The eclipse

Black leather creaks, he carefully spreads the oil.

Metal clicks softly as he cleans his tools…

Rope in a coil, whip and crop..

Thin chain, clips and cuffs..

All made ready… all placed just so,

For the moon is rising…

Candle light dances, the scent of amber..

A quiet knock, she is here..

Gentle pressure.. his hands weave patterns of moonlight as they bind and twist,

Leather tightens.. rope bites flesh.. she shudders, exquisite in her anticipation…

He steps back.. eyes follow the curves of his creation.. she is perfect…

And the light shifts, silver turning to honey… he raises the whip..

His hand falls, trails of fire and passion etched on skin and mind..

A cry torn from pleasure and agony escapes into the night..

And honey turns to crimson..

He takes her there.. in the place where thoughts have no meaning..

Time is lost… he bends to kiss jeweled salt from her lips..

Breath on her ear.. a whisper.. “good girl”..

And she is free.

Best wishes -SirHanz

17 thoughts on “The eclipse

      1. I try to write in a way that places the reader into a scene, less he said this.. she did that.. and more what did it sound like? Smell like? Feel like? Taste like? Writeing like that in as few words as possible opens it up to the imagination of the reader. 😏 there will be more to come.

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  1. On another topic, I have a question for you, how long does dom/sub relationship last? Like is it a forever thing or only until the thrill is gone? I feel like I would get bored with or the heightened sense of erotica would fade as time goes on. Maybe it’s just me (lol) chasing the feeling that comes in the beginning and continually needed to be in control and of course I love the cat & mouse challenge.


    1. It is a great question. It realy depends on the dom and sub and how their dynamic works. Some are only “weekend submissives” and have vanilla lives the rest of the time. For them it is often just an added bonus to the base relationship. For more serious D/s relationships the excitement of the first part of the dynamic is only the beginning, we are always learning, growing, finding new ways to play and new levels to the D/s dynamic. The great thing about bdsm is there is way more to do and learn than can be done in a single lifetime so it never gets stale or boring. But agean.. depends on the dom and the sub. If it becomes stale its because of the people not the lifestyle.

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      1. Thank you for responding to my questions and helping me gain more insight into bdsm. Honestly, I think the flaw is in me and my inability to trust enough that will allow me to go deeper with someone. I just can’t seem to connect on that level. This applies to all areas of my life really, for instance, places I frequent for a while become uncomfortable when they start to know me so I just stop going. Always running, yet chasing the unknown at the same time.

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      2. Yes. Trust is a big thing. To push past those limits or to allow yourself to be pushed past them takes a lot of trust. I dont think that is a flaw in you. Everyone is able to trust like that. It’s just a question of how long and what needs to be done to gain that trust.

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      3. The “how long and what needs to be done” is a question I can’t answer. Trust is given to me 100% by those in my circle because I would never break the trust they have in me but am still unable to reciprocate. How have you managed to release that control and trust others that deeply after heartbreak and trauma?

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      4. For me it is not a release of control, but a deepening of it. I give my trust to those that have earned it, and in return they give me theirs. I am careful with who I trust but the act of trusting someone itself is based in wanting to protect yourself.

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      5. Damm it.. phone sent the message before I was done. What I was saying is that wanting to protect yourself by not giving trust to others is understandable but only if you care if you are hurt. I dont. Yes.. geting hurt sucks. But I will not run from it. I embrace it as a possible and choose to do it anyway because even if I get hurt… I will have learned a lot and grown as a person. I will be better, not broken. I would like to think I am a good man, I hold my honor close. And because I have not violated my honor I have no shame in being hurt and moving forward without guilt.

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      6. You are so strong and sweet!

        As far as me, I simply do not possess that quality or level of trust, like at all. I would assume that being used as a rag dog and sexual toy since birth from the 2 people that were suppose to love and protect me, has done too much irreversible damage. I’m not even surprised at how their fuckups continue to rob me of so many things. Too Broken

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      7. Never too broken. I thought I was at one time as well and i won’t lie, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done to pull myself out of that. And there are some peaces you never get back. I hope some day you will find something that you want more than you want to feel safe. That’s what it took for me. I wanted my dominance back, wanted it more than I wanted to not be hurt. I still hurt, and in my current situation it is not vary fun. But I would rather take the harder path than give up my honor. That way at least I can be happy with myself and my own actions.


      8. Happy to. You are intelligent and interesting, and if nothing else I am a vary curious person and want to know more about everything, so thank you for sharing.

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