When a bands of leather,
Means more than a rings,
A circle of steel,
Deeper commitment brings,
Holding your gift,
Of submission with care,
I ask you to lift,
Your beautiful hair,
That you may show your truth,
For the world to see,
That you belong,
Only to me.

Best wishes -SirHanz

#Remember writing prompt

I’ll be good she said,
With her ass all red,
She wanted to be used,
But must be a lady instead,
She would remember,
As she begged for more,
Her skin glowed like an ember,
And she moaned like a whore,
Good girl I whispered,
Pressing fingers inside,
She shook and came,
I was satisfied.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Tell me.

Tell me you are mine,
Let me hear the desire in your voice,
It’s hard to say,
I know it is,
As your heart trembles,
Your eyes full of fear,
That I may turn you away…
Tell me you are comeing,
Just to listen to my voice,
As your hands shake,
Wanting so badly to feel my touch,
That you bite your lip at the thought…
Tell me of your broken peaces,
Hopeing beyond reason,
That I will love all of you,
As your trust lays naked,
Exposed and vulnerable…
I will take it all,
All the love,
All the need,
All the desire,
And through your trust,
Like a magnifying mirror,
I will give it back,
And more…
So tell me I am yours,
Say the words,
And let me feel your heartbeat quicken,
Beneath my fingertips,
As my love,
Passes into you.

Best wishes -sirhanz

All Hallows Eve

She hung from the branches,
Naked and exposed,
Wrists bound tight,
Delicately posed,
The light was just right,
Caressing tanned skin,
On this Hallows eve,
We are ready to begin..
Hot wax dripping,
Across her thighs,
Moans and gasps,
The cliffs echo her cries,
Supple chest bound in rope,
A breeze,
Such a tease,
Desire growing.. its hard to cope,
Legs spread wide,
Secret places on display,
An arousing sight,
Should anyone pass this way,
Silenced with a kiss,
As fingers explore,
Groaning into my mouth,
A plea for more,
Her pleasure is mine,
To give or deny,
I let it build,
And unzip my fly,
I nip at her lips,
Then muffle her voice,
Today the ball gag,
Shall be my choice,
Her legs begin to twitch,
My beautiful Erose,
Sopping wet,
I know she is close,
Pulling away I slap her rear,
Her muffled gasps,
So sweet to hear,
Ever so slowly,
I press upward and in,
Sensitive flesh.. engorged and red,
She shakes and shudders,
As I pull back her head,
Holding tight.. knotted in her hair,
Breasts heaving,
In the cool evening air,
She grips me tight,
Oh.. what a sight,
The faster I go,
The better the show,
I whisper in her ear,
And tell her to cum,
At last I see her,
Completely undone,
She jerks and writhes,
Squeezing tight her eyes,
Thrusting deep,
Into she that is mine,
A shiver.. as I kiss her spine,
Her flawless submission,
Wraped round my heart,
As I lift her,
Holding her legs apart,
Faster and faster,
Right on the edge,
I pull out and plaster,
Her ass with my seed,
Her body hangs,
Dizzy with need,
But I’m not done,
I still want to play,
We will have more fun,
Before the brake of day,
Her sweating body,
I gently let down,
Laying her supine,
Apon the blanket on the ground,
Rubbing her legs,
And kissing her wrists,
Warming her up,
For midnight trysts,
Trick or treat comes a voice,
From out of the trees,
I grin and softly spread her knees,
Here is your treat,
I say to my guest,
I know it’s the thing,
That you like best,
I watch her come forward,
Already undressed…
I slip out the gag,
As my guest dives below,
Her eyes are shineing,
Licking hard and slow,
My flowers eyes they glitter with lust,
As her hips begin,
To grind and thrust,
Hard once again,
Her mouth is hot on my skin,
I nod my head,
And she takes me in,
A wet face appears from between her thighs,
I grin as she holds up another surprise,
A buzzing toy pressed between their clits,
My flower contorts with orgasmic bliss,
Moaning around me as the first wave hits,
I cant hold out against this sexy sight,
She swallows every drop,
To my delight,
We all collapse,
Stated and warm,
Skin to skin,
Our bodys conform,
Happy Halloween I say,
Half in a daze,
She smiles at me,
Holding my gaze,
Her voice is ragged.. barely a hiss,
My grin widens as she whispers,
I’ll get you for this….

Best wishes -SirHanz

Loveing destruction

Eyes unfocused,
Feeling her need,
As she takes the lead,
Jerking the leash,
Leather bites,
Pulling me close,
Invisible chains,
Binding my ghost,
Offered freely,
Taken darkly,
The holy fire,
Chokeing the shadows,
In me,
As she,
Rips down my walls,
Brick by brick,
The whip falls,
Burning the forest,
In my mind,
Leavening me naked,
Lost in submission…
One more push,
Embarrassing her will,
Would crush,
The fragile soul,
Then her breath,
Tender and loveing,
Charished devotion,
Wraped in warmth,
Joy and pain,
Blending in my tears,
Soft lips,
Consuming pleasure,
Devouring sanity,
With a cry,
From two souls,
Collapsing light,
Into velvet night,
Two glass hearts,
Fused in the fire,
Glow softly,
In the ashes,
Of loveing destruction.

Best wishes -SirHanz


Wicked lips devour my words with a kiss,
Silencing thoughts I shall not miss,
No more is the soreness of back and limb,
Gone like morning mist before the sun..

Vanished is the worry of work and rest,
Banished by your hand apon my chest,
Pressing me back,
No choice and I dont want to run..

With not a word your body speaks to mine,
Submit it says as fingers trace my spine,
Lost in your gaze of want and desire,
I know my sweet torment has only begun..

Cant keep still with heart beating so fast,
Yet I am held down so your pleasure my last,
Teeth apon my neck as pain and pleasure mix,
Sanity unraveled all control undone..

Grace and beauty.. heat and skin,
Mind numbing passion.. electric with sin,
In that moment as time stood still,
And of my love you drank your fill,
I knew without doubt you were the one.


You ether enjoy them.. or they drive you nuts.

Brats love to push the envelope of what they can get away with. Always testing. Often they seek the structure and attention that is a repercussion of their actions. Even if it is negative attention they feel it is better than being ignored. Some even lash out at their dom because they seek to constantly reassure themselves that he/she cares for them enough to correct them.

Some brats will submit when called out for their behavior, others want to be forced to submit. This is a crucial difference the dom needs to be aware of. If the dom is expecting submission when they call out the brat for misbehaving and the brat keeps pushing, the dom may be unshure if they have the consent to force them into submission. If it has not been discussed beforehand they may feel like the submissive is revokeing their submission. So.. all you brats out there.. communication is a necessity. Be shure your dom understands how and why you act the way you do. And if your not shure why then definitely sit down and have a good think.

Brats can be a lot of fun, but they take more attention than the average submissive. Like a dog that will chew up your shoes if they dont get enough exercise. They need the reassurance that they are loved and will act out if they feel they are not getting what they need. So walk your dog if you dont want bite marks in your sofa.

And now for the brats.. be careful how far you push your dom. A little funishment is great. A big punishment because you pushed a little to far… not so much. Teaseing you dom is one thing.. being disrespectful is another. And it can be a fine line to walk.

Best wishes -SirHanz

Dinner in summer

The sun was still high as he showed her to the table on the patio..

She walked out the door a half step behind him, the heat hit her like a wave…

The vary air seemed to sizzle. Above the metal grate of the table the air rippled like water..

Without a word he pulled out the seat for her, she slid into the seat wincing as her naked thighs beneath the sundress touched the hot metal…

A bead of sweat began a slow journey down her neck..

Smiling, he sat across from her and pulled away the cloth covering their food.

She eyed his bowl… ice cream.. of course it was…

Now openly grinning he spoke as he retrieved his spoon.”shall we enjoy our meal?”

Her eyes turned downward.. excited.. dreading… chilli..

The smell of peppers and cumin wraped around her her thoughts focused on his dancing eyes.. damm him.. and I bet he made it spicey too…

Determined to not show weakness she primly lifted her spoon and casually popped a bite in her mouth..

His grin widened as sweat began to bead on her brow.. here it comes… she chewed, swallowed, and smiled at him.. “it’s good sir.. thank……” she lunged for the glass of water..

Hot! Too hot! Why? Why was the water not helping? She looked at the frosty glass.. glass… the God dammed glass was frosted! The water was hot!

She could almost hear the leaves on the tree beside them crisping in the heat..

Sweat rolled between her breasts.. darkening her sundress with salty moisture..

He watched her over his spoon loaded with vanilla sweet cream… her hand shook..

She set her spoon carefully down beside the bowl.. “it’s too hot sir… ” she knew she was disobeying.. finding excuses..

His spoon clinked loudly agenst the bowl, startling her and drawing her attention to him…

“Eat .. your.. dinner.” He was no longer smileing… she was trying to take control… and he would have none of it.

He rose from his chair, moving to stand behind her..

What was he doing? She dared not look… her mouth still felt like she had swallowed burning coals..

Leather touched her bare sholder.. just resting there.. she could smell the oil that kept it supple, and just barely see it from the corner of here eye..

The belt… he had taken off his belt.. the realization hit her like an out of control bus…he had known it was too hot.. he had planned this..

And the thought made her want for more… he had been in control.. from the vary first moment.

Her shoulders slumped.. she hung her head..

His voice whispered in her ear… “will you eat what I have so lovingly prepared for you?”

There could be only one answer.. and she knew it… she shook her head no..

He slipped the belt around her neck, pulling upward.. she scrambled to rise so as not to choke…

He could see her curves beneath the light fabric as it clung to her damp skin..

She wore nothing underneath..

She was held there.. the leather biteing into her neck for only a moment.. it felt like forever..

“Naughty girls..” with a flick of his hand he slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders…

“Get punished..” gripping the back of her dress he yanked downward.. flowers strewn across fabric cascaded in a flurry to rest around her feet…

She could feel the heat of the sun beat down apon her pale flesh… exposed.. but only for him…

He walked around the table, still holding the belt and with a jerk pulled her forward bending her over the hot metal of the table..

Her thighs touched the rim of the table and she had to bite back a yelp.. dear maker that was hot!

She pulled testingly at the belt as he tied the belt to a table leg… she was bent at the waist and had just enough room to not touch the hot metal if she kept vary still…

Her breath became rapid as she strained to hold the position.. the heat radiating off the table made her whole body flush.. she could smell the hot iron inches below her..

While she was distracted by her predicament he again slipped behind her and scooped an ice cube from his water…

Sweat dripped from her now.. droplets falling from her chin and belly..

Heat begun to radiate from within her as well.. it was not only salt that slicked her thighs..

She cried out and jerked as the ice shocked the skin in the small of her back… her hips touched.. her nipples touched… heat seared tender flesh…

She pushed herself backward.. desperate.. frantic to escape the burning pain… and impaled herself on his waiting member..

Again she cried out.. a moaning lust filled noise of desperation and need..

He smirked as she threw herself backward apon him.. wrapping her hair around his hand he pulled her face up and away from the blazing table..

He bent and lips still chilled from his frozen treat kissed the back of her neck..

She felt herself give way as he pushed deeper.. and his lips.. when they touched her.. they became… everything…

He could feel the moment when she let go.. giving herself to him.. wanting him.. to take..

His hand rested on the middle of her back between her shoulders.. she was chaos.. frantically pressing back against him… he was control.. steady, but giving no rest..

His hand pressed down..

She felt the pressure in the midst of dream like pleasures.. she knew what it ment.. he would not have to force her.. she wanted it.. needed it.. she would show him her submission..

She let go.. her body went limp..

The table shook.. she screamed out her orgasum as belly and chest and hips exploded with pain… and pleasure.. and something that was more without even a name..

His mind reeled.. she had.. willingly.. for him..

He threw back his head.. convuseing within her.. she was his.. without any dought..

The hot breeze smelled of fresh cut grass and dried out wood..

He lifted her.. undoing the belt.. holding her cradled in his arms..

Her face was wet.. tears and sweat mixed apon her cheeks.. he gently kissed the red marks apon her chest..

She moaned.. still shaken.. still shakeing.. where was she.. it didnt matter.. she was with him..

He sat on the couch inside.. still holding her… letting her bask in the cool dry air.. “you did well. I am proud of you, and I accept your gift in the spirit with which it was given.”

Fresh tears welled in her eyes.. not from pain or ecstasy, but gratitude and love..

He held her like that.. slowly giving her cool water.. running gentle fingers across the diamond shaped marks on her belly..

Each time his calloused hands touched her… she would remember… she snuggled closer..

remembering the moment she became his…

Best wishes -SirHanz

Kink 114


The willingness of a submissive to open themselves to me and give up their will into my hands…. yes. This is my biggest kink.

I have saved this blog for last as i wanted to put a lot of thought into it. So take my hand and let me show you what submission is to me, and why it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

It all starts with desire.. the desire to let go… let go of control.. let go of fear.. let go of responsibilities.. let go of thought.. and just feel. No living in denial of secret needs.. no more haveing to wear the mask that you show the world. Completely free to be your deep down real self. The self that wants to be loved, protected, fucked, given honesty and trust, given permission to revel in your darkest desires and then comforted as you lay exhausted, the you that wants to just let go of everything knowing someone will let you just feel and keep you from harm, the you that wants all this more than anything but cant take the step off the cliff.

And that’s where the dominant comes in. We give that push. We push right up to the edge… then holding your hand… ask you to jump.

Through time and communication we build the trust that allows the submissive to no longer have to think about if it is something to fear or shy away from, it is enough to know that it is our will and to know we would never bring them to harm.

And when they let go and step smiling from the edge of the cliff.. *sigh* the word beauty is pale and sickly compared to how they look through my eyes.. there is no word that I can conjure that holds that feeling of awe. This gift.. so freely given.. this life.. cradled in ny hands.. extraordinary. To hold such control over another person, and know that they want that… it is both humbling and exaltent.

I could talk about what a submissive does or how they act but to me that’s not what makes submission such a kink to me. Shure.. I enjoy those things… quite a lot. But to me it’s the headspace.. the mindset.. that I find most exciting. Anyone can do what they are told. A submissive WANTS to do what they are told and gets pleasure from seeing their dom happy. Small gestures like a simple pat on the head or a “well done” mean the world to them. It’s not the words or the gesture that matter… it’s that they came from their dominant. It is the dominant showing his pleasure. And that… is something incredibly special to a submissive.

Many submissives work a long time to reach that mindset. It is part of the dominants enjoyment to teach and guide the submissive. Building them up to be the best version of themselves so they may choose to serve the dominant in more and better ways. It is a difficult road.. but the view is amazing.

For myself it all comes down to choice. Choosing to serve and learn under me is a huge thing to me. I take this responsibility vary seriously, but through it I find the unrestrained affection that I crave. It is the submissive that gives the dominant their power, their control. Without the choice and concent I have neither and would not seek to impose them. To me… forcing submission defeats the purpose. It is a gift. Freely given. Or it is not something I want. But that is just the start. Once the gift has been received and concent given.. I will push. I will dominate. And as long as it doesn’t violate a hard limit, I will absolutely force a submissive to do things. But there is a method.. a goal.. a reshaping of needs.. everything has a purpose.

And for me… that.. is my biggest kink. Submission.

Hope you enjoyed my dive into my own kink list… untill next time..

Best wishes -SirHanz