she had requested to be left by herself after to recover in quiet.

I left a note for her praising her wonderful performance and thanking her for allowing me to show the crowd what a great sub she was. Then I grabbed One and dragged her out the back. We were both turned on and wanted to play. She pressed against me and whispered up into my ear “let’s go home, tonight.. you will taste my life.”

The cab home was a blur of groping hands and frenzied kisses. She ran upstairs as soon as we got to the apartment. I paid for the cab, got my gear from the trunk and slowly approached the door. It swung open to reveal a trail of candles and rose petals leading down the hall. She had been preparing this. I put down my gear and closed the door. Soft cello music drifted from the back room. She knew my tastes and used them to create just the right atmosphere.

I followed the dim candlelight down the hall, drawing it in and letting the excitement build. As I entered the room the dark smell of jasmine and amber incense drifted past my face. One was in the center of the room. Kneeling and blindfolded. In front of her were her white leather cuffs. Her hands were clasped as if in prayer, holding a blade between them. It’s cold steel a beautiful contrast as it nestled between her breasts. She wore a garter belt with stockings and a black g string, and nothing else. I had wondered what she was hiding under her long dress at the club. She had prepared indeed.

I knelt before her and spoke directly into her ear so she could feel the warm breath with my words. “Do you concent to this?” One nodded slowly. I spoke again “say it.” Her voice was steady as she answered “I concent. Use me sir.” That was what I needed. Chains of self control and locks of will crumbled, I said nothing but in my head I could hear the howling of darkness getting closer. Her desire was palpable, filling the air and feeding my own with every breath.

I clasped my hand around hers and twisted the blade handle between her palms. I’m sure she could now feel the edges against the soft flesh of her breasts. Slowly I pulled her hands apart and took the handle of the blade. It was thin… a needle point stiletto with a clear handle and brass guard. “Sit on your hands.” I spoke quietly but I knew she would understand what was coming. She slipped her hands beneath her and waited.. I made her wait for it. I leaned close, breathing in her perfume and feeling her heartbeat quickening as I kissed her neck. I knew the blade in my hand, it was mine after all. I had sharpened it myself and you could shave with it. The edge caught the candlelight as I dragged it slowly downward. One held her breath, shakeing slightly as it bit into the tender skin between her breasts. Two thin red lines appeared after the blade was free. Ruby droplets of life glittering like gems in the soft light. I caught a droplet on my finger and one took a gasping breath. “Please… more.”

I lifted my finger and painted the blood across her lips. She looked so erotic. Crimson looking almost black in the dim light glistening wet apon her lips. I kissed her. Clove, copper and iron. I will never forget the pure erotic bliss of that kiss as she moaned into my mouth. I layed her backwards onto the carpet drawing her hands up above her head. The white leather wrapped around her wrists and I tied them to one of the feet of the bed allowing her to stretch out her legs.

I laid the blade against her collar, touching with just the tip. “Dont move.” I said surprised at the excitement in my voice. “Yes sir” one said, her voice was thick with arousal. I dragged the needle tip down across and around the outside of her breast. Her breath became shallow as it traced across her belly.. lower.. past her garter.

I carefully slid the edge between her skin and the garter belt. A twist and the lace parted. I rolled down the black stockings exposing the soft skin of her legs. I left her like that as I went to the kitchen and got a bowl filled with ice. I placed the blade in the ice and returned to the room. One was flushed with anticipation, not knowing why I left the room. I kneeled between her legs and lifted the knife. The flat of the blade slid across her hip and under the string of her panties. The cold was a shock, she jerked thinking I had cut her hip. I flicked the edge sideways slicing the string and let her feel that there was no pain. I pulled aside the fabric covering her sex and It was then that she realized what I had done. “Oh.. you basta” One’s voice cut off as I thrust two fingers into her dripping wetness.

Her hips bucked as she groaned softly, I layed my shin across her thighs and held her down as I worked my fingers slowly in and out. Each time makeing her shake as my thumb brushed her clit. She came quickly but i was not nearly done with her. I pulled my fingers from her and stood leaving the knife in the ice. I undressed, peeling myself out of the leather pants and loose shirt I wore to the show. I kneeled between her legs and let my hardness rest against the cleft of wet heat.

I lifted the blade from the bowl and chuckled as she squirmed trying to get me inside her. I placed the chilled blade in the curve between her neck and shoulder, holding her chin with my other hand to keep her still. She moaned and suckled at one of my fingers as the edge made a shallow cut about two inches long. Blood beaded in the cut, welling upward with steady pressure.

I removed my hand from her chin and slid the blindfold off, I wanted her to see. Her eyes were rolling with lust and need and it took a few seconds for her to focus on me in the low light. When I was shure she was watching I spoke “life for life” and ran the blade across my forearm. The cut burned like fire, her eyes widened as blood dripped onto her chest. I could see her eyes follow the droplets as they fell.

One was so engaged with seeing my blood she must have forgotten the position she was in. I lowered my arm to her greedy lips and bent to run my tongue along the cut between neck and shoulder. As I felt the burn of her mouth on my arm I thrust inside her. The anticipation and taste of life coursing through my mind was heat and pain and pleasure all at once. She locked her legs around my hips pulling me into her with animal need.

My self control deserted me as the beast within came to the fore. Growling with carnal lust I yanked my arm from her lips and pressed my bloody mouth to hers. The thought of our life essence mixing in passionate kiss was to much for us both. The feeling of intimacy and connection alsmot burned. The pleasure was a storm of erotic feelings as we both came.

I will skip the boring clean up, shower and band aids, a bandage for my arm. Giggling as we scrubbed the carpet to get the stains before they set. Laughing about how we should buy red towels.

It was one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life.

I hope you have enjoyed the story, now its bed time.. go to bed and sleep now that you are all pent up. 😏 yup.. I may be a switch now but that doesn’t mean I am not still a sadist.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The red dress

I saw her their.. waiting at the bar, I knew she would be waiting… she was a good girl.

Her black coat draped over the back of her chair, she wore a red dress.. it had a high collar, long sleeves that clung to shapely arms. My eyes traced form, being drawn magneticly to the cut out down her back showing pale skin down to just above her hips. Her hips… crimson clung to them and flowed like blood downward to end abruptly mid thigh. Her legs were crossed, letting her feet hang just above the floor. Red heels shown in the dim light.. if I did not know it was there I would not have noticed the lock that held them to her feet.

I stood and watched her.. a shining jewel amongst the clamor of the bar. She was nervous, fiddling with her napkin.. looking at her phone to check the time. She had not noticed I was there. I picked up my phone and dialed. She jumped slightly as the phone rang on the bar almost spilling her drink, she fumbled to answer. Her hands shook slightly as she lifted it to her ear. “Hello?” I grinned.. “nice dress..” she glances around trying to find me, “where are you? I dont see you.” I chuckle..”go to the bathroom, take off your panties and come back, pay your tab and leave. I will be waiting in the parking lot.”

I watched through the window as she left the bar. The misty rain formed Pearls of light on her coat as she hurried to the car. I got out, walked around the car letting the headlights intentionally catch the reflection of my eyes. One step more and I stood inches from her.. leaning down I whispered in her ear, “get.. in.. the… car..”

her knees buckled. I was already close so with one arm I caught her and with the other opened the door. Her red dress clung to my fingers as I lowered her into the seat. The smell of her hair… the dazed look in her eyes.. she was exquisite. I shut the door and hurried to the driver’s side, slipping into the seat. I turned to her.. cupping her face in my hand. And kissed her. Her eyes closed relaxing as my lips left hers.. she never even saw the blindfold. She opened her mouth to ask something but I did not give her the chance.. in went the gag. I tied it behind the headrest, binding her head in place to the seat. Now blind and mute she relaxed as i bound her hands.. first one.. then the other. With a quick jerk her hands were pulled behind her and bound tightly behind the seat. I reached over and pulled the lever to lower the backrest, laying her down next to me. Now she was hidden from view.. I turned on the radio to drown out any sound, I slowly unbuttoned her coat and laid it open. There it was… the red dress.. beautiful.. and I was going to ruin it.

Her back was arched with her hands pulled behind her. Her chest pushed upward, she was blind.. mute.. and could not hear the sound of the scissors. A trail of cold metal slowly worked it’s way upwards. It was not until I sniped through her bra that she realized what was happening. I chuckled at her muffled protest, and finished my cut.

Red fell away.. puddleing around her hips and chest.. I started the car. We drove for almost an hour with her like this. Occasionally as we stopped at a light I would reach over and twist her nipple, rolling it between calloused fingers. Or trace my fingernails up her thigh and across her belly and ribs. Finaly we had arrived. I turned off the car, by now she was sweating even in the chill of early night. I got out of the car, walking slowly around to her side. Undoing the binding on her hands I turned her on her side.. now wrapping padded leather cuffs around her wrists and clipping them together. Undoing the gag she gasped “where are we?”. I said nothing. Simply lifting her out of the seat and throwing her naked and blindfolded over my shoulder. I walked for a bit… just to confuse her a little more. We actually made a big circle coming back close to where I had parked the car. And to where I had set up the pulleys and ropes.

I stood her up and unclipped her hands, quickly clipping the cuffs to the rope. Pale moonlight cast a beautiful mosaic of shadows through The trees and across her skin. A jerk of the rope through the locking pulleys and her arms were pulled taught away from her body. Not enough to lift her but just enough to make her toes barely touch the ground. Dried leaves crunched under my boots as I casually walked toward her. I cupped her breast, putting my face close to her neck.. her skin smelled of vanilla. She whimpered, the mist starting to collect on her in tiny droplets like rhinestones in the moonlight. I left her there.. with the feel of hot breath on her neck, and retrieved the cut dress from the car. Carefully making shure she did not hear the door open or close. The red looked gray in the silver light as I bent and tied it around her ankle. A hand on her chest and a little push made her loose her balance. A pull and her foot lifted from the ground, dragged upward by crimson silk. She moaned softly as I secured it next to her wrist.. leavening her balancing on one shining heel. “Are you cold?” I said, finaly speaking. She only nodded letting her head hang forward.

The clink of the belt buckle being undone was an unmistakable sound in the quiet of the misty trees. “Then let me warm you….” the holes in the belt sang as it tore through the air, leather kissed her wet skin with fire. She bit her lip.. her body swaying slightly. The line on the back of her thigh was gray in the moonlit darkness. Again the leather kissed her.. slightly higher than the last. She jerked against the sting, her head snapping up as she realized what was to happen. Now she was babbling.. “oh no.. oh no.. not that.. please sir.. please… please…” I moved in front of her, kissing her frantic lips. A hand delicately touching the wetness and heat between her legs.. teasing.. caressing..

A sudden step back and again the leather bites.. higher.. closer.. now she jerks.. head thrown back, sweat pouring in rivulets across her chest. “Please sir.. anything.. I will.. do.. sir.. please.. not tha” CRACK! Fire engulfs her as leather bites deeply apon her clit. She screams. Sanity has gone, plunging her deep into subspace. She writhes… twisting and jerking in orgasmic bliss. I let her have her moment.. then as she calms, head hanging limply to one side, mouth agape.. I step forward and lower her gently onto the blanket I had placed behind her. Unbinding her foot and arms, gentle kisses fall like rain apon her neck and shoulders. The blindfold is pulled away.. eyes wet with tears and filled with need meet mine… “please sir.. fuck me.. I need it..” she is burning hot as I drive into her… then it is a blur.. fingernails rake.. gasping, moaning. Flesh slaps.. begging.. twisting.. crying.

Heat……….. lust………. bite……. the taste of salt……

We lay on the blanket.. her head on my chest as we looked up at the moon through the clouds and trees. Our breath is slow and even now.. “sir?” Her voice vibrates against my chest. “Yes? My lady?” My smile is soft now as I look down at her wrapped around my side. “Will the neighbors be mad?”

I chuckle and hit the button on my keys to turn on the porch light of the house. “Fuck them, they broke my weedeater.”

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writeing it.

Best wishes -SirHanz

The eclipse

Black leather creaks, he carefully spreads the oil.

Metal clicks softly as he cleans his tools…

Rope in a coil, whip and crop..

Thin chain, clips and cuffs..

All made ready… all placed just so,

For the moon is rising…

Candle light dances, the scent of amber..

A quiet knock, she is here..

Gentle pressure.. his hands weave patterns of moonlight as they bind and twist,

Leather tightens.. rope bites flesh.. she shudders, exquisite in her anticipation…

He steps back.. eyes follow the curves of his creation.. she is perfect…

And the light shifts, silver turning to honey… he raises the whip..

His hand falls, trails of fire and passion etched on skin and mind..

A cry torn from pleasure and agony escapes into the night..

And honey turns to crimson..

He takes her there.. in the place where thoughts have no meaning..

Time is lost… he bends to kiss jeweled salt from her lips..

Breath on her ear.. a whisper.. “good girl”..

And she is free.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 105

I know you have been holding your breath waiting for this one..


Before I start this exploration into my kink I need to preface this with a few warnings.

1. Breathplay is dangerous. It is considered a form of edgeplay for a reason.

2. Untill you are fully educated on how to do this safely…do not attempt it. And when you think you understand everything.. learn more.

3. Be aware of the physical stress you are putting on your partner. Know their limits and how far you can push them. Every sub is different, and even if they are willing to be pushed YOU need to be the one to put limits on how far they are safely allowed to go.

Well… now that the surgeon general’s warnings are out of the way.. what’s that?… you want to breathe? Hm… let me think about it.. no, no, dont rush me… I am thinking..

Let me introduce you to a fun little word. Hypoxia. When you are not getting enough oxygen to the brain all kinds of things start to happen. The fight or flight part of the brain activates. Heartrate increases as the body struggles to supply more oxygen. You are given a hefty dose of endorphins and adrenaline. Vision and hearing start to fade but the sence of touch is heightened as nerve endings go into overdrive. Lightheadedness, then euphoria. Going farther mussels start to spasm and clench as the body struggles to supply air. Panic and fear dump epic amounts of endorphins as thought begins to slow. Then finally unconsciousness.

There are lots of ways people achieve this to varying degrees and depending on the submissive. And some are more dangerous than others. Usually any method that applies pressure to the windpipe is considered more dangerous.

Here are some of the more common forms of breathplay.


Vacume bed.

Choking using a hand,

Or an object,

Or a rope,

Or a belt.

Air control.

Breathplay using water.

Or even chest compression using corsets, weights, straps, or devices.

There is a ton of trust required for breathplay. The submissive is literally putting their life into the hands of another. And that other is going to make them feel like it is being taken away. Makeing shure your submissive is fully prepared and capable of this is a necessity.

The shared experience can create incredibly strong bonds between a dom and sub. But if done wrong it can degrade or even shatter those bonds. Aftercare is particularly important with any form of edgeplay, breathplay in particular can cause massive subdrop due to the mental and physical stress the submissive goes through.

Hope this has been both fun and informative.

The practice of breathplay can be arousing, intense, beautiful, and exhilarating. Take your time.. learn… and enjoy.. it’s a hell of a ride.

Play safe and have fun -SirHanz