Today I wanted to talk about touch. One of the main aspects of bdsm, or most any kind of dynamic.  Touch can convay a huge veriaty of things. A gentle push or firm grip can direct movement or the desire for your partner to move in a particular way. The sensual brush of fingertips can speak volumes of love or affection.  A slap on the ass can excite or remind your partner to behave… or both lol.

Touch can be delicate and so gentle the need for more can be almost painful. Or it can be rough and draw out the most primal of emotions. 

 Knowing where to touch or just how much pressure or duration to convay a feeling or elicit a desired response is a skill like any other. Some people need vary little practice to master a musical instrument.  Some need to spend years practicing.  But the important thing is that you understand which notes your playing so that when it comes time to perform you can just lose yourself in the music. And just like playing an instrument a flute is not a violin. People are different and their responses will be as well. Learn the theory then learn the instrument.  Experiment with your partner and pay close attention to how they feel and their reactions.  Find the best way to speak without ever saying a word.

The old saying actions speek louder than words is definitely true. Understanding and convaying feelings or ideas through touch leaves a much more lasting impression on the mind. And some people (like me) crave that kind of connection.  And others that dont… I believe have not truly experienced it and dont know what they are missing.

 Take a moment next time you go to hug your partner and think about how it makes them feel. And then decide how you want them to feel in that moment and let your heart speak with you hands.

Best wishes  -SirHanz

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