Contented as I wake,

With my cup of tea,

And dog in my lap,

Demanding belly rubs,

And nipping at my robe,

Earl gray sunrise,

Watching a squirrel,

Scolding me for existing,

All too soon,

It’s time to work,

The day will not wait,

For me to finish my tea.

Best wishes-SirHanz

Tea ceremony

A bdsm version of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Step 1. The formal invitation. The dom should make a formal invitation inviting the sub to have tea. Included in the invasion should be a list of things the sub is to do before attending.

A quick shower to wash, then a bath to relax.

Put on simple makeup and light perfume.

Dress in silk. Whatever style you like.

Hair should be pulled back or kept up to expose the nape of the neck.

No shoes.

Step 2. The waiting room. No talking. The The sub presents themself to the dom, bowing and holding out the invitation with both hands. The dom inspects her to show their approval for the sub following instructions. With the minimum of movement the dom takes the invitation from the submissives hands and motions to the bowl of water. This is the ritual cleansing. The submissive washes their hands, this is symbolic of washing away all thoughts other than of the tea ceremony. The submissive again bows and presents their hands to the dom. Slowly the dom ties their hands together with rope, then leads them into the tea room.

Step 3. Preparation. The sub sits at the low table and looks at the arrangement of flowers that the dom has placed to the left of the table.

The dom sits across from them and carefully washes the utensils and arranges them in front of the sub. The dom places the hot tea kettle to the right of the utensils next to the tea.

Step 4. Making the tea. The dom sits across from the sub and gestures for them to continue. Each movement, from picking up a utensil to putting tea in the cup must be deliberate and smooth. The hot water is poured over the powered green tea and mixed with the wisk. The sub then cleans the utensils in the bowl of water and drys them, placing them back on the table in the same order.

Step 5. Serving tea. The submissive bows and holds the bowl of tea in both hands extending it out for the dom to take. The dom takes the bowl and inspects both bowl and tea. If it was well made the dom may proffer a comment. They then rotate the bowl and slip the tea. The dom may or may not comment on the taste. The dom then hands the bowl back to the sub and they are allowed to sip as well. The bowl is passed back and forth untill the tea is gone. The sub then cleans and drys the bowl and sets it aside.

Step 6. Shibari and tea. The dom then rises and ties the submissive into the seiza position with arms bound behind. The dom then makes another bowl of tea and they are free to speak informally as the dom sips from the bowl. The sub may choose to ask for a sip of tea during the conversation. If they do ask the dom may pour a bit of tea into the palm of their hand and allow the sub to drink from it. Or they may dip fingers in the tea and offer them to the sub.

Step 7. Finishing. When the second bowl is empty the utensils and bowl are cleaned and put away. The sub is then unbound and allowed to stand and strech. The submissive then bows to the dom and thanks them for the tea. What happens after that is up to you.

Best wishes-SirHanz

Tea for two

They had been talking for weeks..

A message here and there…

And finally they meet..

Aucward tensions at first glance…

Is it really him? Is it really her?

A smile and a wave.. do we shake hands? Or hug?

Order and sit.. a table by the window..

Passing by they look like old frends..

Talking.. laughing.. enjoying that they know each others secrets..

Time passes.. sun sets.. tea grows cold…

Time to part.. they are both saddened at the thought..

Pay the bill and out the door…

Holding hands…

He walks her to her car… gentlemen that he is..

They hug..

He turns to leave.. she is still holding his hand..

Not letting go..

The decision is made..

A quick turn and she is pressed against the door..

All the unspoken.. all the unrealized.. all at once…

Becomes real.. with a kiss…

Hearts unfold… in lovers embrace…

Standing.. each supporting the other..

That neither may fall..

For they are both falling..

Eyes speek for them..

Each saying..

This is just the beginning.


Usually I love tea… but today.. even my morning tea seems off.. different. I hold the cup in my hands.. the gentle aroma steaming upwards, i go to enjoy that smell i love and i doesn’t smell right. I cant put my finger on it.. it’s the same as it always was but something in me is different. I take a sip, not waiting for it to cool and again.. different. Not worse.. just not what i am use to. I wonder what else will feel different today. I wonder if this is how soldiers feel when they come back home. It’s all the same.. but not. Or maybe it’s like getting a new pair of glasses. You see the same things but they look different than what your use to.

Have to go to work soon. Hopefully the calm of the temple and forest will soothe the fraying mind.

The Rain

Rain has been falling all morning,

It is that humid kind of rain that makes your skin feel damp and sticky.

The kind of rain where your not shure if the droplet on your forehead is rain or sweat.

The air feels heavy, like you cant quite get a full breath no matter how deeply you fill your lungs.

Droplets of condensation form almost immediately on the glass as I pour myself an ice tea.

Lemon… definitely going to need lemon.

The grass is damp beneath bare feet as the dog tries to play in the yard.

After a short while he looks plaintively at the door wanting to go back inside.

The little prince doesn’t like to get his paws wet.

Inside he goes strait for the water bowl, then puts his paws on my leg and looks at me imploringly begging for a carrot.

I sit in my chair sipping the cool tea from the wet glass and listening to the crunching of carrot mixed with the sound of rain on the roof.

Lethargic morning

Lethargy.. yes, that sums up my morning neatly.

The dog decided it was time for me to get up 10min before my alarm was set.. not enough time to go back to sleep.

Having my breakfast tea.. allergies are high today.. blarg.

Getting dressed feels like a chore..

Whose bright idea was it to make 9am the start of the average work day.. I want to kick that guy in the jimmies.

No.. realy I dont.. mostly because it sounds like too much effort.

Now that I am well and truly awake the dog is snoring right next to me…

You think he might be a minor demon? An imp maybe? Meh.. guess he is entitled. I did have his nuts cut off.

Birds sing happily outside my window.. fuck off bird! Way to early to be that chipper.

Tea has gone cold… and the hot water is waaaaay over there in the kitchen.. not shure if the 15 ft walk is worth it.

Yah.. just one of those mornings.

Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Let’s begin our day!

Please enjoy these soothing sounds that really make you want to go back to bed…

Enjoy your day at work!